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Hi, Love the Crush theme. However, I’d like the area where you see “More Form Portfolio” below each Portfolio Post to always be in chronological order instead of random. I want to have control over what portfolio post people see next. Is this possible?


Hi Dave,

Sorry for the late reply I see the post was deleted. The other day when I took a look from what I can gather the problem was with the surrounding div. There is also a javascript plugin called “fitVids” that fires on all video frames in the content area. That probable interferes in regards to sizing via CSS. Let me know what you solution was.


Hi Jesse, thanks for the reply. I don’t seem to have Fitvids installed. I downloaded it and installed it just to see what it was, but then deleted it. It’s all a bit above my skill level. Can i adjust or get rid of the surrounding div? Thanks again!

No, what I mean is it’s already included in the theme, you don’t need to instal it it’s already there. I was trying to say, it’s probably ‘already’ interfering with what you are doing….

Yes, you can adjust the surrounding div (anything in web is possible), i don’t want to offend or come of as rude, but development is a trial and error process. I personally would see a developer and get them to sort it out. Customisation is not really something I can provide sorry.


Hi, I’m having issues with my image links being broken, seemingly randomly. Can you have a look at it when you get a chance?

Hi Matt, this looks fine to me? Though the images took a lit while to load and I know some browsers just stop rendering images if they take too long? (or that might be because we are in different countries)

If thats not the case, I would re-save my permalinks in settings > permalinks and then also check the plugins 1 by 1 and make sure they are not having an impact on how images are being rendered.

The theme just slaps the images on the page like normal, so there is no real reason for that to happen due to a theme bug etc.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse, thank you for the reply. I also contacted my host about the issue and they pinpointed the problem to the retina 2x plugin. Then, I checked the settings there are found the way that retina images were being served was less than desirable. I changed the setting there and the images are all loading now. Thanks again.

Ahh I see, so you have them being served via the server and not client side? Well, at least you got to the bottom of it :) Cheers, Jesse

I am having trouble seeing any content in my portfolio posts. Can You please help me. If I need to start all over, I am ok with that, I just don´t know how…?

I wrote You before, if this sounds familiar:) And I have send you a link to my site.

Looking forward to hear from You Mette/OH SO FINE

Please see the comment reply I left on your other comment. Best Regards, Jesse

WooCommerce would push this theme over the top… Not only could you showcase your work with this awesome theme, but you could also sell it too! I’m turning purple from holding my breath! Please help!

:D haha, well maybe one day. It’s on a the list of future ‘maybes’, so we will see! Although there are a lot of other things I need to get done first. Thanks, Jesse


I want to change all fonts in my theme with another font. I embedded fonts to css with @font-face. But I couldn’t find any css code for general font option. There is only google fonts and default fonts in customize page’s typography section. It generates css via customize page.

What is the way I should try?

Hi again, Yep that’s a method from isotope 1 so it wont work (at least no 100%). You’ll need to find a similar method that works with isotope 2. Also, you can’t add it into the page and expect the isotope we use to picked it up and successfully do anything with it :) You need to remove the compressed script and then un-comment the custom.js and all the other js scripts in use in the functions.php. Then alter that.

I would recommend you speak to a developer who can do this properly for you.

Best Regards, Jesse

Thanks for helping. I will try another way.


I am about to purchase your theme but before I buy it I would like to know one more thing. Is it possible to change the amount of columns in the blog part? And is it possible to change the text amount in the blog area between the title and the read more button?



Hi Lauren,

Yes and Yes. If you test drive one of the demos you will find these options in the theme customizer under ‘page blog’ tab.

Best Regards, jesse

Hey Jesse,

My page is working almost exactly how I wanted. There’s just one thing that is a pain the neck. My sidebar has one menu only (about) and I want to hide the about button when the page is active.

Do you know by any chance a simple fix for this?

Thanks a lot, Doug

Hmm, use custom css to target the body tag. Each page has a class added to the body so for example… h1 { color: red; } 

That would change all the heading 1 on the page (id 123) to red. So, you will need to use the inspect element tool (google chrome > right lick) to find out the page id then use that to hide the menu.

Best Regards, Jesse

Nailed it! Inspect element has saved my life several times, but this time around I came across this styleboot plugin for chrome and man, couldn’t have been any easier hehe Thanks!

No problem :)

Hello i have a question about the slider in project on portfolio ? It’s possible to change the duration/time speed of the slide ? Because I think it’s going too fast.

Thank you so much for your great theme and hoping that you will answer me

sorry for my bad english, i’m french girl

bye bye


<!- slider -> div” data-cycle-prev=”#prev-<?php echo $post->ID; ?>” data-cycle-next=”#next-<?php echo $post->ID; ?>” data-cycle-log=”false” >
div” data-cycle-prev=”#prev-<?php echo $post->ID; ?>” data-cycle-next=”#next-<?php echo $post->ID; ?>” data-cycle-log=”false” >


You’ll have to read through the API to find the right setting. Perhaps delay is the more appropriate one. As this is a 3rd party plugin (not one we made) you will need to speak to a developer if you have any further troubles as support is limited to fixing bugs and general setup.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Great theme btw. I was wondering if you could tell me if there is a way to use typekit without messing up that great editor you have. can you show me how to get one of the fonts to load in the dropdown list and have it function like the google fonts? im not a huge programmer but thought i would ask. thanks

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

Hmm sorry, that’s not really possible without directly editing some framework files and then also creating a new function all together in the theme-fonts.php that deals directly with typekit.

You’re probably much better off creating a plugin that lets you drop your typekit javascript files into the header (wp_head() hook). Then using custom CSS to apply the fonts to h1 > h6 etc. I would recommend you see a developer about creating a new plugin though.

Or just edit the header.php directly… (which I don’t recommend).

Best Regards, Jesse

I have some custom changes (like css) inside the customizer tool, and all the design changes; if I update, will these inputs maintain?

All your sites customisation settings (including custom css) are stored in your sites MySQL database, so updating the theme files will not impact in any way… unless you have edited files directly (php files etc)?

Quickest way to update the site is to activate 2014 theme > delete crush > re-install crush > activate crush. You won’t see any visible changes.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

When I visit my website I get the following message:

Warning: require_once(/home/content/p3nexnas03/24/2055724/html/wp-content/mu-plugins/gd-system-plugin/limit-login-attempts/limit-login-attempts.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/content/p3nexnas03/24/2055724/html/wp-content/mu-plugins/gd-system-plugin.php on line 99

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ’/home/content/p3nexnas03/24/2055724/html/wp-content/mu-plugins/gd-system-plugin/limit-login-attempts/limit-login-attempts.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php5_4/lib/php’) in /home/content/p3nexnas03/24/2055724/html/wp-content/mu-plugins/gd-system-plugin.php on line 99

I cannot sign into my wordpress dashboard either. Any idea whats going on? Is this a wp problem? hosting? thanks!

Was it from a previous install or is it a fresh Wordpress installation? Any way, glad its working for you now. Cheers, Jesse

ps. if you right click the folder you can change your permissions on it :)

thank you

Hello I have a question about installing the theme via WordPress. I tried to install it by zipping up the “Theme” folder and uploading it through the admin page, but it gives me the same error saying that I’m “missing a style sheet.” I skipped the FTP method because I’m not familiar with the process. Any suggestions on what went wrong?

Thank You

I got it to work! I had uploaded the “theme” folder inside the folder name “Crush” when I needed to upload the “Crush” zip folder entirely.

Glad you got it sorted :) It’s a very common mistake people make!

Hi, I’m working on the site located here:

I’ve checkmarked the box for 100% sidebar height and it works fine from the customization window, but not when I actually load the page. I’ve tried emptying the cache and loading it in different browsers. Any ideas?

What browser are you using? For me, running Mac OS X 10.6.8 on Chrome and Safari, it looks like this:

I checked on safari, chrome and firefox. Are you by any chance running snow leopard (aka: safari 6.1). I can’t test for this as I updated to mavericks recently (which is a free upgrade). I will put it down to be reviewed though in the next patch and see what we can do.

Best Regards, Jesse

I was running an old version of Safari, but am getting the same result on Safari and Chrome on a mac pro running OS X Lion. I might try re-installing Wordpress & the theme. I’ll let you know if that solves anything.

hi, i purchased the theme and everything is working fine so far. although i’d need to know how to change the order of the portfolio posts in wordpress.

any help? thanks. :)

You can either change the date they are published or use a plugin like this –

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi, I need your help for installation. I followed the instruction, but after checked the Activate Theme box and hit Save & Publish button in Appearance>Customize section, the page still stay blank. Standard Demo-looking site isn’t displayed. I couldn’t figure out what I missed. What should I check?

Hi, Thanks for feedback. I imported the demo content, so I skipped to create pages… There are already work (portfolio) page with portfolio template. I am still confused. On Crush demo site, I can see big bold text “Welcome to Crush..” and it is in H2 and content section, but mine is in P and small text size. I put my text in visual box in Work page, which I thought the place for standard content. What did I miss? My site is

Hi YoYo,

The democontent.xml contains the demo content from the standard demo not the contrast demo. However, I can see that it’s working you have “Yoko – Portfolio Site” in the content area… I don’t see what the problem is here.

Regards, Jeses

ps. if all you want to do is change that text to H2 thats a standard WordPress feature… Please see the text editor toolbar. It’s just like word or any other text editor. Just highlight your text and change it. Cheers, J


Absolutely love your theme! My site is still under construction: Front page displays: a static page—front page: portfolio, posts page: blog. My blog page is currently just posts from an old theme and test posts from a blogging app on my ipad.

Here’s my problem: I need to password protect this blog page. I do not want to password protect every post since I will be posting while traveling from an ipad app. Setting Visibility>Password Protected won’t work. All of my posts still show. But the Visibility>Password Protected setting worked on my About page when I tried. Also, I don’t want people to be able to dig through my archives widget (pops up with Blog page) without first getting through password protected page.

How do I do this?

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

I’ll have to do some investigating on this sorry. From my understanding password protection only works (should only work) on Wordpress’s the_content() function. The blog page and the portfolio page are unique in that they do not include this function. Where as a static page or post does. Also, the password from is printed inside this function so no form would be available on these pages anyway.

You’ll need to leave it with me, I don’t want to add something that goes against the grain of what the codex advises. You could certainly try a 3rd party plugin though in the interim.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

Thank you for looking into it! I hope this is possible. I have not been able to find a plug-in that will do this. I would prefer to avoid using a plug-in but will use one if I find one that works and this can’t be solved another way.

Thanks again!


Thanks for the great theme! Just started using it, realized for the portfolio post image in gallery mode, it appears blurry and low resolution compare to the original version. The file size of image also appears much scaled down.

Is there any way to solve it.

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

Are you referring to the featured image that gets placed into the gallery? You can exclude that if you want. If you are talking in general about all images on the site, the images are cropped down to 1200px for optimization reasons. Also, WordPress compresses jpegs upon upload to I believe 80%. If you have a link that would be handy :)

If you want your images to be full-sized change line 334 to 9999 then re-upload your images.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi there, thanks for this great theme! One question: how do I get page titles to display on the portfolio template pages?

Hmm, that’s not currently an option, however you can place content above the portfolio page. So maybe just place in your title in the content window as Header 1 style.

Best Regards, Jesse

Thanks, I’ll do that for now.

HI! I updated the theme but the page Works didn’t show the portfolio items.

ps. by wrong zip file I mean you just installed what you downloaded from TF without actually unzipping it first? Let me know.

My home page it’s Work page. Other pages it’s ok. I only replace the files on ftp. I don’t know why the page is blank on wordpress.

I take it you fixed this by re-uploading the theme files? Jesse


First of all I just want to say that you made an awesome theme! But I need to translate some stuff. Like the text in the comment and contact form. How can I do this?



Hi Larurens and thanks for the purchase!

Well, you could do it all as per the WordPress codex (the correct way) – – you’ll need a program called po-edit and access to your FTP to upload your new .po and .mo files (they come with the theme) and acess to chagne your wp-config.php.

Or you could install our plugin – – and then save over your .po .mo files (using po edit) and just leave them as they are in the theme directory. You will also need FTP access for this naturally to save over the old default.po and files.

If it’s to overwhelming (which for a lot people it can be) I would recommend seeing a developer.

Best Regards, Jesse