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Hello there, First, thanks for your great theme, it’s one of the best I’ve used! I just have one issue with my sidebar’s logo on Firefox: it’s weirdly twice the size it’s supposed to be (yet only on the home page. It’s fine on any other page). any suggestion?

Hi there! thanks for your patience over the easter long weekend.

Are you using the latest version of the theme? We provided a fix for this in a recent patch. Let me know.

Best Regards, Jesse

Dear Visualkicks-Team

First of all thank you for your great theme!!

Although I have a problem now. I can’t upload images in to a portfolio-post. I’ve already done it a few times with even the exact same images, but now it doesn’t work anymore. when i upload it into a portfolio-post this answer comes up (I have my wordpress account in german)

«Die hochgeladene Datei konnte nicht nach wp-content/uploads/2014/04 verschoben werden.»

Something like «the uploaded file can not be changed into wp-content/u…»

can you help me or tell me if this problem has to do with the theme or not?

Thank you! Greetings Emanuel

Hi there! thanks for your patience over the easter long weekend.

Sounds like you have a permissions problem. It’s not really a theme issue sorry. It COULD be a plugin conflict. Deactivate ALL your plugins and try again. If that doesn’t work activate the default wordpress theme and and try again. If that doesn’t work, you will need to get access to your FTP and change a the file permissions on WordPress.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi. Thanks for being so responsive. 1) Is there a way to disable the mobile menu? How about have it always expanded? I only have two sections and it seems silly to hide them under a chevron. 2) It would be really useful if you would add “email” to the social icons. There’s already an icon for it. Or if you can tell me how to do that ;)


Hi and thanks for the purchase!

1) You can disable the responsive assets of the site, however you can force display the menus. Try this (not tested) in your custom CSS area of the theme customizer.

#mobile { display: none !important; } { display: block !important; }

2) Yep, we might look at adding that, although placing your email directly into the html (as it would be) isn’t very safe, you would start receiving a lot of emails.

Best Regards, Jesse

Works. Thank you. You can protect email addresses with reCAPTCHA


How can I add multiple featured images for one portfolio post? For example, I am making one gallery post with all of my logos on it, but I still want each logo to show up separate on the home page.


Hi and thanks for the purchase!

Sorry but that isn’t possible. One portfolio post > one featured image to represent it. The portfolio isn’t like the blog in the way it can include image sliders.

Why don’t you create a new post for each logo and place them in a portfolio category called “logos”. Then go ahead and have multiple portfolios – . Or instead of using the categories use the filters instead (like the demos).

Best Regards, Jesse


Thanks for the reply! I’m just a little confused. What I want to do is have all of my logos on one post, but I still want each logo to show up separately on the home page.

This is the logo page :

There isn’t a way to make multiple featured images on the home page all link to the above url? I don’t want to have a separate url for each logo.

Thanks! Alison

Hi Alison, it’s still what I said in the first comment, in that it’s not possible. 1 portfolio post > 1 featured image displayed. If you want 12 logos on the portfolio page then you’ll need to make 12 separate portfolio posts. OR alternatively do what I mentioned above.

The portfolio page is confined to the same rules the blog. 1 blog post, 1 blog entry. If you want to have something that differs from the that you’ll need to speak to a developer to have a new page template created for you sorry.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hello Jesse,

Thanks so much for your reply, and I am sorry for any confusion. I resolved the custom font issue in the CSS customizer and it works great. I have a few questions I hope you can help me with. Q1. I positioned the sidebar on the top; and left aligned my own custom logo image. In the mobile version, the image links back to the homepage when clicked, but in the desktop version it doesn’t. I would like the logo to link to the homepage on all pages in both mobile and desktop. Q2. The stacked images on my Portfolio Post work fine. Can I alternate embedded video from Vimeo and images on the same Portfolio Post? I want to include the media stacked on some of the Portfolio Posts by all the clients work—video and print work on the same post. Q3. How can I have control of the order of my images/media on the Portfolio Post? Q4. For the highest quality presentation, is it advisable to size my images for the Portfolio Page 600px wide or 1200px wide? My Post Page images are 1200px wide.

I have written quite a bit of custom CSS using the customizer and it works like a charm. You’re right, no need for a child theme.

Kind regards, Susan

Hi Susan,

Could you send me the link to your site again? I don’t have email access at the moment on this device.

1) The logo link SHOULD obviously always work, there is no difference between the two versions. I’ll be able to provide some custom CSS though if you send the site through again.

2) No sorry that isn’t possible. Unless you place all the images into the post content window. However they won’t be consider “media” by the theme and wont be able to go fullwidth (they will be confined to the content area).

3) You can drag and drop images in the media manager. So go to a post > click upload images > “uploaded to this post” tab > move them around.

4) WordPress will auto crop and then auto compress. If you want the best quality images you should pre crop them 1200px before uploading them :)

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

The site is on my computer using MAMP so it isn’t online for your to see, but thank you for the offer.

Q1. Logo issue resolved.

Q2. I just included Vimeo videos into the the Portfolio Post content window underneath the text, and added the images as post images normally with the gallery setting. It seems to work fine until it scrolls down to mobile size and then it isn’t the full width, ‘as you stated’, and doesn’t align with the images. Is there a line of code that I can add in with a media query that would fix this? And is there any downside to this work-around other than the ‘video won’t go to fullwidth’?

Q3. Sorry for the confusion. I meant how do I change the order of the featured images on the homepage. They seem to be in order by the date they were uploaded. How can I change this?

Q4. I read one of you suggestions about image optimization and ‘saved for web’. It reduced the file sizes and still looks great. I do that for any sites I build in straight HTML but didn’t know to do it with Wordpress as well. Thanks!

Q5. How do I link one of the 600×600px featured images from the Home page to my Contact page?

Thanks in advance Jesse for all your help! Susan

2) If you can imagine trying to fit a rectangle into a square its never going to be easy. The video is confined by the container that wraps the content. You’ll need to look at negative margins CSS and the iframe tag that the video gets wrapped in. It’s not a matter of a few lines of code though. Some other users have had luck I would try also searching the comments for possible workarounds.

3) Standard WordPress ordering is by date, you can try a plugin like this though –

4) :)

5) That’s not do-able sorry. The portfolio page is like the blog page, each featured image will only EVER link to the post. The page grabs the posts, puts the html in and thats that. You’ll need to have someone implement a few new php rules and an option for an external link somewhere in the portfolio post edit screen.

Best Regards, Jesse

I was updated to WP 3.9 and there is no shortcodes button in text editor. How can I fix it?

Well, you can’t really do that unfortunately (easily). You will need to heavily edit the style.css and find any mention or use of media queries. You would need to also edit javascript.

In regards to the style.css use a text editor and find all the (max-width: 900; rules and remove the contents of them. You will still run into some problems though, it’s most certainly a trial and error case.

Also, just so we’re clear on this, you want to completely remove any and all responsive aspects? So when the user resizes his or her window the masonry / isotope doesn’t respond? That will be VERY hard. I would see a developer for that. It’s all in the custom.js though. One function does all the isotope / masonry for each section (blog, portfolio, footer).

Best Regards, Jesse

Thank you so much for so high quality support, Jesse. Infact I just want limit the minimum width of the site, like an (one min-width for both desktop and mobile versions). Perhaps there are easier ways.

Oh I see, you can do that by setting a max-width to the body in the theme customizer (it’s the first tab).

Best Regards, jesse

Is there any simple way of making the background transparent? As well as having a fixed menu that scrolls when you scroll downwards?

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

1) That’s all doable but only via custom CSS. Re the fixed background you will need to target both the content and sidebar and apply a RGBA color to it. Something like this.

#content,  #sidebar { background-color: rgba(255,255,255,.01) !important:}

You should try google a RGBA color picker.

2) Re the sidebar, it’s different for different site setups, you may need to see a developer or invest some time in playing around with “positioned: fixed;”.. some other users have done it though, try search the comments :)

Best Regards, Jesse


1. How can I get the window on the website with your theme to be fixed? When I use a smaller screen, or reduce the browser window size, I do not want something moves or changes in content. For example, text should not move down and become narrower in width. Do you understand what I mean?

2. Can I change so that my side does not change in mobiles or similar? I do not want a mobile-version.

I am aware that I must do something in CSS but I would be so grateful if you could help me with where in the CSS because I’ve been trying for a long time now.



Oh, one more thing, can I make the blog page and posts smaller in width? I’ve got portfolio page and posts on 1024px wide and it looks bad on the blog page and blog posts, it’s impossible to read such long lines. I’ve tried custom CSS which worked at the blog page but not in the blog posts.

Question 2 will be: Can i change so my SITE (not side) doesn’t change in mobile devices.* (My English is a little bumpy)

Hi Jeny,

1) Hmm that’s what responsive websites are, it’s hard to find a website these days that isn’t. Because the site revolves heavily on this it’s quite hard to remove it. It’s not advisable to remove it as doing so would ruing user experience on devices like the iPad or smart phones.

2) Same as number 1 sorry. If you really, really wanted to remove the sites responsive aspect you would need to see a developer as it’s not just basic CSS changes it requires heavy Javascript changes. The masonry (portfolio and blog) has a huge reliance on “window width”. You would need to completely remove this.

I would recommend you go into the customizer > body > max width > 1050. I think thats the ‘easiest’ way to fix the sites width.

I would also recommend you see a developer if you actually did want to remove all the responsive aspects of the site.

Regards, Jesse


I was playing around with my site layout. I removed the footer from my homepage using .home #footer-wrap { display: none; }

I’ve removed that code but the footer is still gone. I want the footer back at the bottom of my home page, Any advice?


I took a look at the site code and it looks like there is no HTML for the footer. Meaning, the option for it to be included must be off. Just check the customizer and make sure it’s actually turned on and also change where it appears (maybe switch it to under site). Just for testing purposes that is.

The CSS rule display none just hides it, but should still leave the markup intact.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hey Jesse,

Thank You for taking a look for me. In the customizer the footer is turned on and i have been playing with the placement and padding. I can see how it changes because when I open one of the portfolios because the footer is visible. Just not on the homepage.

Thanks. Alex

Hi Alex,

I found this.

.page-template-page-portfolio-php #footer-wrap {
display: none;

It’s coming from the style.css. Which it shouldn’t, I checked it against the original style.css and it’s not the same. Did you directly edit the style sheet? If so, you’ll need to fix that up.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi there, thanks for your hard work on the theme. It looks great! I am still trying to find my way though.

Something I haven’t managed to do is using a 2 column grid for the portfolio/blog posts. Images look massive and pixelated on fullscreen. I would like to use 2 columns or a maximum width for images (even if the whole site is running on fullscreen). Is that even possible?

Other issue is that if I upload a large image to be seen fine in desktop it will still be loaded on mobile. This loads unnecessary pixels for smaller resolutions. Is there any way to fix this?

Many thanks! Maximo

Hi Maximo,

1) If you check out the test drive of the fullscreen demo you’ll see we added in some custom CSS taht limits the post width. Copy and paste that then mess about with it :)

2) Theres a plugin called retina.js for wordpress. I think the confusion here is that you might be assuming smaller devices require less pixels, but they in fact require much more (basing this off the fact most new mobile and tablet devices have retina / double DPI screens). So even if you did install retina.js, your images that are at 1200px wide will now need to be uploaded up at 2400px wide so they are retina ready for smaller devices. However this would be counter productive because you can just let the site do as it does now, run a 1200px image on a device that shrinks it down to 600px and that is now retina ready without all the bloat. (because it’s now double the DPI – dots per inch).

So basically, no you can’t BUT you shouldn’t / wouldn’t either.

Best Regards, Jesse

OK, that makes perfect sense. Apologies for the confusions. Thank you so much!!!

Hi, i’d like to buy your theme, looks really great ! before i would like to ask two questions: 1- is it possible to recall all the project thumbnails under “more work from” ? it would make the navigation easier from my point of view, less random… 2- when you make a project post, is it possible to have video + slideshow + image on the same project page ? thanks for your answer :)

Thanks Jesse for your answers, i don’t think i explained well, let me try again :) 1) i want to do the exact opposite, i want to show all the other related posts, not a random partial selection. 2) i would like to do exactly like in this exemple: a video + a slideshow + image

i hope i’m clear ;) thanks again !

1) You can set the related posts to something really large then (eg: 9999). That will return all your portfolio posts… unless you have more then that :)

2) Yep, so the answer still stays the same. You will need to use the content window.. which is what that website is doing.

Regards, Jesse

How can I make the contact form forward comments to my email address?

Thanks for replying so quickly and trying to help. In the original message I’m asking about the Contact Form on the Contact Page Template, and when I said “comments” I just meant whatever message was put into the Contact Form box. I’m not/wasn’t talking about post comments.

I’ll make sure I have the latest version of the theme…but I just downloaded it a few days ago. In case that doesn’t work, is there a way to remove the Contact Form altogether?

You can always just not use the contact page template. Our contact form has 0 impact on how WordPress or 3rd party plugins would work (there is no connection). So if your host isn’t allowing emails with “FROM headers” to get through on your server maybe give contact form 7 plugin a try with a default page template.

Best Regards, Jesse

Thanks for your help and plugin suggestion! This really is a beautiful theme.

Hi :), I have some pre-purchase questions before i bought this theme:

Does Portfolio Supports post types(formats)? and which?

Sticky Posts: how they look? can you send me screenshot please?

About Filters: Can i add sub-filter in filters?

Does Gallery Supports Videos?

thanks :)

Hi there and thanks for the show of interest.

1) Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio

2) They have no specialised styling other then a border placed ontop. You’re welcome to add your own in the CSS window using .sticky { background: red; } – as an example.

3) No, but the portfolio categories can have parent and sub taxes. I would see the docs in regards to setting up the portfolio and how each tax works –

4) No, the gallery only supports images.

Best Regards, Jesse

having trouble with Crush Child Theme. When it’s activated I can’t select a Menu in the Customize section, and if I do select it under the Menus section in the Dashboard, the homepage doesn’t update. Just wondering if someone else has this problem. Running version 1.0 of the Child Theme.

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

Sorry to hear that is happening on your setup. When you say the ‘homepage’ doesn’t update do you mean the homepage in the customizer or the homepage on the site after you have edited the style.css via the child theme?

If you have a link that would be good to. Also just check your not actually trying to update the portfolio page on a blog archive page. See the docs about that in the blog section.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi, thanks again for a great theme.

I have an issue. On my portfolio posts, I am unable to make the Title and body copy sit above the gallery, despite me selecting ‘title’ and ‘content’ position to above. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

Hmm, do you have a link? Sounds like the portfolio page isn’t actually set up and what you are seeing is an archive (blog page) listing portfolio posts. Let me know.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hey Jesse,

Thanks for the great theme. I wrote to you an email, but I read that you prefer to answer here, so here comes my questions.

1. Is it possible to fix the Pinterest social icon somehow? I use font size 13, which was also in the demo. All other icons are easy readable in that size, but the Pinterest is hard to recognise. I can see that I can change the font size of all buttons, but I need at least 20 for Pinterest, and than the others became too big.

2. Is it possible to use the portfolio post pictures like links to my subpages? I mean if I click on a picture, I get to one of my pages.

3. Can I change somehow, that not all of the portfolio post pictures are clickable? I would like to use some of them are just pictures, that you can hover, but cannot click on them.

I moved my website to another domain, since I wrote you the email. It is still not my final domain just the test until I finish the website.

Thanks a lot for your help, Best Regards, Krisztina

Hi Krisztina,

Sorry about that, Im right in the middle of a move to a new city so my internet access has been pretty dodgy lately.

Also, can you please post on the username you purchased the theme with. I wont provide support more then once unless that can be verified sorry.

1) You can target the pinterest icon like so with custom CSS.

a.button.icon.pinterest {
font-size: 20px !important;
line-height: 36px !important;

You’re going to have to mess around with the line height so it doesn’t throw out the button alignment. That will depend on what settings you currently have. I would recommend using chromes inspect element to add the css rule and test it real time.

2) No, the portfolio page is confined by the same rules as the blog. One post > one post entry > one post page. You’ll need to see a developer about getting some new settings in the dashboard.

3) Same answer as number 2 sorry. The portfolio page is just like the blog, just laid out differently.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi there,

Just a very quick question – I’ve downloaded the ‘Installable Wordpress file only’ option for this theme, to get around the ‘missing stylesheet’ issue that arises when I try to install all files and documentation.

I’m assuming there are no problems/issues with this?

Thank you!

Oh that makes sense. WordPress doesn’t allow certain special characters in the tagline with their function get_bloginfo(‘description’);

So you will need to use HTML safe characters –

So forward slash would be

& # 4 7 ; (without all the spaces inbetween)
If that doesn’t work though you might need to just go with ”-” character instead.

Best Regards, Jesse

Argh silly me! Thanks for all your help again, loving the theme :)

Thanks for the feedback! If you haven’t already done so please leave a star rating of the item. You can do that by going to your download section (top right under your username).

Thanks, Jesse


first great theme! I can’t see the short code button. Can you help me please?



This is because of the new TinyMCE core update in WordPress 3.9 we will be putting an update out for our plugin shortly. Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

hope you will be able helping me on those questions:

- In the Contact page: is it possible having the choice between several emails (in my case 2) for the sender? For example a personal email and a press one for example? It will works like a filter for the website owner and will be faster for the answers knowing what they want (depending on the email adress).

- On the Portfolio page: I would like to increase the height of the filter font (in my case appearing on image hover). I searched in the typography section in the customiser but didn’t find which “H” controls that.

Thank you and sorry for my english. Regards, Rémi

Hi there Remi,

1) no sorry the contact form and options that come with the theme are very simple. I would recommend using a 3rd party plugin like “contact form 7” in a default page template.

2) You’ll need to use custom CSS to increase that specific element. The filter hover at the moment just uses the standard p/body type settings.

.hover-tax span { font-size: 26px !important ;}

Play around with that.

3) Re the footer, re what I would have said to others, no you can not. You would need to use custom CSS in conjunction with !important rule to force the width to 100%. You’ll need to look at doing that yourself though as it’s most likely a trial and error procedure.

Best Regards, Jesse

Thank you very much for your time and answers!

No problem Remi! If you haven’t already done so please leave a star rating of the item in your download section (top right under your username). Thanks, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

The site is coming along beautifully. I have a few questions I hope you can help me with.

1) On the portfolio posts that contained both video and images, (and video must appear first in the stacked order of media—as per client) I placed the entire embed tag for each Vimeo-hosted video. Then placed the stacked images using the ‘upload images’ feature and set format to gallery. Adjusted margins and padding in the customizer, and a line of custom CSS, and it works like I had hoped with the videos and images vertically aligning at all window sizes. So only the videos are in the content window, all images are set as the theme was designed. **Do you see anything wrong with this approach?

2) I want to add different background images to two pages, only, not posts. I have tried to isolate the code to change in custom CSS but haven’t been able to locate the correct target. I have been able to change the background-color on the page by targeting the { background-color: green;} but haven’t been able to change the background-image in the same way. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

3) Can I add custom icons to replace the share icons from the theme. They are really small icons. Or can I increase the size of the icons, not the buttons, by 20%?

4) Problem with my first featured image appearing full-screen-size momentarily when I go to my home page. Why is this happening and what is the fix?

Thanks in advance Jesse for all your help! Susan

Hi Jesse,

4) I downloaded/activated the plugins you recommended above and the behavior still happens occasionally. If I have uploaded and activated it all correctly, should this still be happening?

Q) And, would it help the above problem to list my custom CSS in a particular order—with custom CSS for type above the custom CSS for images in my custom CSS in the customizer?

Q) Does all my custom CSS require the ‘important’ rule?

Thanks Jesse, all other issues resolved with your guidance! Susan

4) Just so we’re clear (because there was only 1 plugin) you have activated the htaccess editor plugin and added the mods I linked to into your htaccess file. If you did and did so correctly and the site still seams slow, it might be because your hosting does not allow file compression and caching. It will still happen if it’s a brand new user but after the first page load wont happen any more.

q1) No, this would have little effect on page load times.

q2) No, I just tend to put it in the snippets of code I give to people incase they have other CSS that could interfere. The important rule basically says “don’t listen to other CSS, do this always!”.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse, I downloaded and activated the wp-htaccess-editor. Do I simply copy the entire code from the File Compression and Caching files, and paste them after the last line of the code in the ‘content of the Htaccess file’ window. As in, after # END Wordpress? Thanks for your help! Susan