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Hi, is it possible to have portfolio pages by category, so for example, a portfolio page for the category photos, showing only the portfolio items under that category?

Yes that’s possible, you can have as many portfolio pages as you want. There’s a good explanation of this in the docs :)

Best Regards, Jesse

I really love the theme! It works wonderfully! Have you thought about adding Behance to the social widget? That seems to be the only network that’s missing, but I find it quite important. Keep up the good work!

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

The social icons are created by FontAwesome. At the moment they do not have icons for behance (or soundcloud), so it’s just a waiting game. You can request they add those icons at GitHub however both have been already heavily requested.

Best Regards, Jesse

Is there a way to disable the auto play feature on the slider?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

For this you’ll need to edit some code. The plugin we used was “cycle2”, you can see the plugin api and all of it’s options here – – You can then add any of those options by placing the required code under what we have already got in the format-gallery.php file. The options start at line 47.

Regards, Jesse

Got it. Thanks for your help. We love the theme.

No problem, I hope you were able to implement the settings you needed without to much trouble. Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

Not sure if you got my previous email about the media section and my slight confusion with it. Since then I seem to have amended something I can’t put back. The media section as a whole was freezing regularly and I had to keep rebooting. To remedy this I deleted some of my jpeg files stupidly not realising this would remove them from the portfolio. My issue now is that in my writing section (www.dantickner/writing) all my previous “set featured images” have come up landscape showing the whole page very nicely with a grey line underneath to complete the square. When I reloaded the Charlotte Jackson interview and used the cover page as the set featured image it has come up as a square which does not look so nice, I am presenting this page shortly and urgently need to make the set featured image for this article a landscape image showing everything on that page (like the other images) please can you help? Not sure what I am doing differently but perhaps I can remedy this is in “edit image or thumbnail” but like I say am not too sure how to work that area. Thanks a lot. D

1) unlimited height (meaning the masonry is not squared at all. Theme customizer > page portfolio > masonry layout > unlimited height.

2) OR set an image that doesn’t have an auto crop (because you have deleted it). Which is what happened to the others.

As per my previous comment, my recommendation is to just have it how it was designed to be (and that is squared, as in re upload your images for the thumbs so they are cropped properly). Trying to do something that goes against how it was made will just end in headaches.

Best Regards, Jesse

Thanks Jesse, sorry but can you clarify option No.2 I don’t quite understand when you say – “set an image that doesn’t have an auto crop (because you have deleted it)” – when I’ve set a featured image previously it was a jpeg of the article uploaded from my desktop – thats the only jpeg i have – how do i get this as the featured image without the auto crop again? When i delete the set featured image the article doesn’t show at all. I know what you are saying but I would like it to look like the others. Thanks, D.

Hmm, to be frank, it’s in your best interest to keep them square. Otherwise, every time you want a new portfolio posts you are going to have to go through this mess. The site has been designed for square thumbs, if you want something outside of that scope, you will need to see a developer who can add a custom image size in for you sorry.

Best Regards, Jesse

Is there a timeline for when this theme will be patched to support wp3.9? Would like to use shortcodes, but the shortcode button isnt there. Can you give me a text editor happy shortcode for the divider? Thats most important for me at this point…

It’s being worked on right at this moment Chris. When you say the divider short code? do you just mean the standard HR html tag? Because there is not such any short code we have that is a divider?

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi there Visualkicks,

Thank you for this beautiful theme, I have a quick question : I fixed the sidebar when you scroll down but all my images are now cut on the right ? Can you give a hand ?

Thank you


Hi there, I looked at the code and to be honest I have no idea. How much editing have you done on the theme. As far as I can tell the sidebar position being fixed isn’t the cause to the problem at all. Because removing all the customization (that I can see) doesn’t change anything.

You have padding on the content set 40px but then a giant gap on the left that is pushing things over, but as i said above i can’t see where or why this is happening.

On that topic though, it’s much safer to add custom CSS to the theme customizer instead of editing the style.css. It’s much easier to contain problems like this.

Regards, Jesse

Great theme! One question though – in the fullscreen version, how do you customize it so that the post title for each post isn’t showing on the homepage? I’ve tried going through the test drive but can’t seem to figure out where this is controlled.


(the only pages that I have created under my pages section is About, Home, Blog and Contact)

Ok, sorry I figured it out. You need to go into the trash and delete the pages permanently.

:) glad you got all of that sorted. All that was probably needed was to go through the docs starting from Page Setup.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hey Jesse,

Could you help me how to change the distance between the menu and the title (produkt 4)?

I would like to have the same space I have on the first page. And I would to keep this distance on all my subpages.

Thank you

Best regards, Krisztina

Hi Krisztina,

Well, firstly just taking a quick peek at the code, you have an empty widget there doing nothing but making empty space.

Re having different spaces for different pages I highly recommend you don’t do that, consistency between pages when a user browsers your website is very important. Otherwise, you will need to use custom CSS and target the page id for each page you wanted that for.

All content paddings and margins are changable via the theme customizer. I would recommend taking a quick peek at the test drive of the fullscreen demo and copy the paddings / margins off that.

Best Regards, Jesse


Thanks for your answer.

I used that widget to put the social icons and with css I moved the social icons to the right top corner, but I can see now that was not the right way to do. Would it be possible to move the main sidebar widget to the top right corner?

Best Regards, Krisztina

Hi, no sorry. It would be easier to have a developer create a new sidebar just for that spot and then have them style it. The main nav sidebar is intricately linked with the logo and main menu (as they are considered widgets in this theme). Best Regards, Jesse


Great theme, just a quick question – how can i centre the title on my portfolio post pages – can’t seem to find the applicable section in the CSS :) Hope you can help!


Hi, in the content tab of the theme customizer set the text alignment to center.

Best Regards, Jesse

sorry I repost this because I forgot to “subscribe to it” to get replies via email. sorry again about it

Hello, I was wondering if I can include a Image gallery slider into a portfolio post Video. Having the video always on top and then after some text, the slider.

I found a sort of workaround, setting the portfolio page as Gallery post, then adding the Vimeo embed code by hand in the txt tab, it works ok except that only the Gallery (being a gallery post) expands to the whole Content width , while the video remains “fixed” to the Text width which is 1200px I guess. and also the video appears after the text, while at the top of the page there is the slider. thank you very much for your kind support. have a great day

There are a number of ways to do that. You’ll need to place either your video or your images into the content area though as the theme does not provide you a way to have both in one post format.

1) “video appears after the text” – just, place it before the text? 2) “while at the top of the page there is the slider” – in the customizer you can choose if the title and content come after or before the media. (portfolio post tab). 3) without hacking with iframes and custom css, probably wont easily get both video and images to be the same width. As you said above, one is confined by the text window. Some users have left comments on here with some workarounds though. Perhaps give the comments a search.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hey there, amazing theme and great support work.

Only having one issue, I have created a new page titled ‘Contact’ that has no parent and is the default template. Yet the page still has the default forms. I installed ‘Contact Form 7’ to try and combat this, and it displays both the these ‘default’ forms and the forms from the plugin.

Is there something that can be adjusted in the Editor, or CSS to resolve this?

Thank you for your time.

Just to clarify, you have a page using the ‘default page template’ and it has a form on it that isn’t from contact form 7.

Sorry if this seems slightly obvious, but are you sure it’s not a comment box / form for the page? You can disable page comments in your screen settings.

Second and slightly obvious thing it could have been is that you haven’t removed the old contact page link from your menu.

Other then that you’ll need to send me a link so I can tell you what it is instead of firing shots in the dark :)

Regards, Jesse

g’day, I tried both but to no avail.

Just from looking at the page I can tell you that is a comment form. Just hide the comments for that page (there is a checkbox while editing and any page).

Or do it the WordPress way > screen options > discussion > disable comments… or both.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse, thanks for the great theme. As I am new to wordpress & CSS, I hope you can help me with these 2 questions:

1.On my mobile my logo & tagline are not centered? They are slighty more on the left side. How can I fix that? (I did upload a logo image, also a Retina version) 2.Is it possible to remove the menue on the mobile version? (the little arrow & menue above the logo)

Best regards t-o

Hi again, you have “advanced” sidebar padding turned on and you haven’t made the left and right even. You can see so in this screen shot. Go into the customiser and turn off advanced padding OR make them even.

Best Regards, Jesse

Great, that was easy… thanks for your help! t-o

Does anyone know if it’s possible to add the portfolio filters to the sidebar when a portfolio post is being displayed? My site can be viewed at

I have got it to work on the overview (click on ‘Ontwerp | Labo’-button in the main menu en and then select ‘Moodboards’ for instance). When I click on a post, the filters disappear. When navigating back you have to click the ‘Moodboards’ filter again because all posts are displayed and not just the ones from ‘Moodboard’. What I would like is for the visitor to be able to jump from a single post to f.i. ‘Karakterontwerp’ without having to go past all the other post types.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi there and thanks for the purchase.

Portfolio filtering works of the basis that there are a number of portfolio posts on the page with set classes given to each div tag. There are no posts on the page with these classes when viewing a portfolio post, so having the filters on the sidebar would be meaningless. Even if you wanted to implement it with the related posts at the bottom of the page, you would need to have 1) a fixed sidebar and 2) the classes attached to the divs.

You could achieve this but would need to edit the template-related.php and add the same taxonomy / loop as the portfolio page. Then in the header.php change the conditions in which the filters appear. (based on page template) If you’re not familiar with PHP I would recommend you see a developer as it’s not a simple job.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

1) I created my ABOUT page using the blog page template. So the ABOUT page uses the masonry layout, or template, displaying the company’s partners pictures with the bios underneath. But I would also like to use the blog page as a normal blog, and create posts. Both the About page and the Blog page navigation is in the top tier of the main menu bar.

So is it possible to use this blog page template for both pages? I created both pages and assigned different ‘categories’ to each but the ‘posts’ all show up in the About page. Even though I assigned different ‘categories’ to the corresponding ‘posts’, it isn’t working so far.

If this isn’t possible, can I use the ‘work’ page layout the same way? Only, the ‘home’ or ‘work’ page is the masonry layout with the title position ‘On Image Hover’. What I want to use for the About page is the masonry layout with text underneath the image.

Thanks for all your help! Susan

1) You cannot have more then one base blog (goes for all Wordpress themes). The only way I see this working is if you add categories to your ABOUT posts and filter them out from the standard blog using a 3rd party plugin. Then your about page can just be an archive page listing the ABOUT category.

As you have said above, it would be more feasible to use a secondary portfolio page. Please see the documentation on multi portfolios. It’s very simple –

However, you cannot include content excerpts in the portfolio page like you can on the blog page. If you do want that, it’s probably a job from a developer as you would need to include a small if condition and some php with maybe a checkbox in the backend.

Best Regards, Jesse

How can I set the portfolio page as main page? I´m new on this. Thanks.

Hi there,

I recommend you go through the documentation and run through the setup portion – It takes 5 minutes, and you will be well on your way.

To answer your question, you assign your home page in the dashboard > settings > reading. This is a core wordpress feature so you may have already figured this out with a search on the net :)

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi there! I’m using WP 3.9 and there is no shortcut button in the post editor. I read that this is kind of a conflict with this version of WP. But I haven’t found out if there is any workaround.

- How can I insert a 2/3 column of text + 1/3 column of text into my post? - How can I insert extra text below the media (considering the main text is above the media)? -How can I insert extra images below the media (considering the main text is above the media) - How can I insert two columns of images into my post?

Many thanks for your support! Maximo

Hi Jesse. Sorry I think I didn’t explain myself clearly. I definitely want “one touch for hover on, one again for linking” in mobile devices. However, in the current situation one touch opens the page directly (just after showing the hover state for about 1 sec). Do I still need devices specific javascript to achieve what I want?

Thanks for your support. I understand we are many of users to reply to!

Oh right, no sorry you don’t need javascript then. This is an iPhone we are talking about or android? Mobile browsers handle things in their own way, but for the last 2 years at least hover in CSS was handled with 2 touches. Unless thats changed.

I have tested it in iPhone and iPad. When I visit other sites it behaves as I want (“one touch for hover on, one again for linking”) but for some reason it doesn’t behave similarly on Crush

Hello, firstly – nice theme. You can see my website (under construction) on My question – can I make a link for a filtr? If I click on Michael Benes filter, I would like to have link for example Is it possible? Thanks, Michael

Hi Michael,

It’s not that simple. The filters in the sidebar are a combination of javascript and special anchors to work with the current posts on the page.

If you just need the link to a specific filter taxonomy, go into your dashboard, go to filters and click view (as you would with any taxonomy).

Best Regards, Jesse

Oh, that’s a shame… :-( And is it possible that it will ever work? Thanks, M.

It does work, you just need to pick which one of the two options above you want to go with. Make a custom list widget from filter links from the filter taxonomy, or place in the filters like the demo.

Best Regards, Jesse


I have some problems with the blog page. I choose to show 1 column in the customization (and save it, and it looks fine there), but it shows 2 columns.

It’s the same if I choose 2, it always adding one more column. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, I’m using the demo content.

Can I include only one column on a blog page? And can I change the size of the image?

Best Regards, Krisztina

Hi and thanks for the purchase! The site is responsive and therefore will respond to different window sizes. If you want it to always be 1 column, set a max width on the body (theme customizer > body). Having 1 fullwidth column on a page that is 2000px wide (like my screen is) will look silly, so the theme adjusts accordingly.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi, First off, great theme.

Is there an easy way to increase the fixed width to 1400px? I started poking around the source files and quickly figured it might be easier to just ask!

Thanks, Pat

Nevermind, figured it out!

:) keep in mind you’re better of not changing the style.css unless you are using the child theme OR you can simply place your custom CSS into the CSS button of the theme customizer.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hey there, before I purchase your theme, I would like to know if it would be possible to feature on the home page an image carrousel.

Hi there, Crush does not come with a home page template. The home pages you see in the demos are just the portfolio page template. These templates can have content above the portfolio posts. So if you installed a slider plugin or something similar that can be placed into the content window, that could be a reasonable workaround for you.

We have no intention of adding a home page template with a slider though, as it goes against what we set out to make (a simple portfolio theme).

Best Regards, Jesse