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hi there, i purchased the theme and i’ve some questions: how can i activate the minimal layout directly? is it possible? on the wordpress panel, where i can personalize the theme, the layout isnt like the demos… thanks :).

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

There are no set ‘versions’ of the theme. As per the docs – – you need to change the settings in the theme customiser (the place you see in the test drive and also the place we make you go to activate the theme).

Best Regards, Jesse

thx for the reply. i solved the problem. by the way, excelent theme. i recommend. :)

Thanks for the recommendation! If you haven’t left a star rating please also do so :)

Hi Jesse,

I have a question I hope you can help me with.

1) My site is set to the following custom CSS in the customizer like you have in the sample Full Screen:

/* centre the content on single posts and pages */ .single section.content-wrap:not(.related-wrap), .page-template-default section.content-wrap:not(.related-wrap), .page-template-page-contact-php section.content-wrap:not(.related-wrap) { max-width: 900px !important; margin-left: auto !important; margin-right: auto !important; }

I would like to create a new page with 100% width, with the images appearing full width of the page in the masonry style, but the content inside does not need to be a post, or link to anywhere else. I set this up in the blog template with posts, and it looks fine, but now the client wants to use the blog as a blog, therefore I need to recreate that into an additional static page on the site. I’ve come fairly close to recreating the blog-style in the static page, but haven’t been able to target the area / line of code in the static page required to create custom CSS to change the width from 900px to 100%—in that page only.

I am nearly finished with the site but this request came in late from the client and I can’t figure out the work-around. Your help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, the site looks great and the client loves it!

Kind regards, Susan

Hi Susan,

Im not entirely sure what you mean but the 900px max width goes something like this.

#content .sub div[class*='entry-'] { max-width: 900px; }

If you need it to be page specific, use the body classes / page id and set to :none !important.;

Best Regards, Jesse

I recently purchased this theme with the intention of re-creating something very similar to how has their gallery posts setup. I have two questions.

1. Are they using a third party gallery plugin or is there something I missed while reading to documentation to get a paginated gallery? if 3rd party, any chance you know which plugin it is?

2. Where can I edit in the css to have a banner display above and below content? Ex.

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

1) They are using the same theme but that paginated gallery is not included. There is literally 100’s if not 1000’s of gallery plugins sorry. Because it’s not javascript based theres not much chance of finding via web inspector, unless somewhere in the source code there is a mention of it.

2) If you look closely you will see those ads have just been placed into the content window. Again, most likely a 3rd party plugin. I will say this though, it doesn’t look good and if you are going to use this theme / site to represent your work (assuming you are setting up a portfolio) you would be much better off not having ads. The amount of traffic needed to generate any snippit of income is really, really high. Up to you though!

Best Regards, Jesse

hi! In new 3.9 WP version something has change with tinyMCE, so the themes`s shortcode`s button has dissapear from the editor. Is there any place / can you publish somewhere, a list of shortcodes so we can put them manually. thanks in advance! p!

Just waiting on reviewers to approve the update. The update will include 3.9 support for the new TinyMCE 4. Shouldn’t be more then a few hours. If you’re subbed to receive notifications you should get an email when its up :)

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

I have nearly completed my first WP site using the Crush theme for a client. I would like to use Crush for my own personal portfolio site as well. Or consider one of the other two themes.

1) Do I need to purchase Crush again or can I use another download for my site too? Also, can either the Dimple or Clipboard home pages be set to 100% width of the window.

2) During the test drive of Clipboard, even the Masonry Fixed Fullwidth didn’t appear full screen. Or, can the Masonry Oversized be adjusted to up to five columns masonry?

3) Can questions (2) apply to Dimple as well?

Your communication has been a invaluable the last couple of weeks. All problems solved except the last about creating a secondary ‘blog-type’ page as a static page for my ABOUT page. Still working to resolve that one. Can you recommend a 3rd party plugin specifically?

Kind regards, Susan

Hi Susan,

1) Correct, 1 license for individual use is meant for 1 site. Clipboard yes, dimple no.

2) Masonry Fixed Fullwidth and Masonry Fullwidth are different. Fixed means it has a max width but the latter should show fullwidth correctly.

3) They are built differently and do not apply sorry.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hello again! :)

Just a quick question – is it possible to make the portfolio page land on a specific filter/remove the ‘all’ option? I just have a lot of photos in the portfolio and prefer it to land on a specific category/filter. Thank you! :)

Hi Lina, This comment seems familiar to one I answered the other day, not sure if this is a duplicate but here goes.

I would recommend you create a multiple portfolios and remove the filters all together. The docs cover how to make multiple portfolio pages –

Best Regards, Jesse

Hello Jesse,

I want to add the crush contact form into the content area on a static page. Is there a ‘shortcode’ I can place in the content area for the contact form?

Kind regards, Susan

It’s a pre built piece of code and is not a short-code. You will need to use a form builder plugin like contact form 7.

Best Regards, Jesse

hi again :) why the sidebar, on the pages contact, blog and exemple page doesnt go to the unlimited height? i’ve already add contet (text) enough to activate de scroll but the sidebar doesnt continues. on the portfolio page / home page, she works perfectly. another, is possible change the language on the contact buttons page? right now, is in english and i would like to translate for portuguese…

thx a lot

Hi there,

1) Could you send a link. 100% sidebar means it goes to the length of the page content (not the window size). Is this what is happening?

2) Re the contact form, are you familiar with WordPress localization? The theme comes with .po and .mo files for you to translate into your own language. If you find that to be to hard heres a little plugin I made to make it easier for people.

- install our plugin – - translate .po file with a program like poedit - save new deafault.po and file - upload files over the old ones on your server

Best Regards, Jesse

is there a way to the sidebar goes 100% regardless the content? i want my sidebar 100% even if my content is one line only, is it possible?

about the problem 2, i made it, thx. :)

No sorry, you would need to create some custom javascript or some device specific CSS and ‘fix’ the sidebar in place. If you are unfamiliar with either of those, I would recommend you get in touch with a web developer who can do this sort of stuff for you.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi there,

I am using the Test Drive for Crush Contrast.

In the “Page Portfolio” there is an option to “Include Filters in Sidebar”. This option is turned off but the Filters still appear. The same happens in “Post Portfolio”. There is an option to “Display Comment”. This option is turned off but the Filters still appear.

How do I hide them? Is there a way of doing it on the wordpress dashboard?

Thanks a lot, Pedro

Hi Pedro, the customizer isn’t perfect in regards to ‘test driving’. Some options (like the filters) require a few hard refreshes. Because we have disabled the “save” button (for obvious demo reasons) every now and then something like what you are experiencing will happen.

The customizer is where all the settings are changed and updated, there is no dashboard theme options, save for the google analytics and favicon uploads.

Regards, Jesse


How can I remove my top menu and stops appearing “setup your new menu” ??


The main mavigation is persistant, meaning you will need to use custom CSS to remove it. This is untested, you may need to play around with it or add an important rule. { display: none; }

Alternatively, setup your menus…


Hi, wasn’t sure if this has been addressed but some users have reported issues with my logo image. When accessing my site from firefox the logo image appears about 2 times larger than it should be.

The site was being accessed from a retina mbp which I thought may cause it to use the retina logo?

Hmm, can you send a link. I’ll place a quick patch for that. In the mean time let me know if this fixes the problem.

a#logo-image img { width: 100%; }
Place the above in your custom CSS area.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

I would like the Page Blog to be an infinite scroll, without pagination, like the home page—Page Portfolio. I can’t find the setting for this, or what should the custom CSS be?

Kind regards, Susan

Hi Susan,

When you say like the home page-Page Portfolio… the portfolio page isn’t infinite scroll (as its not in this theme). If you just want to increase the pages per post (a core settings) you do that in Dashboard > Settings > Reading

If you mean infite scroll it’s generally going to be something you need to pay someone to do for you. Or if you’re good with code have a go at it yourself. Adding infinite scroll will require adding HTML, PHP and JS. The html for the “load more” message, php for the functions that grab the data (loop), js for the script that spits it all out in masonry.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hey bud, how’s you? Did you see my email from he other day?


Hi Rich, no sorry I haven’t read it yet. I have spent the last month moving my life 2 states over. I only just had my internet connected in my apartment about a day ago and have had to use cafe internet for some time. Im a little afraid to open my email at this point but I will get to it. If the email wasn’t long feel free to paste it here. Regards, Jesse

Ok wow, nearly settled in? I won’t paste it here as it’s a request… Hope your good Rich

Yep I am now. It only took about 4 trips to Ikea haha. Happy to be back in the thick of it (work wise). I’ll need to get through quite a bit of support first but I’ll check out your email later tonight. Jesse

Will I receive the update through Wordpress to download the newest version of the theme (and get my shortcode button back) or do I need to redownload it from this site and reinstall?

No, third party themes (themes you purchase from or other online marketplaces) generally require you to download the latest version from the supplier (

Please check out the online docs if you have questions about how to do that – – if you need help updating a plugin pleas also see the docs.

Best Regards, Jesse


Hope my message finds you well.

from the customizer I set: sidebar – 100% Sidebar Height

It works for the homepage, the portfolio main page, but when you visit a portfolio single post, it doesn’t work, it looks like if I didn’t check “100% Sidebar Height”

same thing for the blog. Blog main page is ok, but the sidebar in the blog posts doesn’t fill the 100%

is there a way to force the sidebar to be 100% of the page? thanks a lot in advance.

also: any chance for you to add in the near future the output of filters in the sidebar by numeric sort? it would help a lot in organizing the page, so I can give them a logic order

thanks again for the great theme

Hi Muco and thanks for the purchase!

1) Just so we are clear, 100% height means it matches the height of the content of the page. Not the window. Is this what is happening? If not you will need to send me a link so I can see some code.

2) Sure I can add that feature, it’s something some users have wanted already. I add it to the next patch.

Best Regards, Jesse

Thanks for the quick reply. 1) yes I meant match the content, nope it doesn’t match it. Can I send you the link privately? 2) filtering: thanks in advance :-)

Sure, please use the contact form on my profile page. Regards, Jesse

================= Crush Theme – Blog page not displaying blog posts of any category

Hi there VK – Great beautiful, flexible theme. I agree with other posts, this is a robust and finely wrought theme. Thanks for the work :)

PROBLEM: The theme, setup as per the instructions, and my previous knowledge of wordpress installs, fails to show any blog posts on the blog page. Static pages set, blog posts = blog etc.

The dev address is here:

Any thoughts?

Many thanks


Hi sorry for the delay my friend.

Still having the problem, followed steps above and got the following message:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home/laboursc/public_html/dev/andrea3/wp-content/themes/crush/format-standard.php on line 22

Here’s the page:

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Many thanks Jesse,


Hi Jesse – hold off, I checked the specified file – Somehow a hello line was added. Maybe by me by I must’ve been sleep-coding if I did!!

For now it’s sorted – thanks for all your time – Best, Peter

;) it happens to me all the time!

Is there a way to remove the clickable link from each Gallery Image? I don’t like that if you click on an image from the homepage, it takes you to the full size image.

Here is my site:

Hi there and thanks for the purchase!

No sorry, the portfolio page works exactly as the blog page. It’s a page that lists posts, and clicking on that post will take you to it. It’s as straight forward as that. You’ll need to speak to a web developer who can either 1) add in some new options in the dashboard OR 2) create a new post type and page template.

ps. You don’t have to have that image there when they click through by the way…. it’s a post, so add content, change the post format etc.

If you’re new to wordpress I would suggest you read the docs starting from “page setup” –

ps. I went to your site, the page isn’t loading properly because a file is missing. I would suggest re-installing the theme or upload all the files again OR removing any third party plugins that inject javascript (google analytics etc).. if you want to add analytics please do it via the theme settings in the dashboard (as per the docs).

Best Regards, Jesse

Hi, I have a quick question.

I set up Crush using your documentation, and now have 3 pages: portfolio, contact, and blog (unused).

I want to add some text to my contact page, along the contact form. Everything works fine, however the content of the pages is also displayed on the home page (set up to display the portfolio as a static page). Actually, I made a test, and any content from any page is displayed on top of the portfolio/home page.

See this screenshot (home of my blog, displaying the portfolio – fine – but I’d like to get rid of the texts):

I didn’t find any option to remove this content and just keep the portfolios. How can I do that?

Many thanks, Julien

Thats odd, I can’t do much with that screen shot though sorry. You’ll need to send through a link so I can take a better look at the code and figure out what exactly has happened.

For the sake of shooting off a few obvious ideas though…

1) The pages are indeed pages and not posts of any kind? 2) the portfolio page hasn’t been set to blog and is infact set to static home in settings > reading. 3) Likewise the blog page is actually set to being the blog in settings > reading. 3) You’ve actually correctly set the page templates for each page?

Again, they are just some obvious things, if you could send through the link I can help you properly.

Best Regards, Jesse

Hey, thanks a lot Jesse, this was the trick: 3) Likewise the blog page is actually set to being the blog in settings > reading

I had set that to “portfolio” as I didn’t plan to use the blog, so I thought it’d be better like this. So now I changed it to “blog”, and the home behaves as expected. Not a so “obvious idea” ;)

Best regards, Julien

haha well lets agree to disagree on how obvious it was :D Glad you got it sorted. Regards, Jesse

Hi Jesse,

I recently purchased CRUSH and just LOVE it! Having no web experience and very limited knowledge of WordPress, I’ve found it incredibly intuitive and flexible, giving non-web designers (like me) the opportunity to experiment without having to pull in the “professionals”. … And of course a great design:) So thank you!! As I work away on my website I’ve come across a couple ares I can’t seem to solve.

1) Logo doesn’t show on iPhone. It appears as a blank white box with a rule around it.

2) As you suggested in previous comments, I am using to plug-in Post-Types-Order to have flexibility on changing the order of portfolio posts. It is working for the most part, however it does not implement the re-ordering when using the forward and back arrows at the bottom of portfolio post pages (retains the chronological order instead). Is there anything that can be done within the theme itself?

3) Is there an easy way to put a footer at the bottom of every page that could hold a copyright blurb?

4) When the user does a search, the date the portfolio post was created shows under the title. Is there any way of not having the date display?

Thanks for your help!

Hi and thanks for the support and purchase!

1) :D

2) Sounds like you will just have to change the publish date of your posts to be in the correct order. I would recommend disabling the ordering plugin in this case, then quick editing the posts to the dates you want.

3) Sure, just use the footer section in the customiser to add the footer sidebar. Then add a text widget to it with the copy text.

4) The search results is considered to be an Archive. Archives for most themes (crush included) run of the blog settings. If you don’t want the date displayed etc, go into the theme customiser > page blog > update accordingly. Also if you want more info on archives please see the docs –

Best Regards, Jesse

Many thanks Jesse! All is working:)

Hey i really like your theme and i am interested in using it as video portfolio. Does it support Vimeo embeded videos?

Hi and thanks for the interest. As you can see in the demos both self hosted and embedded videos are supported.

Best Regards, Jesse