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Hi there,

I have uploaded your great theme and have been following the documentation through. I would like my site to look similar to the ‘standard’ layout and have replicated the customisation used in the demo. However my feature images on the portfolio page appear stacked on top of each other, rather than in columns as selected?

So, the sites javascript is getting caught up and stopping because of a plugin. If you could deactivate the x-shortcodes plugin and see if it sorts itself out that would be good. If x-shortcodes is already deactivated please delete it.

It looks like there is a conflict with moderniser.


Perfect! It worked- thank you. Do I need to re-install the shortcodes plugin?

You can try, the error tells me though that the short codes relies on the modernisr js plugin but for what ever reason they mustn’t of included it in the package of the plugin. If you’re familiar with PHP you can try register and enqueue your own copy in the functions.php


Does it works with the All In One SEO plugin?? I’m having some issues with it…

We don’t provide support on 3rd party plugins and we only test those of which that are highly rated and that conform to core Wordpress functionality. In saying that I can take a look, but we won’t be changing anything on the theme if it doesn’t conform to how the codex defines we should be making themes / best practices.


I would confirm that the 4.) of allanzhang’s comment would be a welcome feature for many of us I am sure :) please consider it in your future updates.

hello, i just purchased this theme and i have a problem! When i am trying to install the plugins i get this error: “Download failed. Unauthorized”

thank you!

Hi Yannis, the plugins are uploaded with the theme and then they are downloaded from your own site. From what I’ve read online its either the download you got from is corrupt of your file folder permissions on your site need changing.

Also, this is a good resource, I would recommend trying these things as well.

I can manually install the plugins for you, but you will need to email me your FTP details, site url, username and password etc.

Regards Jesse

Hi Jesse,

is it possible to have more then 1 gallery within one portfolio item, whether stacked or slider? I have several items/projects, where more then one element was created, from logo, to print, to web to mobile app all within one project. Rather then distributing them in several portfolio items, I would have it under one, because they all belong to one project.

Thanks in advance for the answer

Well, the thing is that for each elements there are a few images, let’s say 2 – 3, then I have 4 – 5 different elements – which in the end makes up for a very tall (scrollable) item on my portfolio. Which isn’t really that user friendly, that’s why I thought it would be better to have those 2 – 3 images per element in a “Slider Gallery”.

mmm, yep that will have to be something you contact a dev for. While we are looking at increasing the usability and ui of the gallery in the backend, that’s not something we will be looking at implementing.



Hi! Awsome theme! I was was wondering if i could remove the “more work” thumbnails below the portfolio page (post portfolio).

Thanks. Erik

Hi Erik, we’ve had a mother use request the same option and we will be placing that option into the 1.1 patch due out in the next day or so. Until then you could probably get away with some custom CSS.

.related-wrap { display: none !important; }

This isn’t by any means a full proof solution but should do until the patch.


Hi there, nice theme, well done! I have a quick question: After I click on any image (from the grid) the images in the column/grid below the opened image get always mixed up – is it possible to keep the order of the images in the grid, after a click on one of them? And is it possible to reduce the margin of the opened image separately from the the grid?

Thanks in advance! Serkan

Sure you can change that but will need to directly edit the file template-related.php on line 124 and 90 – change ‘rand’ to ‘date’.

'orderby' => 'date',

The reason we have it set to random is because some users with say… 40 portfolio items will only ever have their most recent portfolio items shown. It’s probably a personal preference but I would prefer users to be able to get a better scope of my portfolio if i had that many. Any way, we’ll look at adding an option to change that in the customiser.

Thanks Jesse

Hi Jesse, thanks for your quick reply. My last question: Is your portfolio supporting an order of images like on this page: So that I can decide which image will be shown in a square, landscape, or portrait format. Does your theme support this?

Thanks in advance Serkan

Hi, no unfortunately it does not. Portfolio posts are order by date published like standard posts.


Hi i installed the theme all perfect but the live preview of the site in the customize.php page don’t work. I can only see the left part and on the right is all grey. What’s the problem??? Any permission files?

Is this still a problem for you? It works fine for us on all those browsers on both OS. As mentioned above we can take a look if you email your details.


These are the messages hope can help… /site/wp-content/themes/crush/theme/js

GET 404 Not Found text/html Other 3.3?KB 11.1?KB 533?ms 492?ms

event.returnValue is deprecated. Please use the standard event.preventDefault() instead.

You might have to email us your login details. None of that seems out of the ordinary (except maybe that 404). It might just be a case of re-downloading your theme files and installing again.


Hi I think of buying this theme but it doesn’t have any social share icons, links to our social network sites (facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr, vimeo, youtube), doesn’t have any shop layout, doesn’t have any advertisement box, no options for side bar. no gallery :( can you add these things sometime? or is it possible to add them in the wordpress itself? please send reply. i really want this theme if you can make those options. thank you.


Hmm, a lot all those things you mentioned are available through 3rd party plugins. However we have no intention of adding (most of) those items as we design things to be simple, user friendly and most importantly, efficient. While some users might want advert boxes and and woo-commerce support, those things would go directly against the grain of what a ‘portfolio’ theme is.

1) There is a social icons plugin widget that we have that comes with the theme.

2) We chose not to add sidebars to posts as two persistent sidebars (the main sidebar and main footer) are always available and accessible.

3) When you say no gallery, do you mean a homepage template with a slider? We may add something like a home page template if enough people want it. Gallery post formats are supported though (stacked images and slider).

Basically at the end of the day, it’s the old less is more. We set out to create products we would want to use ourselves and while there is a LOT of money in creating themes that can ‘DO EVERYTHING’. We would rather create something different, simple and to the point :)

Best Regards Jesse


I want to edit the quote post format in the single post. The text-width is to small – if there are long quotes. How can I do this?

Regards, r.

The padding of the box is increased on screen width. This is directly taken form the style.css. Edit as needed in your custom CSS area.

/* mobile */
.single .quote-wrap,
.single .link-wrap {
    padding: 80px;
/* tablet */
@media screen and (min-width: 900px) {
    .single .quote-wrap,
    .single .link-wrap {
        padding: 100px;
/* pc */
@media screen and (min-width: 1200px) {
    .single .quote-wrap,
    .single .link-wrap {
        padding: 200px;

If you wanted you could perhaps just take and edit the pc part.

Regards Jesse

Thanks for your help,


No problem. Cheers, Jesse


Great template – thank you.

I am facing one challenge though, maybe you can help..

So, in my sidebar menu I have Menu > work > contact, which is great. However, below I have another menu with the title Filters and all. I’d like to remove this but can;t seem to locate.

Any help appreciated

The portfolio filters can be turned off in the theme customiser under “Page Portfolio” > “Include Filters In Sidebar”.

Best Regards Jesse

Hey there,

Thank you for this great theme.

2 questions for you :

- I’d like my filters to appear in my sidebar, even when I’m on my pages (other than portfolio), how can I do that?

- Is it WPML ready?

Thanks for your help,


1) If you want to directly link to filters you can create a custom menu widget and use that instead of the filtering we have implemented. You would need to get the direct links via “portfolio > filters” in the dashboard.

Otherwise, having the filters there on all pages would just be a waste of space as there is nothing to filter on the page.

2) Working on that right now.

Best Regards Jesse

Thanks a lot. Please let me know when everything’s ready to implement WPML.

Cheers, Julie.

Hey there!

Great theme overall and I like the customization options. What I don´t understand is the difference between adding images to a portfolio project via the standard WP contentfield VS the Gallery Format preset via “Upload Images” in Gallerysettings.

1. Question ..and once I uploaded Images via the Custom Gallerysettings, I have no idea how to see that represented in the backend or even better delete them. My portfolio-project looks totally empty in the backend, yet the images I uploaded once via the custom gallerysettings/format are still visible on the page…

2. Question How can I remove the featured image of a portfolio item being displayed at the end of a page when using standard-layoutformat (instead of galleryformat – which has a checkbox to remove the featured image)

Thank you!

Glad to see you got that sorted out, let me know if you need anything else :). Also, don’t forget to leave a rating when you’ve spent enough time with the theme.

Best Regards Jesse

I will and I´d like to request a big usability improvement related to Question 1.

A lot of people (like me) upload all their portfolio images in bulk via the wordpress mediasystem. All those images cannot be used for the current galleryformat system because it only takes into account images that were uploaded from the current portfolio page.

Thats especially cumbersome for people that just switch theme and already have all the media available in wordpress but can´t utilize it like expected. Best, Stefan

Keep in mind this is how a lot of theme authors still manage their image galleries in their themes. While some authors have created their own custom built gallery image set plugins (and we will to), it’s not something that will happen overnight or in the patch thats currently being finalised.

Cheers Jesse

There is encoding problem with titles for Portfolio Category and Portfolio filter pages. As you can see on the screenshot, neither cyrillic nor latin letters with accent or tilde (like spanish Ñ) are displayed properly.

Hi, we currently grab the term name like so “get_query_var( ‘term’ );”. This is grabbing the url friendly name of the term, so we’ll update that to a encode friendly solution.

Thanks for letting us know, Jesse

edit: never mind we, we got it. Cheers, Jesse

Great theme! Just purchase and putting to good use already. One quick question, how do I right align the title, sub-title and menu so that it looks like the Minimal setup? I’ve looked through all the documentation, and maybe I’m missing it, but can’t find it anywhere.


Hey and thanks for the purchase :)

We used a little snippet of custom CSS in the customiser on the minimal demo. Click Test Drive on the demo and copy / paste the text align css.

Best Regards Jesse

Pre-purchase questions:

Hello, I’d like to purchase this theme for a client and have a few questions before I can do so. I’ve read through the documentation and haven’t found the answers to these. Thanks:

1. Can I add a graphic logo? It seems the logo on the demo site is just text. Can I add a physical logo to it and if yes, is there a size restraint?

2. I see in the documentation that you have social icons/widgets yet you don’t have them showing on your demo site. Do you have an example that we can see for how the icons appear on the site? How many social icon/links can be added?

3. I don’t see copyright info on your demo site. Can that be added?

4. How do I access the Test Drive feature? It’s brilliant that you offer live sampling of your theme… Much appreciated.

Thank you for your time and assistance…

Images on posts will always be 100% of the container size. If you don’t want your featured images included in the post you can choose to exclude them via gallery format. Ps, where are you seeing the 600px by 600px in the demo? We have made sure that, that doesn’t happen.

Best Regards Jesse

Sorry, I don’t mean within posts. I mean within the portfolio. Here: – the documentation says featured images must be at least 600×600. For example: on the demo site, you have WORK set as the homepage. When you click one of the images it takes you to that Work’s page. On that page the image is full size. What I want to know is how can I reduce the size of that image? And we did purchase the theme. I had my client purchase it through their own account here. I can supply you with the purchase code if necessary.

Ahh, so basically you just want to limit the body width? You can do that in the body tab of the customizer… OR if you don’t want the post pages to be unlimited but you want the rest of the site to be?

In the fullscreen demo we use some custom css, you can see the custom css by going to Test Drive on that demo and hitting CSS. Depending on how you have set your site up you might need to do some trial and error. The part you are looking for is the top two rules… again these are specific to that demo though, you might need to tweek this.

.single section.content-wrap:not(.related-wrap),
.page-template-default section.content-wrap:not(.related-wrap),
.page-template-page-contact-php section.content-wrap:not(.related-wrap) {
    max-width: 900px !important;
    margin-left: auto !important;
    margin-right: auto !important;

.single section.content-wrap:not(.media-wrap),
.page-template-default section.content-wrap:not(.media-wrap),
.page-template-page-contact-php section.content-wrap:not(.media-wrap) {
    border-left: solid 40px transparent;
    border-right: solid 40px transparent;

Cheers Jesse

Hey Jesse,

I have posts (articles) from my previous page under “Posts” in my Dashboard, however I can’t seem to be able to get them to show up (or migrate) into Crush’s News section. How can I make that appear on your theme?

Thanks in advance

If they are blog posts, and they a published, they will appear on your blog. We don’t use any customised type of function to list posts, the index.php will always list any published posts.. and they definitely aren’t a custom post type?

If you want me to take a look, email the user / pass / url through via the form on our profile page. (Im keen to take a look, cause this worries me haha)



Great theme! is there a way to disable the mobile version?

Hi, you would need to look at giving the body and html tag a min-width with custom CSS. It’s not a full proof way and there might be bugs as the theme is “meant” to remain responsive.

body, html { min-width: 900px; }

You would place that in the CSS area of your theme customiser. Keep in mind there is javascript that fires based on screen width, so as I said this isn’t full proof by any means and you may need to get a developer.

Best Regards Jesse

Hi Jesse,

One thing a few people have said to me re Crush and the demo so far is that it misses the like/heart system, is there anyway in the next update this could be included please…

Hope all is well Rich

Awesome sounds great, so no small chance likes could be added to this release? :-)

I don’t want to lock in and say yes, the weekend has just started after all :) If I find the time then yes.

Ok bud sounds great – thanks, and have a great weekend :-)

Hey there, I love the theme but I’m having trouble with the logo size where it breaks out and ends up double the width of the screen on mobile (multiple nexus phones), is there something I’ve done wrong?

The URL is


Thanks for letting me know about this issue. While I currently don’t have access to a nexus phone I’ll see what I can do. Any information on if this does or doesn’t happen on other devices will be a big help.

Cheers Jesse

Fixed a bug with inherited left padding that caused things to go more than full width on mobile by putting this at the top of my css..

/* mobile */ @media screen and (max-width: 900px) { #body-wrap { margin: auto; padding-left:0px !important; }

Glad that you sorted it. We would implement something like that, however because the theme is so customisable forcing anything on people would just break things.