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Crux contains outdated copies of some the WooCommerce template files. content-product.php, content-product_cat.php and searchform.php. Are there a update of Crux soon coming up?


Current version of Crux is 1.6.1. And sorry about the changelog, we’ll make sure to update it.



stesod Purchased

cool and Crux is an awesome theme for our store, Thanks!

Great site and products. I’m into DIY Pedals/Synths as well, I’ll take a deeper look. Thanks!


1. how much longer for a new updates to outdated copies of some the WooCommerce template files please?

2.and is it possible to customize the header section so that the logo and cart are on the same level as the primary menu?

thank you

Hi there.

Sorry for the delay, the update will be released in the following days, we are working on it.

You cannot customize the menu by default, you will need to ask the help of a web developer to make such a customization for you. For any other questions please use our support desk since we do not offer support via this comment area.

Hi everyone, just to let you now that an update to Crux has been approved and it provides WooCommerce compatibility for the latest version.

Everyone is advised to update!


I do not see a update inside wordpress for the template. How can I update? I have used cdild template, there my css.

question 2: My product images inside Iphone are white, everyweher, but at desktop not. Also not small desktop browser at size iphone.


whait one, Images are normal again, just deleted a plugin, some custumize woocommerce plugin.

So one left, how to update?

Hi there, and thanks for the purchase.

For any theme-support questions kindly don’t use this comment section, but instead open a ticket at our support desk at

This way we can better keep track of the tickets and assist more effectively. To update the theme though, you can take a look at this article:

Many thanks!

Hi, so far I’m loving the theme, were using it at I really nice enhnacement perhaps for a future version would be to extend the category background (Thumbnail) to be used with Tags also. Eitherway, it’s a nice and simple to use theme and I like it. Thanks!

Thanks for the input, and we are glad to hear you enjoying Crux!

All the best!

I am trying to import the demo page or pages to my site, so that I have the same type of layout to work with. The Wordpress importer wants an .xml file and the only one I can find in the Crux folder is wpml-config.xml but that one is not importing. Is there another file I should be importing instead or another way to import the demo page?

Hi, yes. The xml demo files for our themes can be found at our online documentation here: If you need help setting up please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will gladly guide you through.

Many thanks!

Hi. For our site we are trying to add in our own products and delete the demo products on the site. I added a new product, but now it will not show up on the front end of the site, but shows being published on the backend. Also we cannot get the demo items to delete from the front end. What might be the problem causing this and how do I fix it? Thanks!

Hi there! Sounds like a caching issue, you might need to hard refresh, or disable and re-enable any caching plugin you might use. However, support is provided at our support desk at so please open a ticket there and provide admin login details, and we will certainly have a look.


We are having trouble inputting a shipping method onto our site. We are not sure where to go to add that in. It keeps giving us an error about the shipping method. What do we do to fix that?

Hi there, this is more a WooCommerce question rather than the theme version, and I can point you directly to the related part of the WooCommerce documentation:

For any further support please open a ticket at our support desk at



stesod Purchased

Responsive menu don´t work anymore. Don´t feel for paying $41.30 before I´m sure that it´s not WP update related. Now have to use 3rd par. plugin nav for the site. And, I can´t get rid of “This theme recommends the following plugin: LayerSlider WP.” message that keep coming up. “Dismiss this notice” don´t work!

Hello there,

Sorry about the inconvenience caused to you.

As for the issue, we are unable to spot any issue with the responsive navigation and its working as intended. However, if you’re having issues, it might be specific to your site.

Looking at both of your problems, there are possibly some JS errors on your plugin which might be preventing both the actions.

Please open a ticket through our site and we’ll have a look at it at latest.


Hello, I am attempting to customize the redirect for the “continue shopping” button but the normal woocommerce function nomenclature is not working. Is there something within the theme that changes the “woocommerce_continue_shopping_redirect” tag?


No, there is no function that relates to the specified filter. I’d suggest confirming for the same with WooCommerce. All the best!

How hard would it be to add a search bar on the slider and have it auto suggest ?

hi there, this is not built in but if you ask the help of a WordPress developer for such a customization, it should be do-able.



Vinyl21 Purchased

Hi- How do I add the Login and Cart to the top banner (not the subheader menu) like you have on your demo site?


Vinyl21 Purchased

Please ignore my previous comment—I had disabled the store using custom CSS. However, I have a multilingual site and the languages appear next to the Cart/ Login. How do I stop this from happening? I only want the language switcher to appear in the sub-header menu. Thanks.

Hi there please open a ticket at our support desk at and definitely provide a link to your site.

We will gladly assist you there!

Many thanks! John

why the heck is the slider loading so slow, most of the times it doesn’t load. What is the problem here????

Well, hi.

The slider works fine for the rest of Crux customers, so unless you submit a ticket to our support desk at with your site’s url and admin login details I am afraid we cannot do much to help with such generic info.

Many things might be going wrong. From using very high sized images for your slides, using an old version of theme or plugin, conflicts with another plugins etc.

Can’t tell unless we take a look.


Hello, I have 1 little quick question. How do i change the woocomerce choose an option color drop down text colour drop down text. I changed the background to black, and the choose a size text once selected is black and the text below, so it’s not visible. I need to change this to white. How do I do this?

Thank you very much. Nice theme

Hi again,

We can’t really offer support without an active support package.

But for this once, I could help you out but I need to provide further details about the issue as your original question is a little confusing. I could provide you with a hint on how to get this sorted if you can detail it a bit and send us a direct message through our profile.


Wow, that was a very quick and thank you for your generosity. I have sent the details. Thank you

Wow once again, you have emailed me the answer. This saved me so much time and money. I highly recommend this theme to anyone. Great support and great looking/functioning theme.

It seems that the Reviews tab isn’t supported by the theme? The link is there for it but there is no tab. Can I get some help getting that to show up, please?

Update: may have fixed my own problem. Had a plugin/theme conflict, potentially.


Glad to know that you got it fixed. If you have any such questions or issues related to theme, feel free to create a ticket on