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Hi, all necessary settings in Wordpress – Discussion are ON, in Woocommerce – Settings – Products – Product ratings – enabled and still not possible to write a review. Reviews are gone. Any idea why? Thanks.

Hi there. Hard to tell without taking a look. Check if you run on latest versions of all WooCommerce, WordPress and Crux. If your theme support subscription is still valid feel free to open a ticket at and we will be glad to help by looking into your site.




Firstly, congratulations on designing such a beautiful looking theme, great job!

I have a couple of pre-sales question:

- When the mobile menu is used (for narrower screen resolutions & mobile devices), the menu text looks very blurred, is this a bug? If so, when is it likely to be fixed?

- When reducing the screen widths on product pages, the ‘Product Description, Additional Details, Customer Reviews’ tabs don’t display neatly, some CSS adjustment is needed, can this be put on the TO-DO list for the next update? And how long does it normally take for changes/bugs to be rectified?

Many thanks, Paul

Paul, just a quick update that the update has already been pushed. Thanks for pointing this out.


Hey John, that’s great thanks, seems to have fixed the issues.

I’ve just picked up a few more issues on your Skilt theme, I’ve left a comment on the theme page. Perhaps if you had chance would you mind having a look?

thanks, Paul

Thanks, I did.

Hi! Meta Box v.4.1.1 plugin causing the error: Class ‘RWMB_Helper’ not found in /wp-content/themes/cruxstore/framework/helpers.php on line 34

Where is it used? Is it possible not to use it?

Hi there, support for our themes is provided at our support desk at

Feel free to open a ticket and we will gladly help.




I really like this. Neat and simple. The only question is does it come with a “boxed” page layout?

I really hate full-width stuff – and so do my clients!



Hi. Thanks for the info. I have seen Atik – which I really like. The world needs more simple Woocommerce themes like this. Saying that, however, it seems a bit light on features – especially for the asking price.


Glad to hear you appreciation on simplicity. The truth is, Atik has more features that Crux. Perhaps we need to communicate that more at the theme product page.


You could be right. It looks nice but somehow the price doesn’t fit the package.

Got the latest update yesterday, thx! But what about content-single-product.php? It seems to be obsolete, 2.5 is now 3.0. And if I use this fix, theme´s breaking the layout.

WooCommerce are pushing daily updates with fixes on the new version, and we are pushing revisions according to these updates as well. This notice is not of vital importance with this page template, but I know it is uncomfortable to see it :)

We already pushed another update, please try again, the notice should be off now.


Hello there,

We just pushed another update to ensure WooCommerce templates are up to date. There has been frequent updates to WooCommerce recently, we’ll do our best to keep our themes up to date.

If you’re still having any issues after updating your theme to latest version, please get in touch with us via our support.

that don’t seem right. I believe there is a issue with woocommerce 3.0 with the featured items not showing. can you explain

Sorry for the late reply.

You need to simply go to your downloads page here at themeforest and download the files again. You may also want to try to update (much more easily) using the Envato market plugin:

If you feel like you need help with this, please open a ticket at and let me know your site’s address. I’ll look into it.

Thanks John

i have reinstalled wordress,woocommerce and update your theme. same issue with the featured item widgets. all other widgets work. its something with the section widget that does not work. I don’t it its right for me to have to pay another 40 to have this looked into to.

I understand, but since the featured section at our demo works, I have to assume that there is an issue at your end, and I’m afraid we cannot help without taking a look into your installation.

Feel free to open a ticket at our support desk anyway, you will be able to regardless of your expired support. Someone from our team will take a look into it. Definitely include admin login details and url though.

Thanks! John

“extra product options”

Hi, not sure what the question is, but you might want to take a look at the WooCommerce help file for more info on additional product options

For any theme related help, feel free to use our support desk at


Hello – Where is the XML demo file? I went to your main site and the themes do not show? #help

It’s Codestag, not Codestage.

May I have a link please? Support is provided to all verified customers via Please open a ticket and I will let you know how to change this text.

Thank you

It’s your own demo :)

This is the copyright note in the footer. It is editable.

Thanks! John


yl88 Purchased

the homepage of the theme has an unnecessary < / a > tag, your demo also has this problem. please fix!

Hi there,

Just to let you know, we are already looking into this and a fix will be pushed in an update soon. Thanks.

Hello, support page on the Codestag website seems not to be working? I can’t see a form on Chrome or Firefox. I need help with removing customer ratings and reviews. I have turned off every option I can see but they still seem to persist on products. Any ideas?

Please go here: and click the register tab. You should be able to continue from there.

Customer ratings and reviews are mostly part of the WooCommerce plugin, so I would surely direct you to the official woo docs:

For any debugging, we are happy to help at our support desk.

Many thanks! john

Hi. I really like the Crux theme for my website and want to buy it, but I don’t see Edge in the supported browser list. Is Edge a supported browser?

Hi there,

Great to hear that you liked one of our themes. To answer your question: Yes, it is supported. As you can see in supported browsers list, it supports IE9+ as well as Edge.

Hope it helps. Thanks.


Rosx Purchased

Hi, I was wondering how to get rid of the titles on top of each page? it doesnt seems to have an option to get rid of them…Please let me know, Thanks!

Hi there. You can use some simple css for this, by targeting the title classes. Happy to help at our support desk at



Eccola Purchased

Hello, the best theme thank you! Is Crux WooCommerce 3.3.1 ready and compatible? I’d like to be absolutely sure before I update.


Eccola Purchased

Ok thanks, take your time.


Eccola Purchased

Updated smoothly without errors. Happy :)

Glad to hear it all worked out well for you. Let us know if you have any further questions. Have a nice day :)


First, congratulations for your very nice theme. I would really like to buy it. Still I have some questions before to be sure we can use it: - Is it possible to try the theme to verify the compatibility of it with our system, servers and online shop? Something like: we buy it and if it’s not compatible we can ask a refund? - Is the free subscription plan of wordpress enough to use your template once we’ve bought it? - about the options of the selled items: can we configurate a lot of them? How many? Do we need plugins for this? Thank you for your quick reply P.S.: I send you already an email with this questions but didn’t get any answer… Did you receive it?

My client site was significantly behind on updates to the theme. We have updated from version 1.5.1 to 1.9.2 and the theme option panel is no longer showing in the sidebar of the dashboard. The theme details indicate that this option panel is still apart of the theme. Please provide some direction on how to get this to once again display


Please head to Appearance > Customize and you can find the settings there. If you’re still having issues, please create a ticket over at our support site.


So the Theme Option Panel that still shows on the the Item Detail Tab for the theme is no longer applicable. All theme settings are controlled via the Customizer?

Yes, we’ll edit that soon. Meanwhile, none of your settings are gone, all are still there, just moved to Customizer.

Hi there. I have a license for this theme but changed the domain for the website. Now it says invalid license. How can this be sorted? Many thanks, Thomas

Hello Thomas,

We don’t have any license validation code in theme. Where exactly are you seeing this error?

Hi there. With the latest theme update there now is a tab ‘Theme license’ on the dashboard.


We’re aware and its done intentionally for a future purpose :) Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

What is the status of theme update for Woocommerce 3.4? Is Version: 1.9.3 compatible with Woo 3.4.1

Hi there,

It should be available during this weekend. Thanks.