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How do you update the theme? I don’t see any update instructions in the latest update. Do we just overwrite all the theme files via FTP?

Your knowledgebase says “All themes comes with a changelog.txt file under main theme files which includes data of what files are added/changed. These changelogs are also available here.”

This changelog does not show which files were updated.

Hi there

Overwriting the files via FTP is the best way, provided that you have not customized the theme’s core files. All your products and settings will be kept after you update.

Thanks for the heads up, we will add the changed files at the changelog. :)

Can someone tell me how to add a new product category to the Primary Menu? I’ve opened a ticket with support but they are very slow to respond. Thanks all!

Hi there.

Please note that it is saturday night, and our support desk is not operational.

However, at your admin side, please follow these steps:

1. Go to Appearance > Menus In the upper right corner, click on Screen Options and ensure the “Products” and “Product Categories” boxes are checked

2. Click the tab for the menu you wish to add the items to on the top right side of the page

3. As long as #2 is correct, then you will see boxes for Products and Product Categories on the bottom left of this page

4. Select the checkboxes beside the products or categories that you wish to add to the menu, then press the Add to Menu button

5. Drag and drop the newly added items into the menu positioning of your choice

6. Press the blue Save Menu button

Hope this helps :)

Thanks very much! All good!

Good to hear :)

I’m interested in buying this theme, but I’m curious if the width is fixed (and if so, what it’s fixed to) or if it is a dynamic width? I want to make sure it’s not too narrow for what I’m looking for or that it can be changed via CSS without causing too much headache.

Hi there. the max width is 1120px, and the layout is based on a 12 column responsive grid. But if you want to adjust the width significantly, that you should tweak a couple of things here and there ;)


Sense purchasing and installing this theme my address drop-downs (country and state) no longer work in the check out page. I checked all active plugins and still not working. I changed themes and they work back to Crux and now they don’t work again. How can this be fixed. Unable to check out customers as the address scree is locked due to not being able to add the country and state prior to checkout. – Please help

Hi there, please note that it is weekend, and support is not provided as it does during the weekdays. Someone of our support team will help you asap :)


Updated to the new version that was just released – The “COUNTRY” and “STATE” drop down fields are still not working. I checked the blog and it looks like other folks are having the same problem.

Hello again,

As far as I can see no other customers seem to have the same issue… And it works for us so it should not be really a bug. Please be patient while someone of our team assists you to solve this.


Hi There,

I would like to buy this theme (looks amazing!) but I wanted to make sure it fit my project. I have a client who wants to build a site with their sports product (1 product plus accessories/addons). They do not want to sell it on their site (maybe in future) but I want it to just catalog their products.

Can I remove the add to cart button on each product and just display each product without a price? The client wants CMS but the CMS I use doesn’t allow me to add products, only manually coded which I why I thought to use an e-commerce system without the payment or add to cart just yet.

Thankyou very much!

Hi there

If you wish you can hide elements with simple css, such as the add to cart button, price section, cart etc. It’s not difficult, but assumes that you know your way around html/css.

To be 100% sure about the CMS, I would suggest that you take a look at the WooCommerce documentation at

Let us know if you have any other questions


Wow you almost responded before I finished sending lol! Thankyou for the speed of response. I am a web developer so I am pretty proficient with HTML/CSS, I was just wondering if there was a specific theme option for enabling/disabling the cart or if a functionality like that was built in to the system. I suppose hiding the button would be OK.

I use cmspro! from here on themeforest, but the page content is simply determined by the HTML post content which I write in notepad++ and then paste in the post area of each page. There is an option for a digishop so I have been looking at that.

Thanks again

I see… But unfortunately this option is not provided by WooCommerce, and you will not find it in the theme options.

The only way to go is through HTML/CSS customization :)

Cheers! John

Hi, I’m looking for a simple way to install the model. I wish to obtain the same result as the example site Thanks

It’s under the download button at your downloads page :

thank’s again ;)

My pleasure :)

For anyone reading the comments – the guys at Codestag were pretty quick to respond when I submitted a support ticket – even though it was the weekend. Ram was polite and helpful.

I can’t give the theme 5 stars (which would imply perfection right?) but it’s a solid 4 and you can’t say fairer than that.


Rating 5 stars a Codestag theme results in Good Karma. Rate wisely :P

Just kidding, thanks for rating!

When I was going through the demo and clicked on an item, I didn’t see a spot where a user could select their specific size of the item. Does the theme have the capability to do that or would I need to download a separate plug-in for that?


Yes, it can be done without a plugin since it’s core feature of WooCommerce.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

Great theme!

Can you please let me know how to make the footer look the same as in your demo? I can’t figure it out.

I put in a support ticket for this but have not heard back.


Hi there.

Please wait until your ticket is answered, we normally try to reply within 24 hours . However, you just need to add the widgets at the footer widget. Here is what widgets we have used at the demo:

Hope this helps :)

I’ve just installed the theme on a fresh new WP instance. Imported dummy content, allocated menus, set up a home page via widget.

Please see how CSS is messed up and does not look like in demo at all:

Please help ASAP!

Hi there. Not sure what the issue is but please open a ticket at our support desk at and one of us will have a look. Be sure to provide admin login credentials at the ticket in order to speed up the process.


Hi there,

I’ve setup my homepage exactly like it says in the documentation. The widgets are all working except one: “Section: Category Boxes.” As soon as I add in category boxes, my homepage loses the Featured products, latest arrivals, and static content widget. They just disappear. When I take out the category boxes widget, they all come back.

Any idea what might be going on here? This is probably my 10th wordpress site so I am usually decent at troubleshooting, but this one has got me stumped.

Thanks, Max

Hey Max. This is weird. Please go to our support desk and open a ticket, we will look into it asap.

What font was used in this image?

It’s Bebas Neue, free to grab from here:

Thanks for updating the image element to a light box option!

However, it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I made sure the Selected “yes” to enable the lightbox feature, as well as remembered that you need to insert the URL of this image in “Image Link”. But still… my images just opens up on another page.

Please advise.

Please jump on our support desk at and we will look into it.


hello. How can i make resize font in primary menu? thanks

Support for all our themes is conducted a our support desk at , so please open a ticket there.


My checkout page is now saying my SSL is insecure with this new theme. How do I fix that? The page is:

LayerSlider is outdated and not working. Can you guys provide the updated version?


All of your questions are responded on our support forum. However, half of your questions leads of how tos and customisations, not issues.

LayerSlider is just two minor version behind, and working perfectly. It will be updated whenever there is some major update to it. If you’re having any issues with the slider, please post it in the ticket.

Let’s continue the rest of the conversation on our support forum. Thanks.

Sorry about posting so many times but the SSL issue is the biggest one and still hasn’t been addressed.

I’ll post everything else in the support forum.

Hi Codestag!

This is a theme that I will like to use for my client’s new website.

Would you be able to show me the PSD for this theme? Just the homepage if possible so I could do a mock-up for the client.

I am currently transferring my USD funds into paypal so waiting until that is finished to purchase this theme. Would you be able to send me just the homepage psd so that I could start the design without losing the time that paypal takes to transfer my money?

I appreciate it alot alot! Looking forward to using your theme!

Hi Suzanka. Please get in touch though email at shop[at]

Hi, I can’t put any more tickets in your support page. I have urgent problem but ticket never saves, just keep loading and says “page is not available”. So this is the problem now:


all the sudden settings are not staying?! Somehow we lost company logo, favicon and footers copyright texts. I set them again and again and they just disappear!! From settings also, fields goes empty. Please any idea?


Support forum works fine now, you might be having some temporary issues. Considering your problem, there might be some error on your site which is preventing the theme settings to save, we’ll need to have a look on your site.

Please create a ticket on our support forum. Thanks.

Hello! Are you available for lite customization?

Hi there, I am afraid not. But you can find someone at to do any customizations :)


Where is the short code for creating columns on pages?

Thank you.


There is a shortcode builder button along with other toolbar buttons on post editor, you can find all the shortcodes there.

If you have any additional questions, please create a ticket on our support forum. Thanks.

Thank you.

Is there any way I can add an item for sale to “members only”, restrict items to “one per customer” etc.

I have seen this possibility with plug-ins but I’m not sure if they will work with this theme. Any advice most welcome.


There is such built in feature in Crux. Such type of plugin would definitely work since they don’t require any modifications by theme, it all happens behind admin.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

Many thanks for the swift reply. Much appreciated.