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Does your update work with the newest wocommerce version 2.1.2? I

Hi there. Yes it does. However if by any chance you spot any bugs feel free to report them at our support desk and we will take care of them asap.

Hello. I’m having an issue with categories. I was able to load the theme, import the dummy data, delete categories, products and then add products and pages. But when I add a new category in woocommerce, they are not showing. I cannot add them to my menu’s. I tried searching, they are not available.

I added a page, thought maybe nothing would be added, but I see the page and can add it to the menu.

Any advice on how to trouble shoot this? All the dummy categories showed up just fine, I have deleted them all and not I have no categories to choose to be added.

Nevermind, I’m new to woocommerce and finally figured is out. Sorry to have wasted your time.

Hi there, no worries, you did not waste it :)

If you need any help though, feel free to use our support desk at



We are happy to share with you that Crux is the winner of the Best New WooCommerce Theme contest that was recently held by Envato. We are really happy with this achievement. You can read the full story at the Envato Notes blog:

Thanks again! :):):)

Having so much fun with this theme! I have a question about the Cart: We have clothing items with different size options, but if someone chooses both a small and medium, when they view their cart, they cannot see what sizes they picked. How do we make that show?

Thanks! -Sierra


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forum | Where to find your “Item Purchase Code”

Is it possible for the product gallery images to replace the main image when clicked rathe than open in a lightbox?

Similar to this?

Unfortunately, It’s not possible as per the current theme functionality.

OK – I just turned off the ‘Enable Lightbox’ from the WooCommerce menu and it works the way I requested – few changes to be made to link to full image rather than thumbnail – works quite nice. Especially on touch screen devices.

This is an amazing theme and we are very happy with it – just submitted a support ticket however, seems to be an issue with the latest woocommerce udpate 2.1.2. Getting reports from customers that after they add a product to the shopping cart that the “checkout” button takes them to a 404 page. Please help as this is very time sensitive.

Hi, Glad to know that you’re liking your theme, your tickets has been answered. Let’s continue the conversation there. Thanks.

Hi there,

Please let me know if there is any demo content for this theme?

Thanks L

Hello. Great theme.

Upon activating this theme… I’m getting this fatal error message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1 in /home/theartgi/public_html/wp-content/plugins/stagtools/widgets/twitteroauth.php on line 126

I tried deleting that widget… but then it didn’t allow me to install the layer slider.

Please advise. Thanks for your time.

Hi there

no worries, please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will gladly help.

Also please include admin login credentials to your ticket.



Hi, I am wondering if your theme works with the plugin: Woo Booking. If so, Ill purchase it right away!

Thank you


We haven’t checked the compatibility with it, but it should work just fine. However, there might be some styling tweaks you’ll need to do to make it fully compatible.


Is this combatible with Woocommerce 2.1.3?

Yes, it is. But if you’re upgrading from old version 2.0.x, make sure to read these guidelines –


Ok.. I know there must be a simple answer… but how do we configure the “get in touch” page / contact form? I understand how to assign the contact template to a page… but how do you configure the form???

Thanks again. Chuck

Configure meaning: How do we assign where emails are sent?

There is an option for it under Crux > General Settings > Contact form email address.

If you have any more questions, please create a ticket at our support forum.

Thanks :)

Thank you.. I didn’t see that.


Is there the possibility to create a “Team” page with your Stag Tools plugin? And if so do you have any examples of what that may look like?

Thanks, the theme looks really good and would love to use it!

Unfortunately no. Crux doesn’t offers compatibility for that.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

Hey guys, Seems like with the latest version of all the plugins, theme and WordPress installed the ‘LayerSlider WP’ plugin is causing conflicts with various UI elements like the file uploaded and date picker within the CMS. E.g adding an image to a page or changing a date on a woocommerce product.

I tried to post on your support forum but I’m getting bad gateway errors.

Please advise.

Great, thank you. Everything works as soon as I disable the Slider plug-in. I also tried disabling everything else and activated only the slider and the problem came back.

Please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will gladly help.

Also please include admin login credentials to your ticket.


Great. Ticket is from user ‘davecalleja’ I’ve added admin details.

a little tip: In the LayerSlider WP settings set the container to 1200px instead of 1170px and then move the content in the slides 15px away from the edge. It will look better on small width browsers since the content won’t be hugging the edge anymore :)

I really like the layout.

Looks great for maybe a Gym fitness website.


Would not have a need for the shopping cart (ecommerce) function.

Can this be used as just a regular site with the use of “Pages” with sidebars, image galleries, toggle menus, video embed ?

In other words, is this theme “multi-purpose” ?

So it already comes with the ability to create “pages” with sidebars, image galleries, toggle menus, video embed ?

Or is that a custom request?


Thanks in advance

- turner2f

Yes, it does. This is standard WordPress functionality.


Very interested in buying your theme. Very clean and beautiful layout. Congrats!

Just one doubt: Is it possible to add a youtube video on the product details? I am planning to use the theme as a acessories store.


Yes, this is possible :)


Is there a unique way to add a background image to the WooCommerce shop page? It doesn’t seem to work for me but works fine on all other pages.



No, there is no option to add background image for shop page since it’s not an actual page.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

Hi I am planning to purchase the Crux theme. It looks pretty awsome :-) But I have a little question, before I purchase.

On mobile, the cart is shown in the menu, instead of in the top-space. It can make it hard to find. Are there any chance that it can be moved, fx. next to the logo in the top-space?



Glad to know that you like Crux. But unfortunately it can’t be done without some customisation, you’ll need to hire a developer in order to get this done.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

problem with hover:

fixed with css: .product-buttons .product-buttons-inner { position: absolute; top: 0 !important; bottom: 0 !important; padding-top: 50%; margin-top: -40px !important; overflow:hidden; }

Thanks for the input, however we cannot replicate it at our demo. In any case, you have any suggestions you can always post them at and if they are valid we will consider adding them at a next update.


I think it fairly easy to replicate the action seen above.

The problem exists on both Mac and Windows. IE 11 is not so bad … Chrome (Mac & Win) is worse (seen in the anim gif above) and Firefox is really bad (Mac & Win).

Okay. We can see it happening in Firefox, it can be fixed with .products .thumbnail-container { overflow: hidden; } as well. We’ll shortly update the theme with the fix. Thanks.