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Hi Is the theme compatible with buddypress? I need to have a theme compatible with it Thanks

Unfortunately no. It offers compatibility with WooCommerce, Gravity Forms and WPML only.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

Hey there,

What social icon capabilites does it have? I need my FB, Instagram etc easily noticible on every page…


Looks good, and these can go into widgets or at the top of the HP etc?

Hi there

You can have them in a static content section that can be visible at the bottom of every page (like here: , or you can have them at a widget and put it in any order you wish at the widgetized homepage. The options are endless actually.

Here is the online documentation in case you want to have a look:

Let us know if you need any further clarifications

unfortunately we cant activate the section: category boxes into the home pages , your documentation says two different ways as guideline

Hi there

Not sure what you actually mean but in any case please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will assist.


How do I mark a product as “featured” to show up in the Featured Products widget?

Hi there

Have a look here:

For any other questions, please use our support desk at

How hard would it be to turn this theme into something like

Basically need to make it so you can’t browse the products until you register and login.

Putting a time limit on product availability I think is also needed for the “flash sale” aspect. Add products to a “group” or specific sale that ends at a certain time.

Hi there, all these exceed the current functionality of the WooCommerce plugin itself, so if you need these features you will need to heavily customize the theme. Certainly a job for an experienced web developer.


hi guys, How do I mark a product as ”featured” to show up in the Featured Products widget?

Hi there!

On your products list, just click the star on the right (highlighted in this picture):

If you have any further questions, kindly post them at


Great theme and hoping to purchase.

Would this theme work for digital downloads, or is it built to handle physical products only?

Thanks in advance!


Yes, WooCommerce allows digital downloadable products.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

Hi ! I would like to know how to disable the direct ‘Add to cart’ option in the product hoover. I would like the clients to view each product seperatly and choose add on options before adding to cart directly.

In that case, you can try asking the plugin author for if it adds any class on the products so it could be hidden using CSS or any other way.

Listen this has nothing to do with the plugin I have added. See this screen shot of your own demo I want to remove the ‘ADD TO CART’ and just keep the ‘DETAILS’

Sure, jump on our support desk at and open a ticket. We will guide you through.



I recent purchased this theme. Great theme :-)

I wonder how I change the language into danish. Do the theme only read the language files, what comes with the theme or is it hard coded in the theme files?

Thank you


All strings/texts under theme are ready for translation and could be translated into any language by following the guidelines here –

“Compatible with WooCommerce”... To use this theme with a PayPal Pro Merchant Account… what would we need, or need to purchase from WooCommerce, etc.?



Having just the PayPal account would do the job. You might want to install WooCommerce first to see how it works and get acquainted to it’s settings.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

I’m trying to figure total cost of using the theme and I’m a bit confused between Woo, the plugins, and PayPal accounts.

We would be using PayPal Payments Pro or I guess, Website Payments Pro outside the US.

Seems to me, we would probably need this plugin as well ($79) not the free version. Can you confirm this?

Thanks, John

Hi there

Indeed, seems that this plugin allows to process credit cards at your own site. However using paypal payments standard is free. In order to be 100% sure, perhaps you should ask the WooCommerce developers.

You can get in touch with them through the site above.


Hi there,

Just purchased the theme and would like to remove the black bar at the top. How do I do that?

Hi there

please open a ticket at and we will guide you through.


Hi There,

Please can you point me in the direction of the shortcodes – I cannot see it anywhere in the documentation.

Many thanks!

Hi there

please open a ticket at and we will guide you through.



I’m having an issue with Windows OS Safari 5.1.7. I’m noticing that when you hover on a product image, the “Add To Cart” and “Details” buttons + Overlay are not showing. Other browsers are good (like OSX Safari 7).

Just wondering if you had a quick fix. Thanks.

Hi there

please open a ticket at and we will sort it out.


Hi there,

I don’t know how to add the category under slidershow as this image :

Please help me, thank you!


Hey Tam,

I don’t see ‘Purchased’ badge by your username, did you purchase the theme from another account?

Either way, please post your queries on our support forum and we would be glad to assist you. Thanks.

Hi, I have purchased your theme, all seems to be working ok with the exception of the theme options – the options panel is not displayed? Under the Crew menu item all I get is a link for Backup Settings? Any ideas? I have installed the theme 2 times using FTP and still no success?

Thanks Ross.

Hi Ross

No worries, please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will sort it out.


I updated today to Crux 1.3.5 and the LayerSlider WP plugin is prompting for an update to version 5.1.1

the LayerSlider version that came packaged with Crux is version 5.0.0

When and how should I update the plugin. The CodeCanyon documentation refers to purchase codes which purchasers of the Crux theme are not provided.

Please advise. Thanks.


The LayerSlider under current theme is already up to date. You just need to replace the old with new ones which you can find under config-layerslider/ inside the theme.



Just some pre-sale questions:

1. Is it possible to display 3 items in a row instead of 4 as in the demo? Does this need some CSS adjustments or more than that?

2. Can I turn of the image in the background?

3. If I buy the theme, I would like to make the Home page the shop. And put a slider above it. Is that possible with the widget system?

4. Is it possible to give the opportunity to pay cash / later at checkout?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! Also bought Meth a month ago and I’m still very happy with it!


We’d be glad to answer your queries:

1. Yes, it’s possible with some CSS changes.

2. Images in background are optional, you have the freedom to use it or not.

3. As you can see the demo page is using the widgets to display the latest products, you can easily do it with that along with the slider on homepage.

4. That is something part of WooCommerce, there are many plugins available on Woothemes site to make payments work as you want.

5. Yes, WooCommerce has an option to change the images sizes.

Let us know if you have any further questions. All the best :)

One extra question following your answer on my third question:

The demo has the latest products and a slider showing. Is it possible to show all products below the slider instead of only the latest?

Many thanks in advance!

Yes, you can just enter the number of items to display under the latest products widget and it would as many as you want. Thanks.

Hi there,

Really looking forward to purchase this theme but I tried opening it in my tablet and the mobile menu looks blurred in bigger screen mobile devices..

Hi there, seems we cannot replicate the issue. Mind sending us a screenshot at support[at] We would love to take a look.


Hello. I was hoping I could get some help. I’m configuring my homepage. using the widget then a shortcode. There is a spacing under the navbar that I cannot seem to remove. I tried adding some custom css to the child theme style.css file but no luck so far.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Hi there

No worries, just open a ticket at our support desk at and we will look into your issue.


Quick FYI, your support site is down. First a 502 error and now it’s not loading at all.

Must have been a temporary server issue. Works for us now, please try again.


Hello, I congratulate you on the marvelous theme, good work.

A query, when I remove the focus of the image where the buttons go buy or see detail picture gets darker.

I need to eliminate this effect and when removing the focus of the image is left as it was.

Can you help me?

I leave a video for me to see what I mean.


Hi, thanks for the kind words. Please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will sort it out ;)


Posted @Codestag, I hope your help. thank you very much