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Hi Saurabh Sharma,

I wanted to update a site, but its hosting is now with PHP 7.X. When activating the theme i get the white screen of death. When i changed the php version back to 5.6 it worked. Do you plan an update to support PHP 7.0?

i checked all plugins / updated to the latest version of wordpress

Thank you.

Hello leone,

My apologies for this inconvenience. I have submitted an update for the php 7 fix. It will be approved within an hour.


Hello, hello,

I’m wondering how I would go about editing the slider so that it stretches across the full screen and stays responsive. As you can see from my website,, (and I believe most of your demo pages) the slider stops midway. I’d like to replace my images with ones that could expand the full length of the slider area.

I didn’t know if I was missing a simple fix, but I would really appreciate your help!



Hello Kate,

Thank you for purchasing the theme. The slider area is restricted to the main container width. This can be changed with some CSS. For that, log in to WordPress admin and navigate to Appearance > Editor. Then click on user.css and add these rules at the end of file:

.is-stretched .slider.wrap {
    width: 100%;
    max-width: 100%;

Save these changes. Then check the site by clearing all browser caches.


Please could you show me how to change the footer here:

Hello Sambuno,

Sorry I didn’t understood what you wish to change in footer. The image and the website both looks same in footer, except the “top” button.


Yes, how do I change the footer copyright from 2012 to 2017?


You can change that text inside WordPress admin’s Appearance > Cruz Options > Footer > Custom Footer Text (Left). Change the year and then save settings.


Hi, where can I find a list of the shortcodes? Thanks!

Hello ShortHills,

Shortcodes can be generated using Visual Shortcode buttons inside the editor. If the buttons do not appear, click on the “Toolbar Toggle” button. See

If you want to see complete list of shortcodes with their parameters, please check the cruz/includes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php file. For each shortcode, there is a function with parameter names in it.