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Nice theme and nice page curl effect :D

What do you used for it? Best luck with sales.

Kind regards, M.

Hello Massix,

The page curl is custom JS effect. It is a simple background transition.

Thanks for appreciation :)

Great theme! Good luck with sales.

Thanks bephuong. :)

Looks really nice, I see in the features you say there are related posts and author bio box but I don’t see them on the single post page, maybe they all don’t have them activated, can you give me a link to one that does?

Thanks, Jamie

Hello Jamie,

Yes we can activate them inside Theme Options. I have activated it now. The link is here.


Nice to be the first purchaser! Let’s work on it for our new Comapny site. :impatient:

Thanks contrive, for initiating the sales. Much appreciated. :)

looking great :)

Thanks mate. :)

Awesome another great theme!

Thank you mate :)

Thanks Chris. Glad to hear from you. :)

Love it, already bought the HULK theme for a client which they love. Will hopefully get to buy this soon.

Thanks mate :)

Told you I’d find a client to buy it for- PURCHASED !

Thanks again :) I am glad you chose my theme.

Amazing work as always Saurabh . best of luck . bookmarked

Thanks I.D. Would love to see another RTL version of cruz as on fenwn :)

Absolutely. That’s the plan for the next client .

+1 Good job ! :)

Thanks themeton :)


This looks like a great theme

One question: What color changing options does it include in the control panel?

Thanks Ken

Hello Ken,

There is only one color scheme as shown in the live preview. However, you do have a layout options as boxed/stretched. Additionally, the theme supports WP Custom background, from which you can control background color and images.

The contrasting scheme is followed inside the navigation bar and footer area i.e. the black color. With little CSS , you can easily change them to other color schemes.

In my previous releases, I did provide 10+ color schemes. But after some feedback and watching buyer’s sites I found that most of them were designing their own schemes. So I didn’t provided this time. :)


Nice & Clean !

Thanks mate :)

Minimalist, clean and at the same time very eye-catching layout! Good job! :)

Thanks Rebecca :)

Very nice looking theme, this could be my next project well done!!

really nice and simple with so many features.. good luck!

Thanks Mark. :)

does this theme support custom logos?

Hello Robert,

Yes the theme support custom logo, blog name and description. You can provide custom logo URL inside theme options panel and adjust logo margins.


I trying to view your demo, but your website keeps crashing or something:

The server at is taking too long to respond

It first started happening about 2 hours ago, and I’ve just tried again, was able to view 4 or 5 pages of the demo and then againa:

The connection has timed out The server at is taking too long to respond

Hello sharedearth,

I am on a shared hosting, and this problem occurs on shared hosts. I am facing this issue for all my themes. Due to some online payment(paypal) problems I am not able to switch on to an International (good) host. I am trying to launch a static version or use WordPress cache for a speedy live preview.

Because of a slower live preview, I have provided all possible site screen shots. Hope you understand that.



Would you be willing to add a “grey” button type as well? Similar to your button on the Hulk buttons? Also a hover style for images that is more minimal?

Hello studioland,

You can have a minimal hover style easily by disabling the paper curl effect inside a JS file. There is also an image frame short code that allows you to use a couple of image border styles. A hover effect can be added easily, and I can assist upon that.

For buttons, yes that can be added. :)



I’m really interested in this theme for my next project but i want to know a few things:

1. Is there an option to change the background in the Admin panel?

2. Would there be any problems adding a shopping cart plugin?

3. Items in the store i would like to list in square blocks with just a border much like the pricing grids, would this be possible?

Regards Mat

Hello Mat,

1. There is an option to change body background via WP Background feature. If you wish to test that feature, you can check it inside default twentyten theme of WordPress. The cruz theme allows same feature. Important: By body background I mean the gray outer background on a boxed layout.

If you use a stretched layout the outer body background is not supported. In that case, you can change the outer body background of primary section via CSS .

2. Shopping cart plugin: Since all JS code is carried via no_conflict mode, the theme should work with any external plugin. The only issue you may get is with the CSS styling of shopping cart output.

3. As mentioned above, you may need to style the shopping cart output via style.css file. If you need any help, I will assist you upon that.