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HI, great template. Im sorry if this is a silly question, but this is my first time buying a theme pack. the documentation page is very vague and some if it does not work. Whenever I try and test an page in a browser it does not work. only the wallet and transactions html files load. Im hoping you or someone can help. thanks again

PLS DISREGARD as im not sure how to delete this comment, I was able to find everything. TY for such great work

Hi! Thanks for purchase. Good luck! It’s ok

Hi,the demo shows support for several currencies, but does the wallet include “real” code to interact with let’s say Electrum servers, or all the code needs to be written? Also, since it is an ICO template, does it support any real ICO method like ERC20? Or does it, let’s say, create some hash from user registration and then simply montiors a local database for wallet balance?

Hi! There aren’t codes and support ny real ICO method. It’s HTML only. You need do it by yourself. Thanks!

Hi, when you will add exchange page?

Hi! We closed this part of template. Sorry!


krumbgf Purchased

Hi, can i use the theme on apache/php server ?

Hi! I think yes. Thanks!

Hello everyone, I would like to purchase the previous version of the wallet dashboard. Similar to what is demonstrated on this landing page. http://demo.artureanec.com/html/crypterium/index_7.html

Hi! Sent by email. Thanks!

I am trying to use this template in webstorm but I am just getting html, no design. And it is all pushed to the left in a single column. What am I missing?

Hi! Can you send me screenshots by email. Thanks!

I figured it out. I had my css stylesheets nested in another file so they were not connecting. Thanks for the fast response. I love the template!!

Thanks )