Discussion on Crystal - Coming Soon Template

Discussion on Crystal - Coming Soon Template

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CWDTeam Purchased

Hi Team -

We need help with our template as there are several issues/bugs. Please let us know how we can send you the list of issues we’re having so our landing page and function correctly and look great again.

PS – we just updated our support which is good till December 2023.

Thank you,



CWDTeam Purchased

Hi ASG – The Google ReCaptcha is not working. We’ve followed everything your documentation states we should but it is not working. Can you please help us as many people have contacted us through our Contact form but now they cannot.

Thank you.

Hello – we need help!

The mailchimp form is not working.

The map is not working.

We have followed your instructions but both still not working.

Please help immediately.

Thank you.

We have tried to fulfill all your wishes.

If there are more wishes, let us know!


We just want to say how impressed we are with ArtSoundGroup and their professional and timely customer service! We’ve used multiple WP templates, themes, plugins but we’ve never received such professional and prompt help like ASG has blessed us with! You can purchase with peace of mind knowing if you have ANY issues with any products of ASG they will be happy to resolve it and do it within 24hrs! Thank you ASG. You are awesome at what you do and we look forward to purchasing more of your products in the future. God bless you richly!

Thank you for such a great review! We are always ready to help!

P.S. We would be grateful if you leave the same comment in the “Reviews” section.




Great job, but I need help:

- Ken Burns Slider does not work when it’s online (tested on other browsers and Android) - colored bars of “Skills” not red Counter does not work (on the iPad with Safari) - Can not send an e-mail

and can you please help me to configure the google map.


My wish for updates: Buttons and pages for “Imprint” and “Privacy” (eg. in Germany it is necessary)

Thanks in advance and best regards! Michael

E-mail form and sending Email works now!

Ken Burns Slider works now! Color of the “Skill-Bars” (red) works only on Safari and Android


We are glad to hear that everything works for you. If you have any questions, please contact us via the feedback form. https://themeforest.net/user/artsoundgroup#contact We will gladly help you!


Hi, how do I get a better resolution? Now it’s set on Thumbnail.

I mean the instagram pictures are auto-set on 150×150 px(thumbnail). How can I get sharper (better resolution) of the feed on my website. (294X294 is the size on my website, so that means the thumbnail is stretched now. And it is blurry).

please open instapics.min.js file (assets/js/plugins)

Find function:


And replace for this:



Thank you!! it works , and thanks for your fast response.

Hi Team of ArtSoundGroup, I purchased the Crystal coming soon theme and the count down works very good in chrome and FireFox – but not in IE (11 and Edge) – any ideas? Thanks

Forgot: Doesn’t work in Safari neigher – any ideas?


Thank you for choosing our template.

Try setting the date format “feb 25, 2018 00:00:00”


Worked! Thanks for the fast response

Hi, just purchased the Crystal coming soon theme and could not install/upload it due to it “missing the style.css stylesheet.”

purchase code – 90572a2f-031a-49e3-824e-eb4c3528cf8e

Thanks, Val


Thank you for noticing our template!

Do not forget that this is a HTML template

To install the template, follow these steps: 1.Unzip the downloaded archive on your computer 2.Choose the desired variant 3.Rename it index-**.html to index.html 4.Start your FTP client (I recommend FileZilla, which is free) and login to your server. 5.Locate, on your server, the domain folder you wish to upload your template files to. You are going to click and drag file index.html and folders (assets and bat). 6.Once the files are done uploading, you can access your website via browser.

If you have any difficulties with copying files to your hosting, please email us at info@artsoundgroup.com


Hi, is there a reason the countdown doesnt work on iphones?

Hello! Thank you! We will fix this problem in the near future, and we will release a new update

It shouldnt be sold if it doesnt fully work.

Its fine Ive fixed it myself!


Can we use videos from any website(i.e. https://www.videvo.net/) other than youtube to use as video background? Also can we upload or use local videos too?

Thank You Regards

answer above


Can we use videos from any website(i.e. https://www.videvo.net/) other than youtube to use as video background? Also can we upload or use local videos too?

Thank You Regards

To do this, you need to buy our template, then we’ll send you an updated template with a local video

Will it be possible to remove about us section/page & tab and instead just keep contact us form and tab?A bit customization!

Yes, of course, the template can be changed according to your desire.


Please I need your help :

1 – The count down does not work on iphone : http://hindgacimi.com/

2 – I Can’t find the pin on this map : http://fondationtgcc.ma/

Hello! Thank you for choosing our template.

1. We will check what may be the problem.

2. Open the file custom.js (assets / js /). Find the function “function initMap (map)” and replace the coordinates of the points in the “var points =”


Hi, the youtube video background ins’t loading on Safari. Any advice?

Sure. mail me on email.

We will do tests with a safari browser to understand what’s wrong.

Great – Thank you!

Hi, the video background isn’t loading in Safari, Any advice?

Hello! Great job, I love it. But I would like to swap the blue background of the theme “Instagram feed” (fullinfo/light/index-instagram.html) to orange. But I can’t find a way to do it. Can you help me? Thank you.

It’s okay, it’s our job to help you! =)

Using Edge browser there is a bug, the counter doesn’t work, I got only “0” and “NaN”... but using Chrome it’s fine.

Thanks for the message, we’ll check it out

excelent work beautifull, can u help me to configure the google map please?


Thank you for choosing our template.

Please send us the address you want to add to the map for info@artsoundgroup.com, we will send you an updated file.


verry thanks i fix that,the proble wass that i didnt find whre put the ID,but then more later before review all the codes and the scripts i find that, thanks

We are very glad to hear this.

Can I turn off the countdown clock easily?


Yes, you can turn off the counter. To do this, you need to delete the line with the counte code in the template file.


Hello -

The countdown and about me sections do not appear to be working properly on a mobile device. Please advise.



Thank you for reporting the error, we will fix it in the very near future.

Please download new version.


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Great work! Best of sales to you :)

Congratulations! Great Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thanks you so much!


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