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Thanks a lot, Louiejie!

Looks awesome. Good luck dude!!

Thank you! :)

Absolutely smashing theme.


Wow, thanks))) Love to hear your feedback!

Nice theme. Can you tell me a little about the form builder, you mention in the services page? Does that come with the actual theme or was that filler text?

Much appreciated!

Thanks a lot for being interested in Crystalline template!

As to your question – in fact this is a filler text, and it is just the same as the one that was used for a Wordpress version of Crystalline you can see in our portfolio. Crystalline HTML5 template is a simple template that contains html-coded pages that can be subsequently used either as-is, or for further development for a CMS you need.

Thank you!

hai cmsmasters i wont to by your theme i wili liket but i dont know how to customizetit i wonna used for a web site ,im beginer in this so plese can you tell my how to used to make my web site and wich software i need to USE .thank you waiting for your response thanks and sorry for my english

Thanks for being interested in Crystalline!

However you need to keep in mind that HTML templates are raw product, and it is not recommended for you to use this sort of a product if you are completely an amateur in it. It does require decent development skills to setup and customize a website using a HTML template, so you need to either have these skills or will need to use a third-party developer’s help.

On the other hand, Wordpress themes are much easier in use for amateurs, and there is a WP version of Crystalline, please see it:

Thank you, should there be any other question please feel free to ask so that you could make a right choice!

Really interested in this for a site that will need good varierty of presentation elements. I couldn’t find n the demo…
Content Sliders (Show your images in content using powerful options of Nivo, Accordion or Anything slider options)
Could you point me where those featires are demo’d? Also interested in parallex sections – could those be created without problem or layout conflict? Is there a compatible / preferable script?

Thanx – hoping to use Crystalline.

Thank you very much for being interested in Crystalline!

As to to the content slider – in fact this in not quite precise, sorry for that, must have mistakenly copied that from another template description. Thanks for pointing that out for us, already removed that. Content Sliders in Crystalline can be seen in Features/Shortcodes/Content Slider section on our demo site. The settings for the sample content sliders can be edited to suit your needs. Also, Crystalline comes with a Revolution slider plugin that has really great effects (more sophisticated than Nivo slider, for instance). You can see the Revolution Slider in action on the home pages.

As to parallax sections – there should not be any major conflicts, though there still be a need to apply some changes in CSS while integrating. As to some specific scripts, here there is not much we can recommend.

Thank you, hope this was helpful!

Cmsmaster is one of the greatest thing built on the top of wordpress. Every theme I used recently were full of bugs and functionnalitiess problems. This one is simple, easy and offers a lot of options. Good work.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Love to hear words like that, we always try doing our best with our projects :)

Thank you!

Any plans to make this into a Wordpress theme? It’s really awesome!

Thanks for asking!

Actually there is a WP version of Crystalline – please see it –

Glad you like it!

I just bought this template, and already found something (on demo I saw it right)

Hey really appreciate this :) info at luisesteban dot cl, thanks a lot!

Thanks for the address, we have now emailed you the backgrounds, please check your email. Thank you!

Thanks a lot :)

Super design – really do love it.

My question is, how can I extract just a few facilties from the file – mainly, I want to use only the TAB & the TESTIMONIALS options – & dont really want to use the whole layout as it is now. Is there a way you can give me each feature separately, so I can use it independeantly?

I love the way you styles everything.

Thanks for your feedback about crystalline template!

As to extracting some elements from it and adding into another template – in fact we can only give you a quick guide where you should get the code, but we cannot help you with this within the free support policy. All html for tabs is in the tabs.html file, and all html for testimonials is in the posttype.html file. All the styles (except fonts) can be found in the style.css file (you need to do the Ctrl+f search for all the classes that are present in html for tabs and testimonials). If you need fonts too, see the fonts.css file. The script can be found in js/jquery.script.js file, do the search for tabs and testimonials. You will also need the jQuery library file – jquery.min.js.

Thanks, hope this will be helpful.

Thanks for the reply – trying to isolate & extract each item isnt ideal – as there are almost 4300 lines of code just in the stylesheet itself.

The stylesheet isnt commented in a way that sections what controls each component/feature as well.

When I bought the template, I was drawn by all the features & the super look you have put together – its just a real pity that without spending a couple hours trying to mess about & find all the styles & coding – I cant really use this.

I can understand if I was using the whole design as is – but, the structure (with no comment lines ie: <!- Hello -> to show what controls each element.

For me, I purchase code to speed up development, If Im expected to sift through 4300 lines of stylesheet, its not saving me time.

- but, you have done an amazing job on this template, its just not useful to me.

Hi again)

As to extracting the needed code – basically there is no need to go through all 4300 lines of code, at least manually, as you can do the Ctrl+F search through the file and cope the pieced of code where the words tab and tabs are present. Same for testimonials. This will not take much time assuming you do have some coding experience (pretty sure you do, as you bought an html template). Should there be any questions feel free to ask.


This will definitely be the theme for my portfolio. Do you think there’s a way to create the portfolio effects with CSS only? Because JavaScript lags so bad…

Thank you for being interested in Crystalline!

As to portfolio performance – could you please specify what browser and operation system you are using?

Thank you very much!

On your demo when I click a thumbnail the lightbox pops up and the loading icon keeps spinning and the full size image doesn’t load. I tried with my own images and the same happens. Any fix?

didn’t work :( I tried the Rivera template and it works fine there.

Perhaps it would be great if you submitted us a support ticket so that the support team could take a look at it from your end and help you solve the issue – submit a ticket.

Thank you!

I did. thanks

Hi, when someone enters a message in the contact form, there is no success message, it just continues showing the ‘loading’ symbol. I tested it in your preview and the same thing happened. I actually receive the email from the form, which means it went through, but the user doesn’t know it went through. I really need a fix for this. Do you know what could be the cause? Thanks.

Thanks for contacting!

We would appreciate if you provided a link to your website so that we could examine your issue. We will edit performance on our demo sit, but we always use the test links on template files, so that people could insert their links instead. If you provide a link, we will be able to check if everything is substituted fine on yours.

Thank you!

Thanks, you guys were able to solve my issue. Now I just have a basic question that I’m hoping you can help me with. How do I change the color of the navigation’s hover effect?

Hi again, our support team has now replied to you in your ticket about navigation colors, please check your email. Thank you!

Hi, can you tell me how to change the background color of the input fields for the Quick Form located at the bottom of the page?

Thanks for asking.

You can search your style.css file for

#bottom input[type="text"], #bottom input[type="password"], #bottom textarea, #bottom select 

Then edit the default value for background color and border color by changing #4B4B4B; to any desired color number.



Thanks again.

Glad to hear it was helpful!

Hi! I can’t found the line on CSS to change the navigation color. I wanna change the black on the light theme to #4A62A8. Thanks

I’m use the HTML version. :(

Excuse me for that. In this case you need to edit this via fonts.css file, please see the lines 495-499, and also 450-470. Add the needed color in both cases.

Thanks, hope this will be helpful!