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Thanks! Nice to know you like it too :)

So fresh and juicy, for me it’s really great!

Thanks, Alex! Nice to hear this. :)

can I add a form in the frontpage slider? I need my visitors to subscribe to my newsletter as soon as they visit the site.

Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

Unfortunately there’s no way to add a real form to your slider, but you can create an image with dummy form and link it to the page with real form. Or add it to the Top Sidebar.

You mention ‘Advanced SEO’

Would this mean Microdata?

We use microformats, optimized code and structure. The theme also provides custom breadcrumbs, tags, descriptions and SEO titles formatting, and easy sitemap, which all works great for your SEO performance. :)

Wow, amazing work my friend!!!! Beautiful and clean theme, congratulations!!! ;)

Thank you very much!

is this RTL support?

Very nice! Might purchase soon! Compatible with WooCommerce?

Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

Actually we haven’t tested this theme to be compatible with WooCommerce. Can neither confirm, nor deny that it would work well.

Would you be able to integrate it with it in a future update? Would mean a huge boost in sales. Also, BuddyPress?

I’m afraid no. Neither WooCommerce, nor BodyPress compatibility is not a relevant task for our small team at the moment.

Nevertheless, we highly appreciate your opinion and will surely consider this suggestion when elaborate our future themes.

Love the theme, thinking about using for a project.

Question: I need the single post page to be full width, no sidebar. Is this an option in the theme? If not, how much work to do so?


Hello. The Post page/Blog can have no sidebar, very easy to achieve using theme options :)

How many unique navigation menus can be created. I love the look but will need to create the main navigation but also unique sidebar navigation menus for each of the sub-sections. If I can do this I will buy it.

You can create unlimited menus and paste them to your sidebars, but the main menu is static for the whole site.

I’m thinking about to buy this theme, but here im totally confused about one thing that, i have never seen posted date or comments on any business website.. is this possible to remove post date, aothur picture from post ?

Hello. Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

Sure, it’s possible and very simple using theme options.

Thank you!

also there are another question,, 7$ value Image? what is that?

It’s the Bonus image that comes with this theme. Here it is.

Awesome work as usual! Is there anyway to import your slider styles? I want to take your exact slider and swap out the images with mine but keep the animation, etc.

Hi, Michael. Nice to hear from you, and thank you for choosing Crystalline!

Unfortunately there’s no way to import sliders in this theme. But our support guys can guide you if you want :)

Hi there. Amazing theme! Would love it if you could release a HTML version???

That would be great!

Hi. Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.
There’s no information about the release date so far, but hopefully we’ll create a HTML too. ;)

To stay in touch with us and get our news you may follow us at Themeforest, and you’ll be among the first ones to know about the Crystalline HTML template release.

You may also subscribe to our News on Facebook and Twitter.

Nice and clean, very good work! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Nice theme, but is there any documentation available?

Hello. Thank you for choosing our theme.

Sure, it comes in the theme archive. Open index.html file (\DOCS\Crystalline DOCS) with your browser.

Sorry. I must be doing something wrong. I don’t see an index.html – only index.php?

Please, watch this video.

I really loved your theme, so clean and so beautiful

great job ;)

Thanks, Ali!