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does it support RTL ?

Thank you for being interested in Crystalline! Sure, it does :)

How do I edit the widgets in the footer?

Have you already found a theme HOW-TO? As usual, it’s in the DOCS folder: DOCS\Crystalline DOCS\index.html

If you did found it, but don’t know where to look for such instructions, I have a hint for you :)

Please, open the “Widgets and Sidebars Setup” chapter (just click this tab), scroll down a bit and you’ll see the instructions on how to configure the Bottom Sidebar.

Nice theme but Page Speed and Yslow Grades aren’t so good…

Hi. Thanks for your interest in Crystalline Theme.

Our theme is carefully thought over and has plenty of features. Thus the reason of a certain slowdown is caused by high image resolution, rich functionality, styles and scripts used. This theme was specially designed in such a way so you could speed it up after disabling some of its plugins if you feel no need in them.

Hi, it looks very nice. Is it WPML compatible? If so, can we easily add the language switch bar in the header?

Hello. Thank you fro being interested in Crystalline.

Sure, it is compatible with WPML, and with help of this plugin you may add a switcher to the navigation or use it as a widget.

Wow, you guys didn’t cut any corners! Normally, every theme I’ve ever bought lacks in some area. You guys have done an amazing job. Hats off. As a designer and developer, I highly recommend this theme.

Oh, we are so happy to see your feedback.

Thank you for choosing our product! Really appreciate it!
Feel free to contact us in case of need, we’re always ready to help you. ;)

Hey, you have nice portfolio layouts and animation there..


Nice and creative!

Thanks for your kind words :)
We have worked hard to make Crystalline not only stylish, but also highly customizable WordPress theme.

I have a question regarding the page headers. Is it possible to put a custom image (without patterns) and set the height of it?

Hi. Thank you for being interested in our theme.

Sure, you can add any image or just use custom color for your heading without any pattern. See the screenshot, please. But there’s no way to adjust its height – it’s fixed and your image will be centered/cut depending on the screen resolution. For instance, this is how it would look on the mobile devices.

Nice theme but Page Speed and Yslow Grades aren’t so good…
After buying and implementing this theme, I agree with @ygirod that it could use some fixes in the speed department. The theme could use some minification and merging of files in order to get the number of http requests down.

Also, I’ve experienced quite a lot of issues with the revolution slider, in that it won’t work, and the sample data didn’t import properly. I would also like the ability to disable the animation that happens when you hover over the mega menu.

Other than that, it’s versatile and quite creative. The Page builder/composer is neat and executes rather well, and the taxonomy-system for Projects is really useful. There’s also great versatility on each page, which I enjoy.

Thank you for the suggestion regarding Revolution slider – we’ll think about it and notify you about the result.
Actually none of our themes, except of Qreator WordPress.

It would be also great to have your support ticket number here for faster solution :)
Thank you!

Normally it takes up to 48 HOURS (common issues) or 72 HOURS (problems which require developer’s assistance) for your ticket or forum thread to be answered.
The cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday.

Ticket number: 3753

Just FYI, I have solved the issue with revolution slider by simply not using it – I’ve opted for Layer slider instead, which I think works even better :)

Hi, Patrik. Have you got a reply from our support team yet?

They asked you to provide your FTP data for troubleshooting. :)

Nice looking theme..Will buy it if you make the portfolio images CLICKABLE..thanks :-)

Hi there. Thanks for your interest.

We appreciate your idea, but unfortunately there’s no way to make the Portfolio Projects clickable. This option was intentionally disabled for proper theme functioning on the mobile devices. When open a project image on small resolutions, the project details do not appear and it looks like a simple gallery. Not very convenient :)

Great combination of elegant and clean aesthetics. I’m seriously considering a purchase. One question I had, is the contact page. I need to to display 3 different locations on a Google map using different pinpoint icons. Is that possible?

- Thanks

Hi. Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

There is no option to add few different markers to the Google Map in this theme, but you can use different G-map shortcodes instead to show 3 locations, and arrange them in columns or set them all to be shown on the full width.

Great theme, everything I imagined and more! Well done.

My question: How do I disable the mobile/ipad theme version? I want the normal version to display on every device.

Hi. Thank you for using Crystalline!

Have you tried to unmark this checkbox? :)

is it possible to change footer background via dashboard ?

can you pls tell me \ show me – which widgets fits to the footer ?

10X :)

maybe live feeds or some cool social plugin.. something cool and nice i don’t know yet .. i’m thinking how to pimp it out …

can i move the header menu to the middle of the top bar ? so i can use home tub in the middle so it create “v” shape .. if i’ll buy the theme would you help me change footer’s background ? :-)

So you’d like to add some plugin to fill the sidebar, right? Why don’t you want to use our default widgets? There are plenty of them in Crystallineafter all :) Please, see the screenshot. And this is how some of them look on the front end.

There’s no opportunity to adjust the main menu. You can only set the color and fonts there.

As about configuring your footer, normally we don’t provide such assistance (it does not correspond our support policy to provide the coding support for the customization which is beyond the scope of our theme functionality), but our support guys will try to help you as an exception. ;)

All you have to do is just create a personal support ticket, describe what you’re about to implement in more details (preferrably using screenshots), provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

A suggestion for a future update: I would like the “colored box” to be clickable in it’s entirety. I.e., encase the whole thing in an tag. I can think of a number of instances where this would be really useful.

Thank you for a suggestion.
I can’t promise that it will be implemented in Crystalline, but we’ll surely consider it when elaborating our future themes.

I successfully disable the mobile theme, so my website appears the same on all devices.

However, I am having trouble with the top menu bar that follows you when you scroll down the page. It’s great on a computer, but how can I make it FIXED on a mobile/ipad browser?

Thank you.

Hello. Thank you for using our theme.
Being specific, the responsive layout allows you to show your web site on mobiles, thus when you disable it the layout won’t adapt to any screen resolution, so as the menu itself. This feature can be disabled if you’d like to use your site only for desktop.

Crystalline menu in non-responsive theme configuration can not be adjusted.

I’m not sure, but it seems like you’ve opened a support ticket on this issue, am I right? If so, it would be better to communicate further via ticket.

Thank you.

Hi, can I (easily) add a search function to the top menu?

And can you tell me where is the triangle background from? Link please.

Thank you

Hello. There’s no option to add a search box to the menu, but you can use in the Top Sidebar.

The background was specially designed for Crystalline, we used this pattern.

Thanks for the info. Very nice work! I like the theme, but I would really need a search function. So there’s also no way to add a search function to the menu with a separate plugin, maybe?

Oh, perhaps you can do that. Crystalline should be compatible with the most popular plugins, but can’t say for sure regarding such customization, as we haven’t tested it.

Hi There, Congrats to the great theme!

Prior buying we have some minor remarks/questions to make it perfect for us: 1. We would appreciate if you will take care about the above mentioned requests for speeding up the theme. For example reduce the image sizes for portfolio and other thumbnails or using sprites. Possible? 2. W3C is reporting some minor Errors. Will that be cleared with next revision?

Thats all :-)

Hello. Thank you for your interest.

Regarding your suggestion – we can’t change the images on our demo preview, but you can use smaller ones on your own web site. Fresh Crystalline installation will work fast. :)
As about W3C – this service always shows warnings, it’s just because it does not recognize some elements.


nice theme. going to buy.. but what about price table?

Hello. Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

The pricing tables can be found at this page.

I cant find the table shortcode button in the visual content composer. I see the pricing table but not the regular table. Am I looking in the wrong place? Can you help.

Hello. Thank you for using our theme. Hope you like it ;)

The table can be added using Content Block Shortcode. I’ve made a video screencast for you. Here you go.

Thanks for the great theme and quick response.

On the mobile responsive theme, I love how everything resizes to fit the iPhone. But the sliders/images I add that are really big don’t get resized. How do I make sure they scale down when being viewed on a mobile browser, like the rest of the theme does?

Thank you!

If you’ve been using a non-responsive version your slider won’t adapt to small screens. Can you, please, specify your ticket number so we could check how your web site looks on the mobile devices?

Hey there. Got another pre-sale question. Is it possible for you to make the portfolio images clickable, instead of just the text? Thanks.

Hi once again.

Unfortunately there’s no way to make the Portfolio Projects clickable. This option was intentionally disabled for proper theme functioning on the mobile devices. When open a project image on small resolutions, the project details do not appear and it looks like a simple gallery. Not very convenient :)

Error: Warning: Missing argument 1 for cmsms_tags(), called in /var/websites/ on line 81 and defined in /var/websites/ on line 702

Thank you for noticing. Our developers had fixed this bug. The fix will be available in future theme update :)