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Could you please provide the demos used for the Revolution Slider?

Sure, we will add demo content for the Revolution slider in our future update.

If you’d like to have it faster, feel free to contact our support guys via personal ticket here.
They will give you necessary files.

Just one thing I would like you to clarify before they will provide you slider demos.
Please, show the page from which you’d like to copy Revo slider.

Thank you.

Hello, Im using the templeate and its awesome, i just have one single problem that i cant solve, and i dont find a way to do it, im trying to use the facebook widget and it keeps showing me a big, fat white square .

im adding my facebook url in the line and im adding the follow us in facebook, title, its all the options it has but it keeps showing me the square. any ideas?


Hi. Is there anything inside of the white square?

Nope nothing. its just showing the big square.

Hey i tryed to edit my post but something wierd happen, i want to know if its posible to add mutiple rss feed with one widget.

like 2 or 3 adress


Have you actually bought our theme?

Unfortunately there’s no proof of purchase here. And you should know, that we offer support to our customers exclusively.

If you really purchased “Crystalline”, you may submit a personal support ticket here.
You should specify your Item Purchase Code in the ticket to get our assistance. Don’t forget to provide FTP and wp-admin credentials so we could study your issue deeply.

You can find the purchase code in this file at “Downolads” tab on your Envato account – see the screenshot.

lol, really? nice customer support. GREAT JOB

Ive sended the ticket thanks.

Please add a forum for Crystalline on your site – it says to use the support forums, but… there are none? :-) Actually, you aren’t listing Crystalline on your site at all?..

Oh, sorry! We have added a new forum for Crystalline.

Can you please reply to my support ticket? It’s been 46 hours now and I even made a video with the reproduction of the error… ticket # 3782. It’s a big downer since the page builder becomes close to impossible to use with these bugs, as there is no way to really control the layout of text.

Sorry, our support guys must be busy with plenty of new requests.
You’ve got a reply. Please, check it.

Thank you and have a nice day :)

On the mobile theme, say I include a regular on my website. How do I set it so it will resize when being viewed on an iphone?

The whole theme resizes, but the sticks out farther on the sides.

Please help. -Eric

Dear Eric, I’m sorry, but we don’t provide assistance via comments. I kindly ask you to use our ticketing system.

All further assistance will be provided in your personal support ticket.

Thank you.

i cannot log the support forums, im trying to register for ask there instead of here and there is a databse error.

Database error The cmsmasters support forums database has encountered a problem.

THank you i will gladly provide my Item Purchase Code but I find it unwise to do it here. THANKS!

3799 is my number

i can see the FB widget there thanks a lot, what was the main problem? THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT ITS REALLY AWESOME

Oh, I can’t say what had blocked your widget. We detected no suspicious plugins, and the widget with our FB link worked well, but it’s possible that Facebook itself could have some temporarily problems, or there were some minor server troubles.

Please, let us know if you have some more questions or problems. We are always ready to help you.

I, just wondering if you have a working online store template, as nice and efficient as this one or something alike with this customising capabilities, cus i need one ASAP, so let me know if you have one to take a look.


I will gladly provide my Item Purchase Code but I find it unwise to do it here. ;)

Unfortunately we don’t create such templates so far. But maybe some day we will ;)

Hi, I am from Israel and interested in purchasing the Crystalline Wordpress theme. I am building a website in hebrew. So I am wondering is it suitable for the Hebrew language? Also hebrew is written from the right to the left, including the structure of each page in this direction? Is it prepared for this?

I also wanted to ask if I as a non profesional website builder will be able to handle it? Or building a site with this theme requires professional skill and knowledge?

Thanks Ran

Hello, Ran. Sure, you will easily elaborate your site using our HOW-TO instructions and DEMO content. Crystalline is RTL ready, but you might need to configure appropriate Google fonts to support necessary Hebrew symbols. Generally this theme is ready to be used for your site.
Should you have any questions or problems, our support guys will happily assist you :)

I have an issue with the custom form builder. When you create a new form and click save it states that the form has been saved. When you refresh the page and check the drop down list, there is no longer the form there. Really annoying.

Hi. Thank you for using this theme. :)

I’m afraid I can’t make any advices here. We don’t provide support via comments and it’s hard to say what happened so far. Need to see your web site first.

I kindly ask you to submit a personal support ticket here. Please, describe the issue in details, provide the link to your web site and FTP credentials so we could study your issue deeply.
We’ll respond as soon as possible.

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket.
Normally it takes up to 48 HOURS (common issues) or 72 HOURS (problems which require developer’s assistance) for your ticket or forum thread to be answered.
The cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday.

how to config revslider like demo in home-page-5 ?

Hi, sorry for being late with a reply.
Must have overlooked this message :-O

I kindly ask you to submit a personal support ticket here to get assistance on this matter.
Please, describe the issue in details, provide the link to your web site and FTP credentials – just in case the support guys would need them.
They will respond as soon as possible and provide you with the appropriate file. It can be used as a demo content for your slider. You will be able to replace the images with yours.

How do I stop the top menu bar from moving with the page? How do I made it static?


Hi. There’s no such option in our theme.

However you can contact our support guys so they could guide you on how to disable it in the code.

Can’t get revolution slider to work on the homepage. Followed instructions to a T and still nothing. Please porovide support. The documentation must be for an older version of Revolution slider, as the options are different.

Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!
It would be great to see your web site and especially the slider itself.

Please, submit a personal support ticket here, and our support guys will get back to you asap.
Describe the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, don’t forget to provide FTP and wp-admin credentials so we could study your issue deeply.

Thank you.

Hello , can I make grid blog layout in this theme ?

thank you

Hello. Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

No, there’s no opportunity to create a Blog page with grid layout, only Potfolio page can have it.

Please , check the drop down menu on iPad 3.

When I choose “Features” – “Widgets and Sidebars” .
And then goes scroll down to the middle of the page ( about “Professional Development” ) .
Is nothing more I can choose from drop down theme menu. It doesnt work.

But if I scroll down to the end of the page or up to the top – it works again!

thanks you

Thank you for noticing this problem. Actually all i-devices may have such issue, it’s just the way they work and not a theme bug thus. To eliminate this issue we are preparing an update which allows to hide the navigation menu on scroll for smaller screens (1024px and less). We can notify you when it’s ready.

Nice theme. Is it translation ready? Is there translation file fo it? (mo, po)

Hi. Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

There’s no ready translations, but Crystalline becomes a multilingual theme once you create your own .po and .mo language files using the .pot file coming with it! You can translate it into any language, but this procedure would require some time and patience from you. We have a detailed instructions on how to configure these files in our HOW-TO, which you’ll get with the theme.

Hey There !

very friendly ! just bought it and i like it very much !

just a quick question -

i uploaded the demo content and all great – i just want to remove all footer widgets (meta\archives\ search) i cant fiend it in the widgets area ..



Have you tried to disable Bottom Sidebar? :)
Please, see the screenshot.

10X awesome :)

Pre-purchase question. Is it possible to add content like a logo down in the footer area by the social icons. I have a project coming up and this might be the best theme option if I can add logo in the footer area. Love the look of the theme and have loved working with your themes in the past.


So I bought this theme tried to add my logo in the footer using

I tried img src= and it didn’t work. What should I do?

Please submit a personal support ticket here

Just a quick question: on a standard blog post I dont like to be able to click on the article image and get a reload of the article.

Where can I find the code to stop that?

Thanks, T.

Thanks for your help! That is a step in the right direction! But is it possible to have the image not clickable at all?

Cheers, T.

To make the image completely unclickable perform the given actions.

Please follow: crystalline\theme\postType\blog\post\sidebar\standard.php

and substitute the line 43 with:

echo ’<figure>’ .
get_the_post_thumbnail(get_the_ID(), ‘post-thumbnail’, array(
‘class’ => ‘fullwidth’,
‘alt’ => cmsms_title(get_the_ID(), false),
‘title’ => cmsms_title(get_the_ID(), false)
)) .

Then follow:


and substitute the line 43 with:

echo ’<figure>’ .
get_the_post_thumbnail(get_the_ID(), ‘full-thumb’, array(
‘class’ => ‘fullwidth’,
‘alt’ => cmsms_title(get_the_ID(), false),
‘title’ => cmsms_title(get_the_ID(), false)
)) .


These guys do not respond to support questions via email or via the forum. In fact, the forum is virtually non-existant. Nice theme, but terrible customer support.

Excuse for the possible delay with answer, we were receiving many requests lately.
We always try to respond to Support Tickets on time, but we do not provide support via email. All the forum questions will be replied to within several hours, but you can as well submit us a personal ticket here.
Thank you for understanding.

How can i mage the table in a tab responsive? Now it look like this on small screens.

first column | second column

i want it to look like this.

first column second column

Excuse me but I cannot quite understand what you mean. Can you please be more specific about the issue?