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I wish I could get a refund. Author’s why do you create themes with NO DEMO CONTENT? Sample content provides a very helpful context when setting up the theme. If you would include that your support volume would go down considerably. Potential buyers: Example sliders are not included and “ticket only” support is slow.

Quite positive my “theme review” will be removed, so read fast! Regards.

Please check your email for the slider import files. Thank you!

I received the slider txt files but I am unclear what to do with them. How do these “import” to create the slider?

Never mind, figured it out. thx.

How do i create custom sidebars? I need different sidebars for different parts of my website. When I create a page, in the page options section my only choice for a sidebar is “Default Sidebar” I need to have multiple choices here.

Easy! First proceed to Theme Settings – General – Sidebars and perform the actions as shown on the screenshot: Now you have added your custom sidebar. Then proceed to Appearance – Widgets like shown on the screenshot: You custom sidebar will now appear among the other sidebars and you can add any widgets according to your preferences. After you are done you can choose this sidebar for any of your pages.

Sorry first link appears to be broken. Here it is once more –

How Do we all get the dummy content without emailing you everytime?

Hello! If you mean the slider import files, you now can download the archive from Themeforest once more, we now have added these files to it. If you mean the dummy content for theme – it was already included in your download archive in a Demo content folder. Thank you!

Hi, What is the changelog of version released today (05/30)? Also, could you send a “how to update”? thanks, pedro

Hello Pedro! In the most recent update for Crystalline we added slider import files. You can use them in case you want to create a slider that would have similar setings to the one we have on our demo preview. The instructions on how to import these files are included too it the Readme file.

Thank you!

Hello, I was just wondering if there is a way to change the color of the full theme not just light and dark but to make it for example a gray i want to, cus its just black or white. is this posible? how can I do it?


hey im having some troubles with the resize for ipad and iphone, the menu square is getting over the logo in portrait mode, but is all right in landscpae. is there a way to fix this ?


Usually the logos are just not big enough to conflict with the menu, but perhaps you can submit us a ticket regarding this, so that our support guys could see what can be done with this issue.

Thank you!

ok thanks ill do that!!

Hi, does this theme support MultiSite?

Yes, it supports

How do I get the slider to appear on the front page? I can easily find how to put it on a separate page, but can’t seem to find the option for the front page

NVMND Im just going to use a static front page

Thanks for using Crystalline theme! Should there be any other questions feel free to ask :)

Hi, is there possible change the slider height trough the them admin?

Thanks for asking!

Sure it is! When you create a new slider you set its width and height in slider settings, you can as well edit them afterwards.


Hello, I am having major issues with the slider. The rev slider does not show on any pages. I followed your instructions exactly, but it did not display. I have used the revolution slider before and know how to setup slides etc. I then imported your website content and the rev slider. This too failed to display the slider. Looking at the source code, I can see that the slider code and even the images are being loaded, but they are behind the website and are not visible. We really do not have much time and need to get the theme setup within 24 hours. Unfortunately, as the slider is failing every time even when using the demo slider we imported, there is little that we can do on our end as this seems to be a serious bug within the theme. I know others have had the same issue and we can not seem to find any solution that would allow us to address this now.

I visited your support forum, but there is no support forum for this theme. I visited your website documentation to see if had been updated, but there was no documentation on your site for this theme.

Can you provide any hints or tips that would allow us to address this issue and progress? The site is in development on our server and is not accessible or I would have provided a link to the site. We have setup hundreds of themes, so we have the experience to be able to do this.

Many thanks

Thanks for asking. In fact, perhaps these settings are not meant to add or remove these elements for all posts on the website, but they are meant to set the default layout for post. meaning when you create a new post, it will automatically have these settings set according to what you have chosen in the Theme settings. To remove or add these features from your post page you need to use the checkbox in your post editing section for each post. See the screenshot
Perhaps you are right and we should add a more clear description to these settings in admin panel.
Thak you!

Hello, I see what you mean. Thanks for providing the screenshot. I had thought that the option would have changed all posts if all posts were set to default.

So what can we do about the sliders? I do not want layered slider, I only want revolution slider and I did not replace any files at all.

I downloaded the latest theme version and saw you provide a folder of just the updated files. Absolutely fantastic, thank you.

We just need the slider issue addressed and we are good to go.

Hello. We have made the appropriate changes in theme documentation and Plugins folder today. The update is awaiting of ThemeForest team review.

Also, to speed up the process, you may read this support forum thread. You’ll find necessary file to replace there (right in the thread’s attachment).
Just follow the instructions and upload jquery.themepunch.plugins.min given there – and it will work.

As you might have known, the access to the forum is given to our customers only, so it requires a Purchase code.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us again in case of need.


Having problem with Form Builder. When try to create a custom form all goes right. Create new form, create fields and save with no error. After save the new form appears on choise-list but when select and click “edit” a error message box with “there is no such form in your database” is shown. When refresh screen, new form name desappears from choise-list control. Can you please advice? Thanks,

This issue appear when your server blocks creating a table, so in such a way your contact for cannot be created. You will need to contact your hosting provider about this.

Thank you!

Hi there, My slider seems to sit on the third slide and does not animate. I have a menu designed and I see the three images when I look at firebug.

Here is my page

I am using fixed size revolution slider and Layer slider is not installed. Please help Thank you very much

I went ahead and imported the homepage1 rev slider but still the same. Looks like there is just background image showing there and no animation or timer is kicking in. Sounds like a javascript issue to me.

Can you please look at my site and let me know what is wrong ?


Thanks ! The screenshot does not seem to work. I have tried Responsive but it displays the images as same. They dont appear to be resized for mobile screen.

Never mind and ignore my comment. Full Width seems to work great !

Thank you very much for your support. I greatly appreciate it

You’re welcome :) Feel free to contact us in case of need.

How should I set up revolution slider to display slides exactly like on ? I followed the instruction to set it up full widht 860×455 but when I display my test website on mobile devices (smartphones) all the content of the main page seems aligned to the right side.

Unfortunately it’s hard to say what may cause that having no access to your site. It would be much more convenient for you to create a personal support ticket using this link.

Try to explain as clearly as you can the issue you are having and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred, preferably using screenshots. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Ok, I managed to set this properly. But now I would like make slides rotate inside the project. should I use layerslider ?

Hi! We are happy to hear from you! :)

I’m not quite sure if I fully understand what you’re about to implement, but if you need rotating elements in the slider you can use a Layer slider (please see the screenshot of the Rotation option here in the layer settings). Just type there the desired rotation angle for your element.

I am trying to look for feature documentation on the theme. Can you provide to me a link or a pdf file (Like a manual) which details the shortcodes and different features in your themes ?

Thank you very much.

You can find theme documentation in the archive you have downloaded from Themeforest – DOCS/Crystalline docs/index.html. Please open it with any browser.
Thank you!

Any idea when the twitter feed will be fixed for API 1.1? Both my site and the demo site are having the same issue – and I know it’s ‘internet-wide’ – but please let me know how soon you expect to push a fix. Thanks!

Thanks for asking. We are working on solving the Twitter issue right now, can’t tell the exact time but please be sure everything is done to provide a solution ASAP.
Thank you for your patience!

I’m not seeing any official documentation. It’d be nice to have a manual to go along with it… and you guys say it’s online, but I ain’t seein’ it.

A little help?

Edit: Never mind. I just saw the comment above me. My download didn’t have a DOCS folder, but I’ll redownload the package and look..

Thank you for using Crystalline!
The most detailed docs for Crystalline are included in your Themeforest download, Docs/Crystalline Docs/index.html. If you open the index.html file in any of your browsers, they will work as a handy in navigation page. Online docs website for Crystalline is under development right now and will be available soon. In fact, the docs you have in your archive are just as detailed as the online ones, so you are welcome to use them. Also, should you have any questions feel free to contact our support. Thank you!


Where in the code can I disable the theme from creating so many images when I upload them. I have disabled them in Wordpress but there are still multiple sizes of my images being created when I add them to my media library. I only want the original to be uploaded. Each image I upload for use is sized for it’s exact purpose. I do not need all the other sizes to be generated.



Another question. I am using another Gallery plugin to display image Galleries. I want to use the included jackboot lightbox for the gallery. What class to I specify in the galleries settings to use the jackboot lightbox?



Hello, The theme is still generating another image on upload setting it to (660 x another size) that other dimension always changes but the 660 stays the same. I removed the lines referenced above. Where is this being generated?

Please note that in any case you theme will be cutting the image to 3 sizes – a thumbnail, medium size and the original – in is a standard Wordpress functionality. What we have advised you to do will disable cutting an image to the custom sizes we added, but will not remove this option, which is default.