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I am using another Gallery plugin to display image Galleries. I want to use the included jackboot lightbox for the gallery. What class to I specify in the galleries settings to use the jackboot lightbox?



I sent in a ticket. Looking to your response. Thanks.

Thanks, our support team will review it as soon as possible.

Please provide the FTP credentials in your ticket. Thanks!

The project page link button that get’s displayed on at the project page is not showing correctly. The text is gray and the hover text is black. The text should be white both on hover and not hovered to match the rest of the site.

The button is unreadable.

This is doing this on your Demo site as well:

I can not find the css to fix this.

Please help wit the location of the css to change.



Have you edited the fonts.php file?

No. But the style.css file, along with some others such as post.php, page.php, the jackbox css files, etc….

The changes regarding the button are applied in fonts.php file. If you haven’t changed this one, just substitute it when the update available (uploading now, will be on Themeforest soon). If you have done the changes to this file either, please submit us a ticket, this will be a better way for us to solve this.
Thank you!

Hi I was looking at this theme and I liked it very much, great design , I want to buy it but i have a question, I would like to have a multi language site, is there any plugin that is working with this theme and if yes please write the name, thank you my email is

Thank you for being interested in Crystalline Wordpress theme. regarding making it multilingual – we cannot guarantee a 100% translation, but most of our customers choose WPML plugin for this.
Thank you!

Translation ready?

Hello. Thank you for being interested in Crystalline.

This theme has no ready language files, but becomes multilingual in a few moments! You can translate it into any language using the .pot file. This procedure is fully described in the HOW-TO which comes in the main theme archive and would require some time and patience from you.

How can I disable the jackbox lightbox. I am going to use another lightbox plugin instead.


To disable jackbox please:
1. In file js/jquery.script.js delete the script:
/* JackBox Lighbox */
(function ($) {
$(‘a.jackbox[data-group]’).jackBox(‘init’, {
deepLinking : false,
preloadGraphics : false,
autoPlayVideo : false,
defaultVideoWidth : 1280,
defaultVideoHeight : 720,
thumbsStartHidden : true,
thumbnailWidth : 70,
thumbnailHeight : 40
} );
} )(jQuery);

2. In file framework/function/theme-functions.php delete all lines that contain word “jackbox”


I have chosen the show hierarchy check box in my Categories widget, but they still do not list indented:

They should look like this:

  • Child
  • Child
  • Child
  • Child
  • Child
  • Child

But they are listing like this:


Any ideas?

I see what you mean. We can give you a guidance on how you can change this yourself (not complicated), or you can submit us a ticket about this so that we could help you with that. To edit this please open the style.css file and do the Ctrl+F search for:
.widget ul {margin-bottom:0;}
then right after it add:
.widget ul ul.children {margin-left:20px;}
Save your file.

Thanks! Worked!

Is there any way to specify the Tab short code to center the tabs on the page/column instead of left justifying them on some uses. I do not want them to be always centered, just certain times.


Thanks for asking, but unfortunately there is no way to do what you describe.

I would like to use short codes inside the the Tab contents, using the visual composer how can this be done? There is no way to add sort codes when editing inside one of the elements.

We would appreciate if you created a topic about this on our forum so that our developers could answer you. Just please specify what of the shortcodes exactly you want include into another shortcodes. This will be a more convenient way for us to provide you instructions then here in comments.
Thank you very much!

I posted the question in the forums, but nobody ever responds there. The only responses I get quickly are on this site.

We have replied to your topic on our Forum now, please take a look at it: see it
Thank you!

What font you used on the slides? Thank you!

Thanks for asking!
It is Open Sans Light, 50

I see your slider fonts more clear… Why? At the css file it says Open Sans, but not light… It is the same?

Perhaps the easiest way to configure it like ours will be importing the slider import file – you can find it in the download archive. In such a way you will get all the styles like we have and will be able to edit them afterwards. As to the fonts – perhaps you are right, it is an Open Sans, sorry for disorienting you. Also feel free to contact our support should there be any need.


Love the theme so far! I set up a contact us page and a contact widget for the sidebar. I was able to make everything look right and it seems to function, but I never receive an email when I fill out the form. I sent 4-5 tests on both contact forms and even changed the email address it supposedly sends it to. Couldn’t get the darn thing to work.

Thanks for using Crystalline!
regarding the contact forms – please do not forget to click all the buttons that appear after you create a field in your form before you save the form - see the screenshot If the problem persists please contact our support so that we could help you solve this issue.
Thank you!

Message sent!

I decided to use Isotope Gallery. How can I disable the first image (cover) so it won’t show in slide show inside the project? Also I would like to disable project slide show in Portfolio main page where all the projects are shown with their featured images.

Thanks for using Crystalline! Regarding your questions – to make your slider projects in portfolio be shown with a featured image (so that the slider is not seen), please use a checkbox in your project options – see the screenshot
As to your first question – i am not sure what you mean – the featured image is not inserted in to the slider. Can you please give a link so that we could see what you mean?
Thank you!

Checking or unchecking “Featured Image as cover” doesn’t change anything. I have one image (logotype) as cover (thumbnail) which is visible at home page and at portfolio page but I don’t want it to be visible inside project (as first slide). The smallest resolution is 580×400 which is way too large for logotype and the logotype gets pixelised.

Perhaps we need to see this from your end. Can you please submit us a ticketregarding this issue? In such a way we will be able to see the problem more clearly.
Thank you!

I’m getting this warning on the screen portifolio

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in / home / clickvermelho / www / wp-includes / query.php on line 2251

Notice: Undefined variable: cmsms_layout in / home / clickvermelho / www / wp-content / themes / crystalline / single-project.php on line 134 Notice: Undefined variable: cmsms_layout in / home / clickvermelho / www / wp-content / themes / crystalline / single-project.php on line 142

Can you tell me what to do?

Thanks for contacting. We would appreciate if you submitted us a ticket regarding this, as we need to see this issue from your side to make sure it is solved. Submit a ticket.
Thank you!

Is there away to make the header area larger? And is there away to center the logo instead of having it left of the navigation. I would like to either have it centered about the navigation or right in the middle. ex. Home – About Us – Services – LOGO – Blog – News – Contact

Hello! Thank you for using Crystalline!
As to your questions – yes, you can make the header area larger, just follow to Theme Settings – Appearance – Header and set the desired header height in pixels. As to breaking the menu in two and centering the logo – unfortunately the theme does not allow doing so.
Thank you for asking!

hi!! awesome theme!, no html version?

Not yet for now, but we are considering its release in future. You can subscribe to our news to stay in touch with us. Follow on Themeforest and you’ll be among the first ones to know about the Crystalline HTML template release.

You may also subscribe to our News on Facebook and Twitter.

great!! thanks a lot :)

Is it possible to put a background image for the footer?

Hi! Thanks for using Crustalline. In fact there is no such option in Crystalline as you ask, you can add a background image only to the heading area.

Hi, how can I disable the form “Leave a Reply” ? It is showing in all pages.. Thank you.

This can be done by disabling comments on your pages. First please make sure the discussion settings are enabled in your screen options. See the screenshot for this.

Then while editing your page scroll down to the Discussion section in your admin and disable comments for your page. See the screenshot for what it must look like.


I purchased this theme and it was working great. However all of a sudden none of my Style changes would work and everything has reverted to a default. I have done changes in the admin panels and preview says font changes etc are good. Then I click save and nothing changes on live site. I was going to submit a ticket but I can’t find purchase code the way you guys said to (no license cert on download page)

anyway. Why wont any of my style changes work now? help! is the site. thanks!

We really need to see this from your side. This could happen for several reasons, like some Plugins etc. We would appreciate if you submitted us a ticket about this.

As to the purchase code, you can find the purchase code in this file at “Downolads” tab on your Envato account – see the screenshot. Just copy it with all hyphens.

Thanks a lot!

submitting now. thanks

Hi, great theme! But i’ve an issue with the fonts… it won’t load. What i have to do? In theme settings is all ok… :\

Here the example: Help!

Thanks for contacting! We would appreciate if you submitted us a support ticket about this so that we could see what can be causing that – submit a ticket

Thank you!

How can i add portfolio in the Home? I didn’t see any option in the page builder… have i to create some project first in order to get this option?

Thanks for using Crystalline!

If you wan to have a portfolio on your Home page, you will need to choose a portfolio page template in Page attributes for your page, like shown on the screenshot.

You can as well display your projects on the homepage with a Post Type Shortcode in your visual Content Composer.

Thank you!

I am trying to decide between Crystalline and Increase themes. They both seem to have very similar features, but I like the feel of Crystalline better.

My question is, in the Increase theme, the widgets (like Comments, Twitter, Categories etc.) have “icons” next to the header text. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Crystalline theme. Can those icons be made to appear on the widget titles on Crystalline too?

Thank you for being interested in our themes!

As to your question about icons – in fact there is no such option in Crystalline admin panel. There are some other features that are not present in Increase though, like custom image/color heading backgrounds for every page. In general, the basic features are more or less similar, like the Content composer, form builder etc. Please feel free to ask more questions to make sure you make a right choice!

Thank you!