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I’m not able to get the Google Maps short code to work. I put it on this page with the correct latitude and longitude and it isn’t showing up.

Thanks for contacting. We have checked that with the Firebug – looks like the paths to the scripts get cut off for some reason. It should look like this -
Though it looks like this instead –

This issue can occur as an effect of a plugin you could have installed, or be resulted by some changes you could have applied to the theme files.

Please try deactivating the third-party plugins if there are any. Or take a look at the possible changes that were applied to the files.

Thank you!

Thank you for helping me with this. I found the plugin that was causing the problem and removed it.

I’m also needing to create a custom post type with the visual composer feature that is in the regular posts and projects post. I’ve already created the custom post type, but I can’t figure out how to add visual composer. Can you help me with this?

Hi again!

Glad to hear the issue with the maps is solved. As to the post type and composer – we can do that for you, this will be easier than providing a guideline. Please submit us a ticket so that our developers could do that. Just make sure to provide all the necessary credentials.

Thank you!

I just posted a support ticket via your support site but I thought I would post it here as well. Thanks for any help you can offer…

I am using your Visual Content Composer to populate the columns of this web site I built using your Crystalline theme. In some of the “Featured Blocks” I am adding some HTML and a shortcode. Here’s a sample:

<h5><span style="background-color: #20A8FA;">Seth Godin</span></h5>
<a href="" target="_blank"><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-249" alt="thumb-seth-godin" src="" width="130" height="76" /></a>
[hungryfeed url="" feed_fields="" item_fields="title,description,date" template="2" date_format="F j, Y" max_items="1" truncate_description="400"/]

When I publish the page, everything works fine. However, when I go back in to edit the same featured block, it is blank in the admin. The content still appears on the front-end of the web site but it is not retrieved when I am trying to edit it in the admin.

I’m thinking this may have something to do with the fact that I am inserting a shortcode as this seems to be when the issue occurs.

You can see an example of this on my site at .

Can you let me know a fix to this issue? It’s making it very difficult to update the content.

Thanks, Damon

Thanks for contacting, Damon!

Our support team will review your request and answer you in the ticket.

Thank you!

Dear CMSMaster,

Great job on this theme.

I was wondering if i wanted to add a custom font that i converted using which converts font files into CSS files, is it possible to integrate it to this theme and how can do that?

This is the font that i want to use ( it’s an Arabic Font.

Thanks Hope you can let me know as soon as possible.

Best Regards, Seven Dynamic

Thanks for your feedback on Crystalline. As to font integration – in fact our themes are initially meant to use google fonts, but is you need to integrate a custom font you will need to upload it to server and add to style.css. Please see a tutorial on how this can be done – read it.

Thank you!

Hello. I have an issue with the content builder. I am using two columns, each is 1/2 and each contains a text block. The text block on the left is an image which is 555 wide as that is the width of the column. The text block on the right is a bulletpoint list. Viewed full screen, it looks great, but as the screen gets smaller, the image starts to overlap the text and bleed over. How can I prevent this? Surely images can be used in the content builder. Maybe I have missed an option or something, but I can not see any button for adding an image.

Many thanks

Thanks for contacting!

To make your images re-size together with the whole page you need to add a max_width class for them. Please after you add an image click on it it edit and then switch to Advanced settings tab. In the classes field please enter max_width and save the shortcode. It will look like on the screenshot.

Thank you!

woooo! Awesome stuff. You are a life saver. Such a fast reply.

hi i would like to know if this theme is 100% RTL? (i mean nor ready but already RTL when i install on RTL CMS)

thanks ib

Thanks for being interested in Crystalline! Yes, Crystallne is a already-rtl theme and has a rtl.css file.

Thank you!

great. thanks!

Excellent theme, excellent and prompt support team. I am really happy with the product and cmsmasters. They helped me setup an RTL installation of Crystalline, and aside from some minor issues that I am sure are solvable, this theme is a great purchase! Well done cmsmasters. Zacky

Thanks a lot for your wonderful words! We really do our best to help our customers come up with great websites and get maximum value from our products :)

Hey, I’m having problems with the Form Builder. It’s sending off emails alright, and it appears to be going through the motions (I’ll get a “message sent successfully” confirmation).. but the emails I receive contain none of the filled content, other than the first field (Name).

Any help or suggestions?

Thank you for contacting.

This issue with the Form Builder usually occurs when the fields you added to your form we not afterwards chosen to be delvered within your message. Please, while creating your form make sure to click all the buttons like shown on the screenshot – see it. Please also do this when applying changes to your existing form either.

Thank you very much!

I simply want to insert an image in the body of a normal page, then click on the image and have a larger version of the same image open in a lightbox. How do I do this?

Thank you for contacting!

To add a lightbox to your image you can use the following code example:
<a class="jackbox" href="http://link to your image in a lightbox" data-group="img2"><img src="http://link to your original image on page" width="..." height="..." /></a>

Just add the links to your images and set the width, height or any other parameters you want. You can use this code example for bot standard wordpress editor, or our Text Block shortcode in a Visual Content Composer. Just please in any of these switch from a Visual editing mode to a Text mode and paste a code, add links to your images.

Thank you, should there be more questions feel free to ask!


good looking theme!

can i set it up to have two languages, one LTR and one RTL , English and Arabic with a language switch?

please let me know

thank you!

Thanks for your great feedback!

Yes, you can setup to have and RTL and an LTR languages – it will be automaticaly changing from one to another when switching a language. Though please keep in mind that we have not tested the translation plugins, so we cannot guarantee they will translate 100% of theme elements.

Thank you!

thank you,

i will take my chances!

i know you’re not in position to recommend any translation plugins, but out of your experience, which would be the best for me to test things with

thank you

In fact there is really nothing we can advise here, as this is a completely customer choice. We don’t even test these plugins to recommend you any.

Thank you!

HI, this theme is compatible with ubermenu?

Thanks for contacting!

In fact initially the theme was not meant to have a menu like that and we have not tested it for that. So in any case, at the very least there will be a need to add styles for it to correspond the design.

Thank you!

Does this theme support RTL ? would that reflect on menus as well?


is this provided with the theme ? the plugin I mean

RTL Tester is not provided in the theme archive, though can be easily installed, as it is free.



Is there a way to change the projects/portfolio section to display “services” in the URL/PERMALINK instead of “Projects” ? and is it possible to link pages instead of post-types?

I am not sure if that is clear enough.

Hi again!

In fact this is not really possible, as demands rather deep changes in many theme files to make the theme work with these changes applied. Thanks for understanding!

Hey I been watching this theme (as I buy the html version) and I’m wondering if I can translate “projects” and “testimonials”.

Just in case, I want to be explicit, I need to know if I can translate the bold marked text And

Thank you for being interested in Crystalline!

As to your question – in fact this will not be possible, as these post type names are in permalinks and this cannot be edited.

Thanks, should there be any other questions please feel free to ask!

Appreciated if you can help me with this issue! In RevSlider! Whenever I edit CSS it doestn save/write the changes. I am not so familiar with fixing such issues! Your assistance is appreciated.

Regards, AZ

Thanks for contacting!

Please submit us a support ticket so that the support team could check the issue and guide you on how to eliminate it. Submit a ticket.

Thank you!

I’ve added custom post types to my site that’s using this theme. I’d like to know how can I have the new custom posts inherit or show theme page attributes and page editing features.


Thanks for contacting!

As to your question – in fact this sort of help goes beyond the support policy and we will not be able to help you with this. Thank you for understanding. The only thing we can advise here, is that you take, for instance, Testimonial posttype for an example, and perform search through the theme files with your notepad for testimonial. Then you can add analogical code for your posttype, like it is now for testimonial. Hope this will help,

thank you!


I am having a problem with breadcrumbs , im setting up RTL site on this theme. Whatever the home page title is , still shows “HOME” in breadcrumbs , how can I change it?

Hi again!

Do you mean you can’t have Home in your language, no mater that your home page s named like that? If yes, please translate it in your translations, as you did for other elements.


Solved! Actually I just had to edit the breadcrumbs PHP file in the framework folder.

Love to hear that, should there be any other questions please free to ask!


Is there a way I could enter the shortcodes manually without using the visual page builder? Is there a listing available of all the shortcodes the theme incorporates ?


Hi again!

In fact there is no listing shortcode listing, but you can extract any shortcode code with a Firebug, just generate a needed shortcode using the visual content composer, and inspect it with Firebug, the, copy the shortcode code to insert it somewhere else. Please see the forum thread that will help yo understand how to extract shortcodes – go to forum.

Thank you!


how can i edit the url for the social icon in the footer

thank you

ok i found ! thanks

Great to hear that! :)


I am creating a page that has a fullscreen rev-slider. How can I get rid of the space above footer or under slider? If there extended support that I can purchase I am willing to do so if price is reasonable , because so far what I’ve required to modify is beyond what you can offer as theme author on TF.

Regards, TheAliZee


Hi again!

Yes, this does require additional customization, though we currently do not take any custom tasks. Nevertheless, you can contact one of our independent contributors about this, they do take custom orders and know out themes well. If you are interested in this, you can contact us at so that we could provide you with the contact details.

Thank you!

Hey hello again ,i mback after a comuple of months with a wierd question i love crystalline, and i like a lot agriculture too, i just got agriculture and im setting up my site so my brother want me to change a little his own and he want full black background. Im not very sure how to do this the dark version of the theme just cover the heather and the menu but not the content. here is a picture to show you waht i exactly mean.

 photo ADAM-CAMBI-OA-NEGRO_zpsf275f58f.jpg so i wonder if you can just point me where to add the 000000 and ill do it asap


as always a pleasure!

Hi again)

In fact content background in this theme is meant to be white, while allowing you to edit colors for all the other elements. Still, you can use a Custom Css field in Theme Settings – General – Custom Codes to add the following code:

#middle { background: #ffffff; }

You can add the desired color number instead of the given one. Save the changes.


awesome thanks a lot!! i know its ment to be white and i tryed to explain that but you know how people is, “I just want it black” and well i need to put it black, i think iw ill not look good but now i can show him.. thank you!

awesome it actually looks kinda good thanks a lot!