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Which version of CS-Cart does support? The latest is 4.x.


Coming up with Latest CS-cart version in few days

Hi..Now CSmart is available in 4.0.3 version..

Too bad, it seems to be made for an old version: http://www.mojoomla.com/demo/cs-cart/csmart/?version

Coming up with Latest CS-cart version in few days

Hi..Now CSmart is available in 4.0.3 version..

Great news! A demo of the new version would be nice :-)

Is there a 4.0.3 version of this template for CS Cart yet? I would like to buy.

Yes, will be available after 2 days..

Hi..Now CSmart is available in 4.0.3 version..

hi it is great template i have to ask at the categories menu at the left, is it possible the menu to open with click instead of mouse hover?

Hi, Thanks for showing interest. Yes with some code modification this is possible.

Hi there I have bought this template And I have some questions I hope you will help me

First of all I want to change some font styles (uppercase to lowercase etc) but the css is inside the cache so anytime I refresh and clear cach it disappears. So is there any way to have my own css to override and where to insert it? Thnx

Kostas iliadis

-For that you have to modify one file that is located in You root folder. Path is : Root folder > design > themes > csmart > templates > common > product_data.tpl

-Find “truncate:45” in that file and you can change that 45 in to your desire length for product title.

i did that but nothing changed! is there any possibility that any other file overrides that? i also cleared cache and logout and login again. but didn t changed. is there anything i delete too?

Visit profile page and email us FTP and admin details alongwith issue details.

Has anyone had success with this template? I purchased and installed. The search area and the homepage banners simply don’t work like the demo. Search area does not display the same way, and banners do not react at smaller sizes properly)

I have attempted getting support and so far I just get ignored. It’s been two weeks…

We have updated our demo and themeforest package on themeforest. You can download and check it. Demo is working perfect. Now if you have any genuine issue then pass the cscart access, will solve it.

The demo is NOT working perfect. The main homepage banner looks terrible at phone size. The items overlap instead of dropping down. And it did not work like that in the demo when I purchased the template. You changed the demo after I purchased your theme.

I already sent you access twice. Please fix this.

Can you modify one file that is located in You root folder. Path is : Root folder > design > backend > templates > views > products manage.tpl

-Find “truncate:40” in that file and you can change that 45 in to your desire length for product title.

is this compatible in multi vendor?

i want to buy this template for multivendor, can you test it? i want the design on this

WE are checking the theme for Multivendor. Will update you soon

We can now confirm that it works with Multivendor.

my multivendor site, is destroy with this template. please check http://mall.edisongraphics.info/

Visit profile page and send us FTP and admin details. We will set it for you.

no, i will setup my self, because this is not a actual domain

base in your, guide, i follow everything, no success

i see the breadcrums is the problem

can you send me your layout in your multicart? this is my email. etagyam@gmail.com

replied on email

It doesn´t work very well! I’m having a lot of problems!!

Please email us the problem and we will be happy to help


Can you tell me if this Theme will work with the latest cs-cart version 4.1.2?

I installed but there it is not being displayed properly. I did follow the installation and setup guide.

I am the dev.

The account purchased from is this (above): drtapan

Yes it will work with 4.1.2

Its not working properly though.. on the multivendor version.

your demo has been hacked, check it

Thanks for info

Hi there, there is a problem for viewing the CSmart template on the site. We saw an liked it some time ago, but it is impossible to find it now. Can you help us with that?

And one more question. When final page for the product is viewed, can the recommended products links be shown? For example, when the customer chooses the bed and the page gives suggestion for suitable mattress.


—Yes button highlight color can be change just making little change in css. and product hover magnified is possible but you need to purchase zoom addon for it.

—Yes recommended product can be shown by just making change in layout file

Thanks a lot. I will contact you regarding some more details upon purchasing the theme.


Could you provide me with the same Theme which will work with the latest cs-cart version 4.1.3?

Than you in advance.

Please purchase the theme and you will have it for 4.1.3

Excellent! Thank you for your reply.


Have purchased the theme and sent a message regarding files for 4.1.3, but haven’t heard anything. Could you please send files for 4.1.3?


replied on email

May I request version 4.1.3 file? Already purchased this theme. Thanks.

visit profile and send us email on this

Already did. Hope to receive the update soon, thanks.

The Version is available on TF as well now.

When will the 4.1.x be available? I’ve already purchased a copy

We will release it part of package pretty soon.

I’m having a lot of problems….. I want my money back!!!

What problems you are facing?

hi i have bought some months ago had problems with editor and still have one problem now

bullets are not shown in frontend i am trying to insert bullets and although the bullets are shown in the backend editor (tinymce) the frontend stil not showing any bullets!

can you help?

any help?

If you want to add bullet in front end then you have to set it using css. For example we have set bullet in footer exrta link usig css.

mj-footer .footer-bullet li a

{ background: url(“images/footer-bullet.png”) no-repeat scroll right 6px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); }

You can set bullet like this anywhere you want.