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Thanks Twirro.

Another question. Everytime I add a new page, it gets automatically a link on the menu. I don’t want ALL of the pages to have a link on the menu. Is there a way to avoid that? Hope it does.

Thanks. F

@fba, it seems like your question identical with your previous. please e-mail me if i’m wrong. thank you!

Absolutely fabulous. I don’t even know what I’m going to use this for, but I’ll find something!!

thank you, @urbanbricks.

I share the concerns of Valendesigns above. Viewing this template on a Mac Pro with Firefox 3, the design extends beyond the visible window, but with no apparent way to compress the page for simpler viewing. I’m very impressed with your work, but am concerned about this issue. Am I missing something? Or what? Thanks, dsansomga

@dsansomga can you email me a screenshot with this issue? thank you.

Nice work mate =)

Is there anyway I can modify the js to append the zoom class to different div instead of the body?

I’ve modified the file and don’t want the zoom to affect a certain section.



you always can add your custom js file, please email me with your issue


Is the uncompressed js part of the purchase package?

@YouMa no. but you can request it in any time

Hi there,

The demo is not right on IE8 and Safari 3.2.2 (windows). But it’s Ok on Safari 4.0.1 (MacOs). Some news for an update ?

Thanks a lot!

hi @joshu!

Safari 4 (for windows) works perfectly!

IE8 , well, IE… IE8 is another MS fail which will make life of webdelovepers such a hell. anyway, when IE8 will pass ACID3 test (at least 50%), only after that we’ll recognize IE8 like a browser.

thnx for interesting issue!

It’s well ok now. Good work dude!

Thanks and good summer ;) Regards, Joshu.

On a wide screen it looks horrible chaotical!

slick design and concept.. will be following your work.. keep up the great ideas and thinking outside the box!

where are HTML Files?