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Good afternoon! I plan to purchase your template. We will use the Multisite and different domains (not subdomains). If we buy a template, it can be used for our purposes?


Good afternoon! Yes why not, you can use ;)

Regards, Codestar


Beebs Purchased

I purchased this template in 2013 and I only got a chance to use it last week, 2017. Oh, how I was wrong then because I didn’t pay attention well with the documentation. I begin to take time to read the documentation carefully last week and I found that CStar is really one of the best template in the market.

Strength: 1. Easy installation with sample content and really straightforward document 2. Very intuitive architecture: the developer really understand the hierarchy of Homepage >Page>Post, embellished with unlimited and customised widgets. 3. First class presentation with flexible template approach : users can customised template from sample content or create their own specific design. 4. Custom widgets are excellent choice. You can use it anywhere differently. 5. Easy and robust query: Please try the shortcode for Blog based on category. You will get a clean and fast result in your template. 6. Really good attention to detail and the developer is really generous: from features like the page navigation, allowing comment or not, to copyright, etc. Not to mention several nitty gritty features that other developer/template will ask you to buy support fee.

Wish list: 1. There should be an option open for CSS for portfolio/gallery. The CSS should be independent. The current presentation is too basic. 2. What is that hover name pop-up “permanent link to”..its too geeky.

Last but not least, most of template nowadays using Visual Composer plugin as a backbone. There might be impact by doing this. CStar template doesn’t use Visual Composer. So it makes it lightweight, but you can still put any bells and whistles to make your website pretty and functional.

I enjoy working with this template. Highly recommended.


First of all thank you for your kind words and appericiation, we always try to make our product eaiser as much as possible :) As this theme is now old and made from old technologies it’s very much difficult to integrate visual composer for now as this theme is based upon our own shortcode builder, and for further details, please join our support forum