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Looks neat. Good luck with sales.

Cthulhu fhtagn! Cthulhu fhtagn! Ia! Ia!

Haha made me laugh out loud! :D Great 404 page!

Hehe, very nice :D

Awesome 404. I’ve posted it on ThemePassion.

Rather cute than scary :b Good luck with sales! :)

I’m sure the Great Old Ones are pleased with your offering.

I bet they are :)

Awesome, another great item from this author! :)

Could this somehow be used with Wordpress?


:) it can be integrated as a template for 404 page relatively easily.

Haha i love it! Though it would be nice to make another html file with the monster only, and a little cleaner :-)

How can i make it fly around like in the sample?

Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael, Thanks for feedback!

Our Cthulhu is animated using CSS3 animations and so-called “keyframes”. Unfortunately this technique cannot be described in couple of words :( The best way is to google something like “CSS3 keyframes” and find a decent tutorial ;)

Thanks for understanding!

How can I adapt/install it for my wordpress.org site? Is it just a matter of uploading it to the theme package on my server?

It is physically impossible – this is HTML template, not WordPress.

11 mths ago you told jayjaybirdsnest that “it can be integrated as a template for 404 page relatively easily.” .....on wordpress What has changed in that time?

By a professional developer…

i don’t know if this would be hard to turn into a Wpress page, but i’d buy it…if not how hard on scale of 1 to 10 would it be for a customer to do themsevles?

Hello, If you have no experience in creating WordPress page templates this will be very hards. However if you know how to create templates for categories, pages, etc. it will be relatively easy.

thank you , i do know how to do that