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Congrats, clean work ; wish you the best with sales :)

Hi, I would like to purchase this but there is a bit of a deal breaker. Is there a way to disable the two options that appear on the rollover’s for the portfolio thumbnail’s? I would not want “preview,” as an option for my viewers…ONLY the direct link to the actual project!


Yes that would be simple do to, I can do that edit for you no problem. 

Regards, Martin

Awesome, thank you for the quick reply. 2 more questions: 1) width of blog content? I am displaying mainly art and the width seems a bit small to showcase nice detail. Easy change? 2) is there an option to include the content (check URL ) at the bottom of each and every page?



You could do this but due to the different content within the site such as the post types etc a lot of changes would need to be made, which would possibly break the layout so I couldnt support this, you could however have it so when clicking the images you get the full size preview in a lightbox.

Do you mean the 3 widgets at the bottom of that screen? You could just add the widget code to the template files so they appeared at the bottom of every one.

Regards, Martin

Looks quite nice. Good luck with sales.

Thanks man :) been a little slow to start with, hopefully they’ll pick up though!

Hey you used my social media icons without any backlink?

please include this in your description thx…

Hi sorry about that, I put them in the documentation but forgot about the item page, sorted now :)

Great theme!

How can I add a description to an item in the portfolio showcase on the frontpage? Now it only shows the name of the portfolio-item and the name of the project, without any description or text. The documentation says I have to add a project by clicking on portfolio -> add project, but that button doesn’t exist.

Hi there and thanks for purchasing :)

The theme is supposed to just show the title and project type on the home page items, however if you wish for part of the description to display too, you can open up template-home.php in a text editor and add the line

within php tags at around line 120 where each portfolio item is created. Is this what you mean?

Regards, Martin

One more thing; instead of linking to the project_type I’d like the portfolio showcase items to link to the url I’ve specified at the portfolio-item page. What PHP code do I have to use? I already found the href to the_permalink();, but I don’t want the link to be the permalink but my own specified link.

Thanks in advance!

Do you mean you don’t want the portfolio thumb on the homepage to link to the actual portfolio item? This would involve custom coding.

If you contact me via the form on my profile page replying with the answers to these questions I’ll do my best to help you out :)

Regards, Martin

hello! love this theme. i chose it for the great elements of detail (love the divider line style).

I have 2 questions:

1) any way to add more than 5 images to a portfolio item? some of my work includes a lot of shots/images of 1 piece

2) also, anywhere in the documentation that includes sizes for all images? my featured images look fine on home page, but too small on portfolio page.

the site is in maintenance mode but i will share a link when its complete :)

Hi there, thanks for purchasing and I’m glad you love the theme :)

1) If you let me know how many you are likely to use I will mod it for you if you like.

2) I’m not too sure what you mean, once you send the link over I’ll take a look and get a better idea of what you mean.

If you’re site is still in development and you don’t want to share the link here, feel free to email me from the contact form on my profile page here:

Kind regards, Martin

Hello. I like you theme and I considering to buy it.

Can I please have a source file of the Cubano theme, I like it a lot. Bye

Hi there,

What do you mean by a source file of the Cubano theme?


Oh, I mean the Cubano logo.

I created it myself, I could send you it once you purchase if you like.

hello nice theme :) ! i purchase your theme but when i try to activate i got a fatal error: call to undefined function wp_get_theme()..... i don’t know how to fix that problem



Hi Asbrey, thanks for purchasing :)

Could you let me know what version of WordPress you currently have installed?

Thanks, Martin

i got a wordpress 33.1. I tried you theme in local 34.1 and it works ! thanks so much


No problem, enjoy!


I just purchased the item, nice work. I am leaving you a note to improve in your next projects. since in the theme options there are so many tabs in one page, when 2 people are working together, all will be overwritten by the latest user click on “save settings” so would be good to just save the current tab info instead of all the tabs. IN my experience one guy was adding all social links, and i was uploading logo, he saved his social links (like 8) and when i uploaded logo with my cached version all of the other fields were overwrote. Thanks ;) and great work :=)

Hi and thanks for purchasing :)

Thanks for the feedback I’ll have a think about how that can be improved, it’s always great to hear feedback!

Would you mind rating the theme 5 stars if you’ve been happy with it please.

Kind regards, Martin


I have purchased this WP theme and I’m having a problem when I’m trying to install. Could you please send me the sample-data.xml file?

I love this theme by the way :) Thanks.

Hi there and thanks for purchasing :)

I don’t supply the xml files with my themes as the data setup is not too complex and they’re pretty simple to set up from the documentation.

What exactly are you having trouble with and I’ll do my best to help you :)

Kind regards, Martin

Hi Martin,

I am considering purchasing this theme for my client. Is there any way to showcase multiple pictures in a portfolio category.?

eg. in your example when you click on Portfolio > Design and then click on the magnifying glass “See preview of Velit Ridiculus” it pops out with one image in the Lightbox style. I’d like to show my client’s portfolio of say 20 images (next, next, next etc )

Is that as all possible with your theme “Cubano”?




The page with the magnifying glass is meant to be just a snapshot of all your projects available and as such only shows one image on that page, showing lots of images for each project would slow the page down way too much.

When clicking the link it takes you to the individual project page where you can display more images for the project.

Hope this makes sense, Martin


I have just purchased the theme, however on installing it to my wordpress, it fails due to not finding the style.css file. Looking at the contents of the folder downloaded, i can clearly see it in there. I just wondered if you knew of any reasons why it would not see it?

Thanks it advance, I am looking forward to using it,

regards, Finn

Hey Finn, thanks for purchasing :)

It sounds like you’re uploading the wrong files, what you need to do is extract the theme folder from the zip you downloaded from ThemeForest and upload that, let me know if that works :)


greetings! Blog area: hoping i can lose the author/comments area and widen the photo? they’re a little on the small side for my work :)

Hi there,

What you would have to do is open up the 9 files within the post-formats folder (but not the single folder within) so aside.php audio.php, gallery.php etc…

Then, within these files you would need to remove the following div

<div class="post-meta">
including the items inside the div and its closing </div>. This would remove the meta on the left hand side.

Then, to enlarge the right hand side area you would need to change the width on .post-excerpt to 554px

That should just about do it!

Some great work by the way :) Martin

Thanks so much for speedy reply! i have successfully edited all 9 files within post-formats to remove post-meta info.

Where can i find .post-excerpt to adjust width? is it also within these 9 files or something else? sorry! self-taught PHP ’er :)

No problem, .post-excerpt is within the file default-styles.css within the styles folder ;)


awesome, found the file and adjusted. images are still appearing at a short width – I’m trying to get the photo to span the majority of the post area. any ideas? :)

Hi there,

it seems you haven’t adjusted the .post-excerpt class within default-styles.css to a width of 554px yet, once you make that change it’ll span right across :)


got it – amazing! thanks for the great support and fabulous theme ;)

Not a problem enjoy your website :)

If you haven’t already would you mind rating the theme 5 stars on ThemeForest.

Kind regards, Martin

hello again! i am still working to customize a few areas – any way to add VIDEO (.mov?) to the Home page slider area (instead of a featured image?)

Thanks :):)

Hi again :)

I don’t think the slider included with the theme supports video off the top of my head but there are plenty 3rd party sliders out there which achieve what you’re after.

A note about your mov movie type though, not all browsers support all kinds of video, you might want to check this out

Kind regards, Martin