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Hello, I would like to use this theme to setup a page where my users can register, and then upload fotos and create their own catalogue, so that each user can only see their own pictures. Is this posible with this theme? Thank you!


Yes Cube has a front-end registration form and posting form you can view a sample gallery post here to see how a gallery post would look like with text and comments enabled.

Also all the posts made by the user are listed on the users profile so you can view them there.

I hope i was helpful,

Best Regards.

Hi, i´m interest in purchase the theme. But a have a question: can the users create their own channels?


With Cube the user can create it’s own profile where their videos will be listed and it will look like in this page

But it’s not like youtube where you can create multiple profiles “channels”, a user will have only one profile “channel”.

I hope you find my reply helpful, Best Regards

Hi, I love the theme so far. I was wondering how I could make the logo on the desktop view bigger than what it is. Any help would be appreciated


Sorry for the delay because it was weekend,

Here is a code that be fine for your request, please enter it in the Custom Css area

.header-top-section a.logo img {
    height: 120px; /* enter your logo height in pixels */
    max-width: none;

If the provided code won’t solve the problem please provide us your website url so we can take a look and see what exactly you need to modify.

Best Regards

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

One final question, how can I change the color of the grey banner with the home page descriptions as well as the color of the twitter stripe at the footer?


Thanks for reaching out, Yes you can change the colors but it must be done via Custom CSS Code, You can do this by including this code in Custom CSS (Options > Main > Custom CSS)

.featured-section {
    background-color: #80a9a8 !important; /*Change the 80a9a8 to your desired color*/

.top-footer {
    background-color: #80a9a8 !important; /*Change the 80a9a8 to your desired color*/

I hope that i was helpfup,
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hi, the child theme can not be activated. I’m getting the following error messages:

Warning: include_once(advanced-custom-fields/acf.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /xxx/wp-content/themes/cube-xxx/functions.php on line 29 Warning: include_once(): Failed opening ‘advanced-custom-fields/acf.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.’) in /xxx/wp-content/themes/cube-xxx/functions.php on line 29 Warning: require_once(includes/custom-fields.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /xxx/wp-content/themes/cube-xxx/functions.php on line 31 Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ‘includes/custom-fields.php’ (include_path=’.’) in /xxx/wp-content/themes/cube-xxx/functions.php on line 31

Can you help? thank you regards

Hi there,

Can you please try to remove the file functions.php on the child theme and see if it works, if you wish please open a ticket at our support forum and we can handle the fix for you.

This is a mistake from our side, we will fix it and update the child theme next week and it won’t happen any longer.

I hope you can understand, Kind Regards.

hi UmbrellaStudios

thank you for your quick response. The error does not appear anymore deleting the child functions.php file.

But now I see another error/notice. I dont think its related with the last errors, anyway the new error message appears when I click in the Theme Options -> Main, Footer, Sidebars … or Documentation.

Strict Standards: Declaration of TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::before() should be compatible with Bulk_Upgrader_Skin::before($title = ’’) in /xxx/wp-content/themes/cube/includes/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1893

Strict Standards: Declaration of TGM_Bulk_Installer_Skin::after() should be compatible with Bulk_Upgrader_Skin::after($title = ’’) in /xxx/wp-content/themes/cube/includes/tgm/class-tgm-plugin-activation.php on line 1893

I wait til the update next week. thank you


We apologize for that we were not aware that the TGM Plugin Installer is causing errors on the new WP 4.6

We just updated the theme adding WP 4.6 Support, Updated TGM Installer and also Fixing the Child Theme problems.

You will get notified from Envato via email when the updated theme gets approved.

Thank you for understanding, Kind Regards

I use this theme and am largely happy with the layout. However, on a blog page, when I upload any image, it gets duplicated in the right hand column. Even if I go back and delete the image, it still sits there on the right side. Can you help with this?

Hi there,

Can you please contact us at our support forum using your purchase code because at the moment we don’t see that you have purchased Cube unless it is purchased by another account.

I hope you understand, Kind Regards

Hello I’m thinking of pruchasing the theme. I would like to ask a few questions: The facebook plugin for comments, can it be added for when every user uploads theres a facebook comment box instead of the normal comment box? Also, Can there be both a comment box for every post as teh standard and also a facebook comment box next to it?

Hi there,

Thank you for considering Cube theme. We tested the Facebook Comments wordpress plugin and it worked so every user posts their comments.

I hope our answer is helpful. Best Regards

Does the self hosting aspect of the theme work with Flowplayer or JWplayer?

Hi there,

Cube theme uses HTML 5 on self hosted videos, to include JWplayer or Flowplayer there is needed a small modification in the code.

Kind Regards

Is the encoding expected to be done on my end with no third party service, correct?


Sorry but Cube does not work with JW or Flow API and the videos can not be managed via their panels.

What i meant was changing the video player appearance so the videos will be played in JWplayer like in this link: https://goo.gl/jBsi2s

Or creating a field on the video submit (new post) that you can paste the embed code of the video that is hosted on JW but that is not very user friendly.

Kind Regards

hello, This is a pre-purchasing question. My client wants me to create a Photo-Blog website that’s identical www.flickr.com, hence I came across your theme. I want to ask if your theme support members to upload images as many as possible and can it placed on their own portfolio on the website and also can those pictures uploaded be categorized on the website once uploaded, i.e fashion pictures, actress pictures etc Lastly, can the sizes of images upload be limited to maybe 1mb per image.

Thank you.


Thank You for being interested in our Cube Theme.

Well technically Cube supports multi users and all of theme can add posts/images but that’s not build for photography albums so you can’t have any slider or a template optimized to only show photos.

Anyway the best way to find out if it fit’s your need is by registering on our demo and check the new post options.

Best Regards

Just tried installing this theme and got the following error message:

```The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css sheet.

Theme install failed.```

Can you please update the theme to include a style.css sheet?

Hi there,

It might be possible that you are uploading the wrong package, The zip file that you should install is located inside Cube Package folder and is called cube.zip.

This image might explain it better to you. \\

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact.
Happy Holidays

Thanks for clarifying!

You’re Welcomed :)

Two quick questions: (1) what is the “Cube-child” theme? and (2) how would I find and activate the minimalist skin?

Hi there,

Child Themes are often used when you want to customize or tweak an existing WordPress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme.

To change the skin please go to Options > Branding > Theme Skin.

Kind Regards

Can the homepage banner/slider area display video?

Hi there,

You can display videos on only on the Slider of the Homepage Type 4, We have used Revolution Slider to create that slider, and you can add videos instead of images.

Kind Regards

Thanks. 1. In the rev slider, can user submitted videos be displayed at the admin’s discretion? Meaning, can the admin choose a user submitted video and display it in the rev slider? 2. How long max can each video run in the rev slider? 3. What time zone do you work out of, or which country?

Hi Andy,

1. The slider can be created from the admin only, and any media can be chosen for the slides.

2. There is no restriction on the video duration. But you can change the timing of single slides in Global Settings.

3. We are from Kosovo GMT+1

If you need more assistance, we can help you build the perfect slider on our support forum.

Kind Regards

I can’t edit theme settings. logged in as admin, but it says I don’t have access.. I can’t register to the support site as it will say my purchase code is not verified. please help

I was able to log in, but I it won’t verify my purchase code…. and can’t submit the ticket… please help. i’m having many issues….

the post form shows up, but nothing happens when i click publish. is there specific list of plugins that i’m supposed to have other than the ones that came with the plugin installation? there’s absolutely nothing happening. not even the wait cursor, no error, just nothing.

Hi there,

Please provide your login information into this email: ardian@umbrella.al so we can check and fix the issue.

Kind Regards

do you have one column template where the page will have full-width? without the sidebar.


Default template does not have sidebar but the content is inside the container which has a static width (responsive).

If you want to break the container please let us now on our support forum: support.umbrella.al and we will help you achieve that.

Best Regards

i’m sorry, but my purchasecode codes out as not verified and I can’t create any tickets. I have sent email regarding this, but I still can’t get verified…

Just replied to your email and comment.

Please check it out.

Best Regards

the footer in the demo site is different from the theme downloaded in the footer area. in the demo site, the twitter feed has the twitter icon in front, but the downloaded site does not.. the Follow us icons do not show up. and the site information : address/phone/email do not have the icons in front as well. looking at the code, the html code itself is different. I have the latest update for the theme, can you help me.

again, my purchase code comes out as not verified and i have no way of adding a ticket. please let me know how i can get the support that i should be getting with the purchased theme.


It looks like there is no user on ThemeForest using “juliamom” username.

Can you please register to our support forum using the exact same user name “juliam0m” and the purchase code ?

Best Regards

Hi Sir,

I am interested in buying this theme. But before I do that, I wanted to know if you can add a “subscribe” button (not the RSS subscribe already present) similar in function to the YouTube Subscribe button.

I would also like to maintain a database of the subscriptions that users have made to each other.



If you are talking about mail and newsletters subscription then you can get mail-chimp.

But if you want something like YouTube for example if I go to your channel and I can subscribe to your channel then no. Unfortunately the theme does not have that functionality.

Best Regards

Hi I am interested in purchase this theme but if it’s fit the following scenario:

1- I have 30+ users they share their posts ,photos and videos. 2- Is the theme support posts in Arabic language ( RTL )? 3- Is the sinning up same as creating a WordPress user? 4- Is the theme fit and suitable for the NO. 1 scenario?



The theme allows user to register or you can register them your self by adding a user. So yes its the same.

The them does not support RTL

So all things can work but you need to change the css to make it RTL

Best Regards

Hi I have another questions please: - Is the theme support visual composer (page-builder) plugin? - Is the theme support slider revolution plugin? - If I purchased the theme i will get all 18 theme of umbrella and cube is one of them? Thanks


1. You can install Visual Composer on Cube theme but Cube theme is based on page templates, so with Visual Composer you can only use default VC Modules (shortcodes).

2. Yes, it supports Revolution slider.

3. No, this is not a bundle, you only get cube theme, to get all umbrella themes you should buy them separately.

Best Regards


egeo Purchased

Hi guys, when a new post is submitted via front end with featured image but no title, instead of a new untitled post, what we get is the latest (by date) post updated with the featured image we set. Can you please check front end functionality?


No in my case it adds a new post with no title!

Can you please contact us in our support forum at support.umbrella.al or via email at lorik@umbrella.al and provide the login information so I can have a closer look.

Best Regards


sadany Purchased

Hello, I’m interesting to buy your theme.. I already created a username on your demo website and try to upload a file but i get an error (Sorry, you are not allowed to upload files.) Is that because your demo website or the theme itself has this error too? also can i make the button “Add Image” become just an upload one without open media library?

Thanks a lot..


Sorry for the delay. We will respond to your support ticket as soon as possible.

Thank You for your understanding. Best Regards

8 days here and 6 days at support website without any respond, before i purchase it your respond were take 1 – 3 days maximum..


We are so sorry about that. The delay was related on some miscalculations on our vacation time sheet. We will all be back on September 3rd trying to catch up with all support tickets.

Thank You for your understanding. Best Regards