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Nice theme, good luck with sales :)

Well done, cool theme!

Thanks a lot mate

Hello ,,, Nice template ! Can i add buddy press plugin to this template ?


We did not tested, but i think BuddyPress needs custom theeming, so i think it won’t work with that.

Kind Regards

Thank you ! if i want a custom template ? is that possible and how can i contact you ?


Well at this moment, we are all in with other projects, so unfortunately we’re not able to do that.

hi everybody!!!! what kind of post can by puplished by registered users??? what kind of priviliges registers users have???


They can publish Blog Posts (WordPress default posts).

And this is up to you, what kind of Role will be assigned to Users, when they register, and this way they also get their Privileges.

This is indeed a great item!

Very cool theme! For self-hosted (mejs) videos, do you use a shortcode, or what is the interface for embedding the HTML5 self-hosted videos? Do you have screen shots of the posting utilities? What I am looking for is a way to change the settings (autoplay, etc.).

Do you have a way for me to view the theme with the white background that you mention is now available? Thank you very much for assisting with these pre-purchase questions, UmbrellaStudios :)


You can also use a Short-code to embedd self hosted Videos.You can choose a poster for the video, but the auto-play features is not able because we had problems on Apple devices with that.

Apples is not allowing autoplay, so we decided not to include as users might require that autoplay to work on all devices.

As for the white skin, we are preparing a new slider for that and we will push an update and update the demo where you can check it.

Kind Regards

Very good news, thank you, UmbrellaStudios! Good work!

Thanks a lot.

I have One trouble, which holds me from buying this theme. Would it be possible to make, that instead of “Featured Images” on single post, the Player Could be directly played. For example I set a YouTube Video as a Featured Post type and it can be straight played with or without entering the single post. (For example like here http://www.obox-design.com/demo-theme.cfm?theme=gigawatt )


We will incorporate this feature right now, and it should be available yesterday, ASAP Themeforest accepts the update.

Kind Regards

Nice! Looking forward and waiting for it ! I like the HOME TYPE 2 Homepage. Would it be eventually also possible, that I become every few posts a Box for an advertisement, which looks similar to a post box? Greets


We included that feature, and for Adds on Home Type 2 between categories you can place HTML, so there is the place where you can place the embedd code for add’s if you have one, or just create Layouts by yourself.

Kind Regards

Hello, when the writing of article is allowed on the view Front, any member can post an article. It is very well!!!

But when they upload an image, they reach the panel of upload Wordpress their allowing on the side bar of right, to DELETE the images which they want….

Can one block this option so that a malignant young does not delete all the images of the site?

Thanks you :D


Did you post this at our support forum also ?

Bought yesterday. Great theme, i have one problem however, when a user clicks new post it shows:

“Oops! This link appears to be broken. Did you mean: sun**.­com”

Also, I really recommend you add single picture posting, because you can post videos and audio recordings with all info such as: “UmbrellaStudios, 3444 views, 25 July 2013, Like this (1), Dislike this (1)”

At the moment images show like this as gallery: http://prntscr.com/1lmsfb You should make it so you can post images as their own post and also view stats, likes, dislikes like you did with audio and video.

On the post type area you should add “Image” too as single aswell. Then i’d rate this theme 5 stars, if you added the single image post support then this theme could also be used as a wallpaper site too which would attract many many people.

Being an experienced marketer, another thing i’d recommend is that in the theme options you also give an option to change the colour of these grey areas in the theme, http://prntscr.com/1lmtaa, the color changer on the branding doesn’t affect this part of the theme and i really think it should. Basically it needs to be more customization without getting into the site owner having to get into the CSS.

Once this is all sorted i’ll use this theme on my video sharing network.

Other than that great job!


I think you placed this at our Support forum also, we will continue this there.

Kind Regards

This theme looks great!

Is it compatible with:
- Crowdfunding by Astoundify
- Easy Digital Downloads


Can we give you access to a demo with Cube, where you can play around with any thing you need ?

O yes that realy would be nice cause I’m very interested in your theme


Can you login at http://demo.umbrella.al/

demo : demo are username and password

Kind Regards

Hi, very interesting theme. I noticed that when I resize my browser to a smaller size and the responsiveness kicks-in, some of the thumbnail images for the featured posts on the home page end up being pixelated. The images then become bigger than they are on the full layout as now they take the full width of the screen. I assume this pixelation is because the original thumbnails chosen for those posts were smaller than the size they are made to appear on smaller screens (?)

Another thing which I find annoying is that on some category pages, the thumbnails end up not aligned because some post titles are longer than others. It would be nice to have the option to have fixed height on these excerpts so that they end up aligned in rows.

Also, the like buttons in the posts are a nice addition but I fear they would compete with and draw attention away from a Facebook like button if I put one there. Why not incorporate the Facebook like button there are an option?

Thank you :)


We could not format everything stucked, at a single format as there might be Titles and Images larger or smaller than the size, and all that stuff is because of the flexibility this theme gaves to you.

Before purchasing, is the facebook login a plugin or hardcoded?


Facebook login is a piece written by us, so no plugin needed, and in fact Cube does not depend on any plugin.

We included some suggested plugins, but it does not depend on any.

Perfect! Is it possible to get det users profile photo?


No, the only way to get user profile is by Gravatar, which WordPress does by default, or their choice to upload one.

i am trying to set the accounts that users can upload everything, i would like someone to tell me how i can fix this settings in order the new users can publish video,images,sound, in a specific categories. because subscriber with draft can’t let the user to upload image or video or sound and the catagories are not allowed!!! please help me!!!


Please make users, so they are Contributors.


This plugin allows you to modify user privileges, so maybe this will help you achieving what you need.

Kind Regards

thanks a lot, your information was valuable!!! Excellent work and perfect design!!!!

Glad to hear that.

You would help us a lot, if you could rate Cube, from your Downloads tab.

Kind Regards

HI Great design, love the minimalism. Does this have a “most liked” widget? thanks

Thank you and yes it has. You can choose between most liked, most viewed, most commented …

Hi guys,

I bought the Cube theme but I can’t seem to get the Front-end Facebook login/registration to work. It doesn’t appear on the theme at all. What do I need to do to active it?


i love this theme. do you also have a non WP, static html version available? I want to integrate this with a different CMS, so I cant really use the WP version very well.

very nice theme

Thanks a lot mate

This theme looks very nice. Are there options to allow users ONLY to be able to add a video from youtube/vimeo and not be able to write a post or anything else?


Unfortunately, you can control that, users can add each post format, independently.

Kind Regards

Hey, this looks like an incredible theme, and I am very interested in purchasing myself a copy. My single query and the only thing stopping me is: On my mobile (nexus 4) the menu button which expands the menu overlaps the create account ( I think it’s called) button. I was wondering if this was something that you have noticed and planned on working with. Other than that, totally solid theme, it is beautiful. I look forward to hearing from you

We fixed this, please wait for the next update!

Thanks so much! I’ll check it out then.

Glad to hear that

Hey :) – Great theme, are you going to product a flat/html (Non CMS) version at all please?


Thanks for your comment, well we don’t plan it yet.

And chances are, we wont deploy the HTML version, as we did the development directly to WordPress.

Kind Regards