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Congratulations nice work.

Thank you!

Hello ! Nice works ! I want to create a multi-author blog. Do you integrate the social sharing ? And for the author, possibility to include their Social Account directly in their account ?

Thanks !


Users can create accounts with Facebook, or manually.

Otherwise, we don’t know a better social media integration.

Kind Regards

I think you don’t have understood me.

I would know if you’ve already integrated a socialbox count/button on the bottom of article. And i would like to know, if with the profile management i could already integrate social account link to an authors.

Sorry for my bad english…


Yes, we understand it now.

Well we will wait until other users, will ask for this feature and if yes than we will integrate this immediately.

Kind Regards

Nice and Clean :)

Thank you!

Hi this theme is super cool congrats!!!!

the features to implement this theme and to be a good option is

1- Integrate buddypresss

- has to be the default profile but with all the implementations that buddypress has. Follow user, Messages, Activity board, etc…

2- Order Projects navigation

- As you can see on there is options to order the post by: Most liked, News, Featured, Also by category

With that simple implementations this theme will be a good social network option for all the developers that wants more than a simple buddypress social network.

Go ahead and if you do that i will buy for sure 1 license every time that i need it because i work with jomsocial, but i prefer wordpress.


Thanks for that kind comment.

As for Buddypress, we will consider this if someone else requires it.

Otherwise, you can order projects on Home Pages however you want, plus you can use a page builder to create Categories Lists on home page.

This template must be amazing; 3×5 star ratings in a matter of hours; or maybe just divine intervention…..

hahah we had some people waiting for this

looks nice, However the search appears to be broken. When you search for some keyword which isn’t in the auto-suggest and hit Enter, you get an error page(broken link). Example: Search for something like sdfsdfg. Same error when tested on latest chrome and firefox.

Hi, yes the search engine is supposed to give you results in auto-complete and not redirect you, but we will add a search results page in the next update too



Again, that search feature is now fixed.

It’s awesome, 3 purchases and 3 five stars. Unbelievable!

Great work :) incredible theme. Good luck guys.

Amazing! I’m interested! 1 question: there is the possibility to lock the top menu during navigation? For ex.

Thank you! Good luck! :)

PS: which is the font used for Cube logo? :)

It is Dinpro

Beautifully made. I wish you guys would make more front-end submission based themes – perhaps with membership features – something Themeforest likes to call App Themes – you guys would kill it because your design is top notch. Looking forward to your future work! GLWS!

Wow great work! Cheers!


Thanks a lot andy

Thats great theme im definitely gonna buy this

Thanks a lot, we will enjoy you good times working with this.

Great theme ! GLWS :)

+1 for buddypress A question though – since bddypress 1.7 it should not require theme modification for basic functionality. How does it look with cube?


We will test Cube with Buddypress right now, and check if there are some problems, and if yes will make it compactible.

You will notice an update, and if buddypress compatibility is included.

Kind Regards

Thank you. Can you give your ‘first impressions’ view here? (It’s ok if it is not perfect)

It is updated, but not with buddypress.

Does the theme have an option to turn off: - internal like system - number of views

Wow! thank you for the update. Great support. This theme will be coming to

This is up now, but wait to see next update, you will get more stuff as you can see below this changelog :

Integrated Sharethis into post
Boxed and Wide Layout
Background Pattern and Background Image option
Reviews can contain decimal numbers

Great stuff!

beautiful work as always!.. good luck!

hello, thank you for the efficient theme, the login setup saved so much time.

i’am having problem with faceook login testing.. i created an App but when i try it, keeps getting waiting for facebook but does not log in.

2-do you think its good idea if i change fonts size? bigger.

3-just to make sure, the footer only allows address and social or there is an option that am missing?

thanks great theme and goodluck


As for the facebook app, please make sure you configured the app with your Domain properly.

2 – It is up to you, but we thought the font size is the proper one, if you need to change the size, just let us now in which sections and we will help you with that

3 – When you go to your Admin panel, at Options on the Footer section you can place those informations.

Kind Regards and thanks for your kind comment.

Hi there,

Is a custom background possible for this theme – either within the dark grey or contrasting light grey area? Really like the approach you’ve taken with the author page, can I ask how simple it would be to add authors own social links to their author profile as presented on your demo?

Thank you.


If you need help, we can help you playing with Colors.

As for the author page, for now only a short bio is able, but will add in short terms the possibility to add Social Profiles of the author.

Kind Regards

Hi there, firs tthing first amazing theme ! Just a question though will you do a boxed version of this amazing theme ? :)


We will consider this in a future update for sure.

Kind Regards