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It is a grea theme but can you tell me if we have to create a submit page or these pages will be there in the theme. Thanks.


The front-end submit page is included within Cube.

My friend have this theme but in his theme no profile page or submit page is loading. He is opening it locally and when he click on “New Post” this opens “http://localhost/wordpress/submit” but it shows “Not Found – The requested URL /wordpress/submit was not found on this server.” .Could you please tell me if we have to make a new page for this or this is prepacked in the themes file.

Sir i downloaded it for the demo of the site on my site . I will buy it if the demo works fine . But sir it doesn’t work fine .

Unfortunately this is not the way we accept dealing with support.

No problem sir . Thanks for your support


When I try to change the font in the “branding” options menu, the font on the site doesn’t change. Did I miss a step installing the fonts maybe? Please advise, thank you.


Please open a ticket at and provide there your site logins using a private comment please.

Hi, The preview of the theme is giving operation timed out error….please i need to see the preview once to be sure to purchase this theme.


It works pretty fine from my end :

Make sure this domain is reachable from your site.

Is it possible to configure this theme only for picture upload and also add likes or “heart” as like?

Unfortunately you can’t strict users what they will post about.

could you add a payment system to the theme need asap pay per post paid membership pro plugin

and have limit on how many posts can be posted with each different membership

Unfortunately non of these features are supported on Cube.

I cannot log into Umbrella. It says that my username already exists. When I try to log in with my Envanto password, it says that it is incorrect. I need help submitting a ticket.

You can’t use envato password, our support is a different site. You set a password the first time you create an account there.

It is saying that I already have an account with support but I’ve never logged in before. How can I reset my password?


I can see you registered there.

If you need to reset your password please use this URL :

I added Advanced Custom Fields plugin and it crashed my site – nothing but a blank page. Do you have any other suggestions for adding a custom field?


Open functions.php and remove line 42, you will see the ACF Menu immediately.

Kind Regards

Can I customize the submit form? I want to add conditional questioning and remove the review area.


Yes you can, but the process is all up to you as the customization part is not support covered area.

Kind Regards

Hi I wanted to know how does a person register using the front end registration is it that wordpress sends an automated email with the password to persons email id or is it completely front end where people can register without this long process because im currently using aruna and they have this stupid registration process.


Yes, Cube sends an e-mail to users with a password automatically, they just have to apply for registration.

Kind Regards

Hello I love this theme and am considering buying it but I am concerned about mobile functionality. On the demo site, it looks like the pc UI is just shrunk to fit the phone screen and still has three/four columns. The menu is converted to a mobile friendly version, but the rest of the content becomes way to small for mobile use when there are multiple columns. Is there a way to make the mobile version single column so the content can be larger?


Are you testing this by removing the preview iframe, if so than just click on the X button to remove the iframe with Purchase Button.

Kind Regards

Awesome, that did the trick. Thank you!

You’re welcome.

Pre Purchase Q: Can we’ve classic blog list style like a featured image with sidebar/excerpts? i dont like masonry layout.


Yes we can disable Masonry if you need to remove it on a certain page.

Kind Regards

i want to use classic excerpt view on all like blog post, archive, tag archive, author archive, date archive etc. is it possible with your theme and how?

Unfortunately Cube does not support Excerpt everywhere.


Awesome theme. I have a quick pre-purchase question.

I noticed there seems to be a little bug with the selfhosted video – it doesn’t go into fullscreen correctly. I’ve tested this with both IE and Chrome – see screenshot below >

Is this something you guys are working on, is it simply a bug with the demo or are you aware of a simple work around?



This issue is fixed, we just didn’t update the cube demo which I`ll do right now.

Kind Regards

I forgot my username and password for support but your site has no forget password function…..

Is there a way to disable the “dislike” feature on the Cube theme? I tried to log in to support but password not being accepted and there is no reset.


Please go to Options – Custom CSS and place this :

.dislike{ display:none; }

Kind Regards


I am interested in this theme, however I am wondering if it has BuddyPress support or is able to support any other social networking plug-ins similar?



Unfortunately buddypress is not supported by Cube.

How can I enable scrubbing through a video on the self-hosted video player?

Can you be more specific please ?

Hi Interested in this theme. Need few clarifications

1. Can users submit images and text content similar to regular blog posts?

1.1 Or is it images on top of the post (like featured images) and text goes separately?

2. Can we increase the number of posts visible in home page under one category with featured images?

2.2 Can customize/disable what’s appearing below featured image (meta deta, comments, views, dates, etc)

3. Can we have excerpts in home page and in category view?

4. Is there an author box for each post with there profile picture visible.

Finally is there any demo version I can try out as a user.


1 ) It is the second one 1.1

2 ) Yes we can

2.2 ) Yes we can

3 ) This is not supported

4 ) This is not supported

Kind Regards

Hey, are there any updates coming to this ? is it supported by latest wp ?

Hi, We will make an update soon. We’ll let you know when that happens.

Kind regards

Hi, I like your template, but i need two clarifications ;

1) When there are multiple user profiles how are they ranked you?

2) Does the administrator can create it even more user profiles?

Thank you.

Thank you

i take de thème, but i have this error : bRevolution slider + Envato tookit = > Repositery seems to be down.…

Hi Jakolo,

Can you please download the theme one more time because i just updated it with the newest RevolutionSlider and EnvatoToolkit.

Sorry for the mess the theme was downloading the old plugins from the server and now i think it’s good to go.

Best Regards.