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Excuse me , how much time do i need to get an answer? this suppose to be a new theme and support should be Little more active serving their products.



We’re really sory about that delay, but we have different time-zones so now we replied to your question.

Its ok no problem .. thanks for your reply :) as for facebook i did list the domain and the url ..but still not functioning. it would be great if you add in documentation which field shall we apply in the app settings to function correct. thanks

Big part of buying this theme is your nice set up for registration and all . specially for novice like me :)


Can you paste your site url here, and we can check on Console what Facebook is saying about that problem ?

Hey Umbrella,

Great theme! I love your theme! I hate to be hoarding you with things but seems like your review system doesn’t like decimals. For example, if you do 3.5 and 3.5, it averages it to 3 and not 3.5. Any quick fix for this?


Sory we assumed that, there will be only Integer ratings.

So in order to fix that please locate content-review.php file and on line 18 replace “intval” with “floatval” keyword.

Kind Regards and please help us with Cube, and give it some stars.


Can frontpage and all archive pages be set to use traditional blog layout which displays full content? My blogs have thousands of images embedded in posts, but there’s no featured images etc.

Thanks for the reply.

So in short there’s no way to just set everything to show full post content?

Well the post displays the full content, on post details section, but only on it’s single page.

Yes, I mean the frontpage and archive files. If you do ever get that option, please let me know.

Great idea… and done very nicely!

Thanks a lot matte.


Great theme, i’m considering buying it, but i noticed a few small things that are bothering me… the thumbnails seems not be be cropped, it think the theme is using image resizing, so thumbnails for exemple on widget are displaying wird… and not all the same size…

I hope you understand what i mean…

Waiting your kind reply in order to make purchase.


Well we where forced to re-size images with CSS because of Responsive Tablet view.

If we would crop them exactly how they where based on their containers on Tablets they will look ugly and pix-elated.

Kind Regards


what a great theme! Really nice :)

First question: in archives page or profile page i got some breaks ( http://gyazo.com/4853713fc5f6780dba3b30b5c72124b1.png ). Do you know why? I think this happens when the post title is too short (occupying only one line) but that’s not the case. However, if so, what line of code should change to fix a height?

+1 for Buddypress integration (waiting for update, eheh). Thanks!

Another questions:

- It’s possible more than three items (categories rows) on homepage (home type 1)?

- Can you help me put the search form on the place of address, phone and email (removing this items, i don’t need it)?

- Why I can’t use html on footer text box?


Can you please submit those questions at http://helpdesk.umbrella.al as we need to exchange private data, and we can’t do that right here.

Hope for your understanding

Already post there, looking for an answer. Thanks.

Hi there,

Wow, nice work. I’m really thinking about getting this one, but have one question: Is it possible to disable the masonry-style layout completely and go for one simple timeline + sidebar layout? So not two posts in one row, but only one, a simple blog layout. If yes, I’ll so throw my money at you. if not: What is the minimum of tiles in one row?



Well this depends on you.

We made that that way because we thought there would be some images which does not fit the minimum size and some long titles about 2 or 3 rows.

So if you keep all images Large (and then the system will have the possibility to generate a small one) and all Titles just one line you wont have Masonry there.

Kind Regards

How do I change the font of the menus?

You didn’t get what I was saying. What I meant was: the default role is set to Contributor. And when I test it, register a new account, go in to the panel, the theme option is AVAILABLE for the new user to change! He can change the default role to admin, and register again as an ADMIN!


Will double-check this right now, and come to a fix with that immediately.

Thanks for your understanding.

I would love to send you a direct message for the fix, as you wont have to wait until Themeforest approves the update.

great theme! I’m thinking to buy but want to see if its possible to have the following feature. Can users edit their own posts?


Yes they can, and they also can delete their posts.

When they go to their profile page, they can see an edit button on each post where they can edit that.

We always appreciate good looking themes and this one is definitely one. That header rocks!

I’d say that this is better than anything that’s there on TF for now.

Wish you lot sof sales.

We really appreciate your comment. Thank you

Before I purchase, do you offer anything else besides DISQUS for commenting, since you support user accounts?

What exactly is wrong with the Typography in the main navigation menu http://s13.postimg.org/fbb5bc8hz/Capture.png ?

And I’ve noticed an email subscription form, is that connected to anything, or is some external plugin not included with the theme?

Thank you for your time.

There are three options for comments: Disqus, Facebook and Native wordpress coments

For the typography that’s how Chrome renders this font, IE renders much better, Safari too. Best thing is if you don’t like it to change to another font

You can use many free plugins for the subscription form


Can you check Slider Revolution function? It doesn’t seem to work. You can’t create a slider there. And the Home Slider function doesn’t seem to work properly either. It can’t resize posts’ featured images correctly like the one in the demo.

This theme just has too many problems; it doesn’t look like advertised when applied. I bought it just a few days ago but now I’m very disappointed and I just want my money back, I don’t wanna deal with it anymore.


To get a refund please contact Envato support.

I think some of the problems are caused due to miss understanding.

Otherwise if you wish to continue with cube please be patiente as we wont leave any thread or bug open.

Kind regards.

Is there anyway of implementing a follow button on user’s profiles? Maybe through buddy press?


Thanks for the suggestion, will take a note about this, and see if others are requiring this.

If yes, than we will implement that.

Kind Regards

Bravo, once again another outstanding theme by UmbrellaStudios!
You are now officially among my fav. authors on envato and I’m so looking forward to whatever comes next from you guys :)

Thanks a lot matte, and we’re so honored with those kind words.

very simple design. Nice! I like it.


Thanks a lot.

Extra elegant, clean yet unique style. Congrats.

Kind Regards,

Thanks a lot matte.

the front end submission support a photo gallery (2,3,4,5+ photos)


Yes it does.

You can create an account, and try it by your self on the live demo.

Awesome. In User Profile it would be nice to see “Likes” as well as Posts and even better arrange the Likes in folders like a Board. Also, Follow would be a great feature like someone mentioned earlier. Beautiful theme. Thanks!


Yes thos feature is abailable right now.

You can see posts you liked on user profile.

Why is all the pictures not the same size ? if i use the “home slider” i lookes all wrong because the pictures is not the same size… Do all the “featured” pictures have to be the same size or can you fix this ?



We’re working on that, but it might take this week to finish as we need to leave that optional for other users.


If you don’t want to wait until we package Cube, than you can edit functions.php and replace with the code from this URL : http://pastebin.com/sn6e41PM

Than you need to use this plugin : http://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/ to re-generate thumbnails on cube.

And after that we will hope for that rating, you promised to us.

Kind Regards

PS : You need to be careful with images also when you upload, as they will need a bigger size than 770×364

This theme is phenomenal. Definitely will be looking to buy this in the near future. One question: is the rss feed button on the user profile only for that user’s posts or for the posts of the whole site? Thanks in advance.


That’s just for user posts, but you can also get the feed for all site posts here http://www.cube.umbrella.al/feed/


That’s great. I was hoping that it was.