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Is there a way to autoplay audio entries?

If you insert them via SoundCloud than you can make them autoplay.


Have a nice day!

Hello, The template is not accepting HTML Formatting Tags as:

Accepts nothing! This is basic and so can not work on my client’s site: See in prinshoot as is the editor, the bolds not appear on the website:

Thank you correct this in the template and let me know the update!


We’re really sory about this but we have a time span where we do return support tickets and we announced that they might take 24 hours.

Kind Regards

Apologize in arrears is easy to resolve is that is takes work!


Is there anything we can do to help you with your issue now ?

I need some of this kind to work that is basic in most templates:

How does the Cube Theme comendos not accept basic html?


This is the shortcodes page where you can see what it is there.

Kind Regards

Just tried to sign up to the support form and failed (twice) I was wondering how you would go about altering the email which is sent to new users with there passwords.

thanks in advance


Just login please with the username and the password.

PS : Check if the confirmation e-mail is on junk, but account confirmation is not such an important step.

Kind Regards

Great theme!

I searched comments and did not find an answer….

1. Does this support file uploading such as .zip file and then allow users to download it? Something like

2. Alternative, is there a way to have a custom post-type allow the user to download the featured image of that post? Such as for a wallpaper download?

3. Is there a way to change the lightbox you used with something else? Not a fan of the one you are using as it doesn’t seem very mobile friendly.


1 ) Nope , cube does not allow file sharing unless you use some plugin for that

2 ) This is not supported out of the box

3 ) Also this one is not supported out of the box

Kind Regards

Thanks for the answers. One last question is if you will be updating this to support the latest bootstrap 3.x instead of 2.x


Noted that.

I created an account on your test site, but when trying to create a new post, I cannot select any categories or upload a photo. Then, when I click publish, I’m returned to my account page and the post is not published.

Just following up on this. Any update?


This is restricted as we did not allowed users to post anything on our demo.

So is there no way to try out this functionality before purchasing the theme?

Can you add the ability to split test up to 25 different headlines for each post? You would also need to track the Click-Thru Rate of each headline. How much for this addon?


By Facebook to log gives the following error:

This Facebook account, does not exist on our system.

On the site I’m developing for my client the error is the same: I have everything set up on Facebook as well:

Have tested tb in your demo and same error occurs :(


I am not required to post at their forum because things there are not too public and you do not answer there!

I appreciate your answer to the question raised otherwise I will report you will do Envato for not giving proper support.


The login error continues on Facebook: (your site demo) (my site)


I appreciate that solve fast and will not run away issues!

I have already put the question at their forum:

I am a professional and therefore demand to support a fast and efficient!


Please be patient as we will hook all the support requests right now.

Kind Regards

Am I able to upload my own header? I need more than just a logo in the top left hand corner and don’t require the “search” field. If ‘yes’, I’d love to purchase!



Well this is not supported by Cube out-of-the box.

Kind Regards

Love the template, was wondering if the slider can be replace to a compatible better looking slider or a slider of our choice. A let down for this great template thanks

Please check the demos, there are different sliders including Revolution which is one of the most famous sliders in the market

Many thanks

Your welcome.


I just purchased your theme and love it, but I was wondering if there’s a way to allow customers to post even if they are not registered (guest posts).

Thank you!


Unfortunately every user has to register in order to make posts.

Hi there, i wish to purchase this theme however i have a few questions. Where do i send my email to pls? thx


What kind of e-mails ?

Can you be more descriptive please ?

Kind Regards

Sorry i was asking if there is any email address to which i can send my questions on Cube Theme? I feel more appropriate sending this question via PM. tx

It looks great! Is it compatible with the following WP plugins? WPML, BuddyPress 1.9.x, WooCommerce 2.1.x, bbPress 2.5.x, Gravity Forms, Easy Digital Downloads, Events Calendar, Events Calendar PRO


Cube it’s not compatible with WooCommerce or BuddyPress.

Kind Regards

Hello. I’ve just purchased the Cube theme but I can not install it on my wordpress. It says it’s missing the stylesheet.css?


Please try to install only, not the hall package you got from Themeforest.

Kind Regards

I want to buy this theme,I have a question :if my users is not directly register through the cube site, but by a master site, then users will be synchronized to the cube site, (the cube site register is closed actually). by this way user’s role is “no role for this site”, can cube allow no role user frontend submission?



No that’s not possible by default, maybe there are some plugins who does that, but Cube does not offer that.

Kind Regards

Hi, Cube is one of my sub site, users will be registered in the muster site, then synchronization to the cube. so I want to change the “Create an account” button, make it link to the muster site , of course I know modify header.php, but I’m sorry,I’m not a PHP programmer,I’m a 3d artist.So, would you mind give me some more information about this please? Thanks!


It seems this one needs more technical knowledge so, can you please move this to our support forum at Support

Great theme mate, was just wondering if there will ever be a 2.0 update? with some really cool features, would love to see ajax implementation and some more cool front page content, also ability to change display from mini thumb to large. Also a way to display articles bit better! much appreciated


We will see if we get to many requests and stuff like that, and than we will.

Kind Regards

Hi there,

Just purchased the cube theme. Need some assistance.

1. How do I activate the minimal theme? 2. When i tried to submit a “New Post” from the Front-End submission, the page just refreshes and I still remains on the homepage. nothing happens. I did not see a page to submit anything.

Please help.

Cheers, mliewable

Well this is a way to big customization, which we can’t afford to do.

You have to edit template-submit.php in order to insert that kind of functionality.

Please understand that we did not advertised that feature.

Kind Regards

thanks for the reply and giving me a starting point

Thank you for your understanding.

Im on version 1.6 but I had to edit it to make it non-responsive. Was wondering does the latest version have non-responsive option


Unfortunately it does not have it.

Kind Regards

no worries, I modify this theme a lot in my website. It has real good framework! Great work. Once I release it again I will send you link

That’s nice to hear.


I might buy this theme, it’s really nice but first I’d like to know, is there a way to show the featured sections first instead of the popular section on the default skin ?


If you are talking about the header part, where the slider is located, you can control what to show there and you can control the sorting.

Kind Regards

Thanks for the reply !

I meant when someone comes to the website, is it possible to make it looks like this ? So the featured button is at the top and the featured articles are displayed instead of the popular articles.