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I’ve just installed the theme and am getting an error message when trying to install the dummy content. When trying to install the plugins I get this message: Couldn’t resolve host ‘’

Now, I want to sign up for the support and keep getting an error message: When I want to create an account, I get the message that my e-mail address isn’t in order and when I try to login with my login details for this site, I can’t login either.

This is very frustrating …

That’s good to hear.

Thanks so much for your help! Now I can get on with building the site :)

You’re welcome.

Hi there – where can I find the settings to configure the User Submitted Posts. It is enabled etc. Also, I’ve retrieved a FB App ID, but front end submission doesn’t work. I’ve probably not configured something correctly on the FB side right?


Can you post this at please ?

Kind Regards

I’d love to, but I can’t open a ticket, because the system won’t verify my purchase code …


Just make sure to register there with the same username you have here on Themeforest.

Note, that the validation is case sensitive so match the char case as well.

Kind Regards

Wow great theme! It seems like it can do everything that I need! But before I purchase it can users upload their work – videos and images? Would very much appreciate your help


Yes it does, Cube has a front end form which allows users to post on your site.

Kind Regards

Is there a way I can add share buttons (share on pinterest, twitter etc) before the comments box? If so what is the best way? Thanks!

No I am trying to decide. It is a beautiful theme. With artwork themes the share buttons would be important. Thanks again.


We can help you integrating Sharethis which has almost all social networks there.

Kind Regards

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Your theme looks great. I have some questions.

1. Is it all right I am requesting some features, that I think could be great for your theme?

2. When will you update it again, and what are some of the features you are planning to do?

3. I have a site with artists. It is really nice that you can show audio and video. Then I can see a menu called magazine. Is it possible to only upload one image. And can I change magazine to Images somehow?

4. Can you make custom work for the right price?


1 ) Unfortunately custom requests we don’t support

2 ) There’s no update planed for this theme right now

3 ) There is the option to upload only a single image there

4 ) This is answered at the first question


how is it possible to unclose the comment-box in the single articel page by default?

I want that my visitors easily can see that there is a comment section.

Greetings, Daniel


Please open single.php and replace it with ;

Kind Regards

Thousands of thanks :)

You’re welcome.

For self-hosted video, we wouldn’t expect users to upload three different file types, is this necessary for the video to play across all browsers? Can this section be modified to allow the user to upload a video in any raw format, then we can download from our server and make the multiple versions necessary?

This plugin might be an option, but not sure how it will work with your theme. Have you heard of this one, or perhaps could recommend somethign?

This plugin only works with the private video service.

Users need to upload all video formats, or they can upload a single format and the video player will fallback on flash video player if the browser does not support that video.

Kind Regards

I bought this theme because I wanted minimal skin. And I can’t find it. It’s just the default theme.

Where can I get the minimal skin?

still, the homepage looks the same as default. Could you help me how to find minimal skin?

I check the white skin, and it only changed the color. Where is the homepage type that looks like the minimal skin theme on demo?


I replied to the other comment you made about this problem.

I checked the white skin, and it only changed the color. Where is the home type that looks like the minimal skin theme on demo?


Use the page template Home Slider 2

Kind Regards


Considering purchase your theme, but have a but have a few questions.

Could be possible to create a file upload form to the user so they can upload zip files? How is coding done? normal php or …

Best Regards //Asger


It is handled by Advanced Custom Fields plugin, and it is up to you to add it.

Kind Regards

Hi, I’m wondering if the theme language can be fully customized so that all error messages will appear on another language than english ? and also if one gets an xml file that makes their site look almost identical to the demo site look wise(not content)


Of course it can, it has .po and .mo files and you can fully translate it.

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing your theme but have a question or two :

I read in previous comments that users html doesn’t work in posts. Is this correct? That would be vital for me tbh, without html support it’s fairly useless.

I also read that a user just gets a refreshed page when clicking ‘new post’ etc.. and you replied that that functionality is not included which makes me a bit confused. Is this just a theme and we have to put in code to make it a user submittable site ourselves? :S Surely that can’t be the case right? Thanks


The user HTML works in posts pretty well.

As for the second one, users are being able to post from front-end as well.

Kind Regards


I can`t find the .PSD’s files. Where can I get them?


Hi there!.. just a pre-sale question.

As I see you can subscribe a user channel, but does the theme include a feature to follow a user and then show the posts from the users I follow in my profile feed?

My best!


No it does not, you can only grab a RSS feed of each author.


I just purchased this theme. Is it possible for the users to decide the rating? Thanks.


Unfortunately Cube does not support such a feature.

Kind Regards

hi, I’m going to buy this template but I have a few questions before:

1. Is there possibility to see how user panel is working before buying theme?

2. Is that theme “seo friendly”?

3. Can you give an example of how the “Video AutoPlay Optional” is working? Examples of other sites maybe? Or several words.

4. “You can allow multiple users to register and every post they create will be saved as a draft until your aprovement” – it means premoderation? Can I change that model for post-moderation?

5. Is there possibility to “like” or “dislike” posts without creating a new profile?

6. Is the user control panel the same as standard user control panel in wordpress? “(ability to publish content (...) without needing to go to wordpress admin)”?


1 ) We had a demo, but we disabled it due to user violation

2 ) Yes it is

3 ) Start video playing once user navigates on single page

4 ) Yes you can

5 ) No it’s not, because the posts user likes are shown on their profile and you get more reliable number of likes

6 ) No it’s not, it is a custom one where users can see their posts, edit profile infos etc.

Kind Regards

1. So, how can I look into the panel before buing theme? 6. Put here some screenshots please. Could you? Thx

One more question. Is this correct viev on mobile phone? why the picture is so small?

hello, are you there? :)


This is because fancybox automatically resize it self to get liek 50% of the screen.

Hi there I’m very interested in buying this theme, however whenever I load the demo site on mobile the navigation/search bar is out of place and styled wrong. (iphone 6)


On what device are you getting this ?

As on my site it is working just fine.

Kind Regards


Can you please add support for uploading other filetypes like zip or psd? So that a download link shows up. It would be so awesome and i would buy the theme instant!!

Thank you!

so i wont buy the theme then. its a pitty. i dont think it would be that much work to modify the plugin…

Well that is up to you, but Cube works perfect and we guarantee that.But having a warez copy there’s no way we’ll support you with that.

i dont have or will have a warez copy! i am just looking to buy a theme that fits my needs. i am sure that cube works perfect. i just need the funcionality of uploading a file and generating a download link for it. cube unfortunately does not provide it so i wont buy it. that doesnt mean i will steal it!