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Very good theme for low price. Professional design and code, i suggest Cumulus Pro to everyone, I am very satisfied.

is there anyway to change the number of tweets displayed in the feed at the header?

nice work selador


not at the moment, since there is no place to expand that box

Serious problems. Among them…

CumulusPro options don’t function at all: silver effect, description or footer—none appear. Featured images slice properly, but don’t appear on the page.

In Chrome 7, home page title appears twice in black navigation bar—once in its proper font, a second time in a larger font that’s black with white shading.

Page body text is substituted in bold, non-italic in Safari 5.

Am I missing something? Thanks for your help.

I’ve just opened it in chrome 7 win and it looks good here is screenshot url Can you send me your screenshot? as well as for the safari 5, since it looks good to me as well

About those option issues, could you make an account for me so i can take a look, it must be some setup mistake my email is “dejanc at gmail dot com”

Thank you

First, here’s a screen shot of the Options page showing silver effect, description and footer info entered.

...and here’s what displays. None of what’s been selected above. No footer at all.

And here’s the same page in Safari 5. All body copy has been reformatted into bold, no italics.

I can’t recreate the double menu entries again. Now, I’m shown that the site allows only one menu item. Your online demo shows five.

Gotta run. There are other probs like the phantom word “Skills” showing up on the right side of portfolio entries. Maybe this’ll be enough to help clear things up.

Ok I see… Basically your theme isn’t reading any of the options from the theme options page, did you change functions.php file? Also i can see that you are testing it on local computer, could you put it online somewhere? Since that also could be the problem sometimes

I can’t get my Twitter recent tweet to show in the top header?

Did you edit your theme option page just with your username? like jameskoster not etc…? Can you make an account for me on your wp installation and send me username / pass on my email

How can I remove the two badges (the first using the post title; the second saying “more…”) on the home page that overlap the main image I have presented using a “portfolio” post?

At the end of your CSS file (style.css) add this #rright {display: none; } .images div .featuredcont {display: none; }


Beautiful theme!

Same problems with twitter feed. And yes I am only using my user name. Also how do you add extra images to posts i.e. how they are displayed at the bottom?

How do you limit the words in a post to be displayed on the homepage i.e. the excerpt? it’s not working for me…

Otherwise… gorgeous theme man – good job!


Thank you very much!

About twitter, it seams that it’s working for some people and for some not, so i will rewrite that part and send you one updated .php file

Bottom images on the portfolio page are other posts from that category, not more images from same post

Excerpt on the home page for the latest post works like this: If there is a post thumbnail content length will be 180 + that image, if there isn’t content length will be 300 I can change this for you if you like, just tell me how you want it


At the end of your CSS file (style.css) add this #rright {display: none; } .images div .featuredcont {display: none; }

UPDATE : Since twitter feed didn’t work for some people i’ve rewritten it and who needs a new version please email me at dejanc at gmail dot com and i will send you new .php file to replace

thank you


We’ve just released new version of Cumulus Pro – 1.2 with new better admin interface and additional options like excerpt length etc… based on user requests. If you have any more requests we’ll include them to next versions

Previous buyers need to email me to dejanc at gmail dot com for new version. New buyers will instantly get 1.2

Thank you

These guys are great. I’m very impressed with the quick support. All the issues are solved quickly. With my modest knowledge about building a WP website, I could complete it within a only a few days.


Thank you very much! :)

Hi there

I just bought this theme – looks great. Could you tell me how i go about adding my own header please? Also how do I remove the twitter feed at the top?



Hi Mandy

In theme options only editable part for header is the title, and documentation tells you how to change that. In order to remove twitter box add this line at the end of style.css .twitter { display:none; }

Hi, thanks for this

Managed to remove the header and the twitter part – can you tell me how I go about uploading my own image in this part please?

Also, how do I update specific pages of the site?



Do you mean changing the logo?

In order to change pages, in your wp-admin go to pages -> select page you want to edit


We’ve just released new version of Cumulus Pro – 1.3 with new shortcodes and news like slider for tweeter feed that you can control from admin

Once again for existing buyers if you need an update email me and i’ll send you the new version!

Is it possible to add more than three slides on the Home Page?

ok, but you can add more?

Yes you can, right now it’s limited to 5 in code, but i can change that for you if you want

Gracias! aka Thanks!

Gooday Envato, I’ve spent months looking for a decent and web designed wordpress template for my website and look what I found! Cumulus Pro is certainly one of the greatest designs I’ve come across in a long time! So thanks again, worth every cent! Thanks again!

PS: Theme URI : no longer exists….


Thank you very much! James Koster has designed this beautiful theme Direct demo link now is

Randomly while altering my website with this theme, I am unable to save my preferences for the twitter etc. When I click update all the info disappears and nothing is on my website. I tried setting the defaults to no avail as well.

Whats going on?

Some servers have problem with blank spaces, so be sure that your theme folder doesn’t have blank spaces like ”/themes/cumulus pro/” if it does make it just one word Or if you are using version 1.0, there was a blank space in style.css “Theme Name: Cumulus Pro” change that to one word as well. If you still have a problem send me login info to my email and i will take care of it.

I had the same issue with Twitter, until I managed to completely remove it from my template. not sure now if it looks as good as before, but at least it’s better than having the Twitter not being updated and instead just showing a week old tweet forever as a static ghost on the top of my pages. ;-) would be great if u find a fix! The template is amazing and if u know what to do, u can customize it completely to suit ur needs!