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Any chance of HTML / wordpress version soon? :)

I really don’t know! Let’s see how the design does :)

Great work, good luck with sales mate!


Thanks man!

Glad you liked it!

nice design…



Awesome work, love this design, the cute icons and illustrations ;)

Thanks :)

Nice work. If it was in HTML or WordPress I would purchase.

Good work buddy!! nice font and colors ;)

Thank you, glad you liked it!

Nice desing! Hope release in Wordpress version soon

Yea, like this a lot also. Html or Wordpress and I’d be in.

Definitely in with the others who are requesting a wordpress version. I would definitely buy it if it was available!

Hi, I want to create a website for my grandma’s bakery, I wanted a template for Wordpress, but I like this. How do you manage the information on this? You have to change codes everytime you want to change an image? Is there a way to connect it to Facebook?

This is a PSD file, you’ll want the site template version (link is on top of the file description). And yes, if you get the site template you’ll have to edit the text/images through the code since there is no back office running behind it (as in wordpress for example).

About connecting it to facebook, not really sure that I understand what you mean.


Can you do a responsive layout?