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Nice work. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks. Let me know if you have any feedback.

I live in Cupertino, and I love this template! :P Good luck!

Thanks, glad you enjoy it.

Nice idea and execution…!

Thanks a lot, appreciate the feedback.

Awesome work ! Are you updating it to fully support Mobile Safari on iPhone ?

Thanks for comment.

I’ve found it doesn’t work quite so well with Safari on iOS devices, but I don’t see much of a use case for that at the moment.

I’ve taken the point on board, and may consider it in the future, but not right now.

Very nice work, This is by far the most simplest and elegant one page template I have seen.

Thanks very much, I appreciate it.

Hi Everyone

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE Thanks to Joe for being so so helpfull I am quite a noob at templates but with his Really helpfull emails I managed to learn how to upload and get my Resume up, best of all I sent the link to enquire about a job at a company who outsource for Google in the UK and well they got back to me asking me in for an interview, pretty neat, that was for me not saying it will happen all the time but main thing is it looks proffessional and is a damn site better than a doc in a PDF on an email

I’ll send a link for a video tutorial on how I managed to help anyone else soon

Thanks again Joe kind regards



You’re welcome Rich. I try to help anyone as best I can.

Is there any way to change the color of the twitter, facebook…etc buttons?

Sure, these icons come from a larger icon set found here:


You can then turn them all into one CSS sprite using this generator:


Really nice and clean template, I love it. Before I buy I would like to know is there possibility to change background?

I would also like to know is there any simple way to put language selector so visitor can change resume language by one clik on flag icon..

Sure you can change the background color. The page has just two solid color backgrounds, and the navigation has a nice gradient (with image fallback).

There’s no reason you couldn’t just duplicate your page and link from one language to the other – nice and simple!

You’re welcome!

Hello very nice template but I have noticed in DEMO that when you click on the button in the menu , active button is not active anymore , light blue colour of the active button has moved to the button on the left ? Is this alright?


I am trying to change some stuff using KOMPOZER but as soon as i change ANYTHING just changing the doc title causes it the About Me, Employment, Education etc bar dissapears. I am not a HTML expert as you probably guessed by now. It the editor that I am using? It is something else?

Awesome theme. How to rate this theme? I have been trying to find it for the past 10 mins!

Hi Joe, how are you compressing the javascript files that you host at


Is it through an htaccess file? Or do you use any tools at



Hello Joe,

I really enjoyed your clean, fast, and functional design, in comparison to many others.

I need several more navigation items. I just added one, “research”, but it does not scroll there, can you help me to fix it?


(I’ve tried everything to fix it: added the .research class in the style.css, renumbered the radio*, checked the html … I’m stumped.)

Thanks for any help!

Hello, I have a pre-sale question:

I prefer to keep everything on my CV in one page when printed out to pdf or .doc. How can I make sure the printed version of my web CV wont span to another page, and if it does span, how can I make sure the cut-off part wont look silly? Thanks a lot. Great theme!

Nice work, really cute;

how to configure outgoing email via the form?

how to configure outgoing email via the form?