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Hi, Can i please just find out which file in your theme has the google font requests included in please?

I have google font switched off in theme but the theme still shows up as searching for fonts.gstatic in speed tests.

so i would like to delete the code searching for google fonts to stop this happening as there is no point requesting them if i am not using them


Here the reason why always executing fonts.gstatic

That file is generated by JCH Optimize, please try to clear the cache.

If this doesn’t help, please contact me via Support Forum, I’ll tweak the code.

Best, TM Crew ^FF

Thanks man, the JCH file is just my JCH optimise plug in minifying and caching. It doesn’t have any other code so i think its just taking Curateds code and minifying and caching etc.

Im happy to tweak the code if you can let me know which file in curated contains the call for google fonts please.


Hi There,

Unfortunately, the fonts.gstatic is not rendered by my code, I’ve been test on local and online.

If you want to make sure, just deactivate some plugin that may generate css or js, once the google font deactivate from the option, it wont generate google font external source.

Best, TM Crea ^FF


babat40 Purchased

Hello, I just purchased your theme and I’m trying to get the social share buttons to appear like in the demo. But it’s not working. Can you please advise how to set it up. I have already added the required details in the social media settings but still not working.

Thanks and look forward to your reply.

Hi There,

Have you install the Mashsharer Plugin ?

Best, Maha

Hi, I was wondering if you could suggest a plugin for blocking user registration, I have a spam problem with users on my site, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue. I have tried a number of widgets and settings.

Hi There,

If you want to keep user can register to your site, but eliminate spam registration, so I would recommend to install “Wordpress Better reCAPTCHA” plugin. Here the easy step you can follow to install the plugin

Hope this helps.

Best, Maha

Hi, i seem to be having issues with schema markup with Curated. i think its adding 3 different things for a blog post. i seems to be calling them Article, Blog, Thing.

Can you point me to the code where i can take out the Blog and Thing please.

here is an example of the code I’m seeing in google schema check…

an example of a page this is appearing on is…



I have it all pretty much fixed except i seem to have an issue with Mahabreadcrumbs not making google schema test happy now. its says….

is not a known valid target type for the property.

for example on this page here…


Hi There,

We’re working on this for the next update. The rdf data will change to

But you can edit the breadcrumb structure your self.

Here to change that :

Open /includes/functions/maha-functions.php, find `prefix=”v:"`, delete that code.

Replace `typeof=”v:Breadcrumb”` with `itemscope=”” itemtype=””`.

Replace `rel=”v:url” property=”v:title”` with `itemprop=”url”`.

Save the file & check it on Snippet Validator.

Hope this helps.

Best Maha ^FF

where can I download version 1.3? I want to use version 1.3

There is no download available for 1.3 version.

I would recommend you to using the latest version of Curated for future update reason.

If you want to get it, please contact us via ThemeForest contact form.

Best, Maha ^FF

hello, i’m working with this theme right now, and i can’t get the shortcode to work, also, i can’t see how to edit the html of the ‘static content boxes’. please advise. thanks!

ok, my next questions are: 1) how do i turn off sidebars on the archive pages? 2)how can i get the posts to show up 2 across instead of 3 across? thanks!

Hi There,

Thanks for contacting us, so much appreciate it. But unfortunately you’re not purchasing our Theme. Once you’ve purchase 1 of our theme, you’ll get the ‘purchased’ badge on your username.

Best Maha ^FF

ok, i will log into the other account.

ok, it’s me again. so, i have more questions… 1) how do i turn off sidebars on the archive pages? 2)how can i get the posts to show up 2 across instead of 3 across? 3)how can i edit the html of the ‘static content’ boxes. 4)is there a way to set up the blogs to show up in reverse chronological order 5) i’d like to style the posts so that the blocks are an even height regardless of length of title. thanks!

Hi There,

Thanks for coming back.

1) As you can see, there is no option to turn off the sidebar on archive pages. So you can’t turn off the sidebar on archive pages.

2) And, there is no option to change the number of related posts to.

3) I would not recommend to edit that part (static content), there is the vital part of the theme & full of relation with other part.

4) There is no option to reserve the posts order. But you can manually order the post by installing ‘Post Sort Order’ You need to manually arrange all post position by dragging the post on admin page.

5) Can you specifically show where the block you mean ? Please make a screenshot to make me easily identify the part you mean.

For number 1 and 2 of your questions, this can be done by adding custom CSS. I can make suggestion for you, but please give me specific archive pages url.




thank you, i’m going to send you some of that information by message. regarding #3, i don’t want to edit the code of the static content block, i just want to be able to edit html and css inside the content block. how can i do this?

Hi There,

I mean the static content is on the Page Builder.

You’ve send a picture with rectangle & oval area, what do you want to add in that part ?




Hello Is this the theme of RTL languages are supported?

Hi There, unfortunately this can be done by tweaking the code.

Best Maha

hi, rtl support?

Hi There, Unfortunately no. This can be done by tweaking the code.

Hello, I noticed a cross browser compatibility issue. I noticed the font looks much different on Internet explorer i comparison to Google Chrome. The font looks good, nice and large on chrome but different in Internet explorer, it’s very small. I’ve checked other websites and the font appears the same across browsers. This will affect user experience, so can you come up with a fix please!

Hi There,

Thanks for letting me know this issue.

That would be great if you can share your Internet Explorer Version and OS ?

Best Maha ^FF

Hello, i just purchased your theme, nice one btw, how do you change your pagination, i just want the post to just load more at the bottom

Also, will require private access to setup import cause your current system just gives me a 404 error. i tried on multiple computers. i would first need to know how to make an account on your forum, which i cant do as well

Hello? Any response to this, i can sign up to your forum, cause i dont know the password, cause your system didnt provide an option to create one

Hi There,

The Forums system is running well.

So please contact us via email on our ThemeForest profile page. Please provide your login details. I’ll import the demo as soon as possible & notif you back here.

Best, Maha

Thanks for the big update, but there is a big problem: I loved the video player. The new modal player is just ugly. Is it possible to get the video played on site again?

Hi msturm,

Thanks for feedback, really appreciate it.

Due mobile browser performance issue, that’s why the video player appear in modal. I would recommend to use embed on the post content to reduce the browser performance.

Best, Maha

Just be like After activating the plugin on a fresh install of WordPress, the admin panel took 20+ seconds to load any page. I tried on multiple devices using different internet connections to rule out internet connection, however after deactivating it and activating the default wordpress theme, the admin panel is back loading instantly

My apologies. after I installed the theme (through uploading the file to wordpress) the admin panel (wp-admin) because extremely slow, taking at least 20 seconds to load any type of page instantly after the upload is complete and the theme has been activated. It has no performance impact on the front end of the website and that loads perfectly. It is not my internet connection as I have already ruled this out. Please assist me.

[26-Jan-2017 15:57:50 UTC] PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/—-/public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/aioseop_class.php on line 1625

[26-Jan-2017 15:57:50 UTC] PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/—-/public_html/wp-content/themes/Curated/includes/functions/maha-functions.php on line 1090

[26-Jan-2017 23:13:58 UTC] PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home//public_html/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/aioseop_class.php on line 1625

[26-Jan-2017 23:13:58 UTC] PHP Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/-/public_html/wp-content/themes/Curated/includes/functions/maha-functions.php on line 1090

Hi MasLauder,

If you don’t mind, may I access to your Wordpress Admin ? Please reach me through the Contact Form on my ThemeForest Profile.

Best, Maha ^FF

Hi there, I updated my theme to the latest version and now none of the sliders will work.

Is there anything that could have stopped working in the update?


Hi nmdiabetes,

Unfortunately there is no way to stop or taking back to the previous version.

You may need to re-update available pages to make sure it works. For improvement reason, could you give me your site url ? if you feel it private, you can send it via my ThemeForest Profile Contact Form. I’ll Investigate the problem.

Best, Maha ^FF

Hi Maha, thanks for getting back to me. I just looked at my site again and it seems to be working now. Must have been a gremlin in my coding.

Thanks for your help anyway!

Le me know if you need my help!




Could you please point me towards the code to be able to disable the youtube player being looked for on every page? I think its slowing my site load time down and i dont really need the youtube player


Articles that I visit are load properly without calling youtube assets, and it’s fast.

Can you point me what’s the articles that load youtube player ?

ok thanks for looking, i for example checked this post….

in GTmetrix and it says its calling this…

which seems to add about 3.5ms to the page load time

i dont have any plug in calling it, so I’m guessing it must be in the theme?

Thanks Matt

Oh, I see.

The files are from Youtube Embed. If you’re not using youtube embed on your page, that Javascript will not loaded.

One of cons using embed content is the page load time will slightly slow.




mcsKinski Purchased

I can’t get the demo data imported no matter what I try. I followed the video exactly and I am just getting some media files, but no posts or anything :( how do I get my site to look like the live demo?


mcsKinski Purchased

Thanks! btw, nice work on the theme. I really like it so far :-)

You’re welcome! :D

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