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Hi, demo is returning 404.

Great but I noticed on the gallery page the menu gets cut off when you selects any other option besides the all.

Thank you. Fix is coming soon :)

How do I edit the svg files. I cannot open them with Gimp or Photoshop

Hi, you can edit with Illustrator :)

What is the minimum android OS version required to run this template?

Hi, Minimum screen res. is 320px width, and the OS version is not determined but i prefer to use 4.0 or higher OS.

Hi, is it possible to convert it to a ios app or android app using phone gap? wht framerowk do you use? jquery mobile?

thank you!

Hi, I used jquery transit and css3 for this site but i dont know if its possible to convert using phone gap because i never used that app.


Nice theme …is this possible to make a header section fixed ?? i used css for that but menu creating problem

Hi, yes ill check the code and write the solution here asap.

Hi again, i checked the code and the header section can be fixed if you add a fixed position with 9999 z-index but you need to add a content div to fix that the other elements won’t drop under the header.

Very nice template – I love it and use it for our android, ios and windows phone app! I generate and build it simply with Adobe Dreamweaver and Phonegap Build Service. It run’s perfect. Thanks for the great work!