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Huseyinim basarilar,

Tesekkurler :)

Very simple and straight to the point!

Thank you :)

Very good job!!! :-)

Thank you Bianchi :)

Awesome, as always. I’ll buy it soon :)

Thanks :)

If only it was for WordPress :(

Maybe someday Hamza :)

Is it possible to add AdSense to the bottom of individual posts?

Yes. You can use Google AdSense for posts. In theme customizer, find the {/block:PostNotes} line and paste your Google AdSense codes before this tag ;)

Ugh. How do I upload the CSS to Tumblr?

Whooa! Easy cowboy :) First thing first.

Everything you need in the Tumblr’s customization panel. You need to open Advanced Options at the bottom of the page ;)

Thanks. I’m just eager. I looked at the Advanced Options at the bottom of the customization panel, but I don’t see where to edit existing pages. I sent you a screenshot of what I do see to your email. Thanks

Just click existing pages :) See

hello I love your theme is it possible to have a free license for the new year? thank you in advance for your response :grin:

Hello – great theme – but I don’t know how to get the main Profile (circled) image and quote on there can you help?

Can you place a video on the header portion of the homepage? Wide format?

Good Luck with sales

Really nice work,Good Luck With Sales!