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Congrats brother ;) Good luck

Thanks a lot :)

Looks great. Good luck, dude ! :)

Thank you very much! :)

Hi there, is there something wrong with your live preview? It’s not loading for me.

Hi, Thanks for the comment, we’re working on getting the preview back up ASAP.

We’re now back online :)

Quick question, at this point are all video post handled by using html embed or is there a faster way?

Hi, At present all videos (well all media) is embedded into the HTML. As soon as Ghost provides a nicer way we’ll implement it! Let me know any more questions :) Cheers Tom

Hi and thank you for the great theme!

Please implement the infinite scrolling with the next update. would be great!

very nice!


Which file you adding it to? Should be default.hsb I believe. You’ll probably need to restart ghost too.

Definitely something to add to our docs in future releases. Let me know

Cheers Tom

got it working: - tracking snippet before the closing </head> tag - restart ghost

also i’m using universal analytics and it’s tracking.


Great! We’ll be adding this to the documentation ASAP. Thanks for the feedback. Tom


great work guys. I spotted 1 error in the guideline, to configure Disqus: data-disqus-shortname="MY_DISQUS_USERNAME" you do not need Disqus Username, but the shortname associated to the website (and of course you need to create the website in Disqus’ control panel before).

Hi, thanks for buying & thanks for flagging this up, we’ll fix it in our next release. Cheers Tom

Hi !

I emailed you yesterday about disqus issue and didn’t get answer yet.

Regards Sheikh

Pre-sell question… Will this work out of the box on Ghost 0.4.1?


Hi, sorry for the delay, missed this. Yep all our Ghost themes should work fine with Ghost 0.4.1. Thanks Tom

The font looks blur on my chrome.

Great theme! Could you please update? thanks!

Hi, just submitted an update now, hopefully will be approved in a day or so. Thanks Tom

Nice. Good luck with selling…