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Inspiring work as always. Elegant.
Congrats Pez, wish you all the best with sales.

Kind Regards,

Thanks b. ;)

This template is Sick! And I mean it in a good way.

Good luck with sales.


Thanks Stephino.

Very creative mister fish, race on 8-)


Would be great if this template could be made responsive (ie, to width of mobile devices)

Hi. Did you check the preview on your mobile, landscape? Due to its size, fit very well on mobile screens (smartphones, of course), i didn’t want to make it full vertical without functionality, i don’t think it needs so.

I love it!! bummer its only one page… google index doesn’t do good, or am i wrong?

Well, there are many sites that are based on just on page. Setting a good meta and properly using the Google tools, it should be indexed as well as sites with different pages. But obviously i didn’t target SEO with this template. ;)

Me ha molado muchisimo este theme que has hecho PEZ. Lo tengo pendiente para un trabajo. Mucha suerte con las ventas.

Gracias. ¡No lo dejes pendiente mucho tiempo! :P Es broma, me alegro que te guste, a ver si al final te cuadra. Saludos…

Very Nice work Congrats :)

Great theme! :)

Nice template, good idea. Congrats! Good luck with sale!

Hi, how do I upload the corporate/personal templates to Joomla? Thanks

Hi. You would just need to edit the HTML with youur own contents (maybe also change CSS up to your needs) and then upload it to your server directly. If it goes to your root folder, it will be visible under your domain, if it goes to a folder (like /site or whatever) it will be visible on

Hope this helps!

Thanks very much for your help. I got the site online! :) I need a little extra help… I am using the “Corporate” theme as I need 4 sections for my site. But, I would like to replace the Clients tab with the “Works” tab (image gallery), as seen in the “Personal” theme. Is it possible to do this? I have tried changing the Html, Css and also moving files between the 2 themes but I have not had success. Thank you!

Hi. Well, both galleries use the same plugin, you would just need to adjust css to get it done. You don’t need to change the clients id, leave it as is, just replace the logo images with your thumbs and the prettyphoto call on the hrefs, as you have on personal version, html file. Adjust the default position for the whole div on css to plave it on 0,0 axis, and remove the margin between items, so they display without separations. That should be all.

Another masterpiece. Kudos pal! :)

Thanks e. ;)

Hi, nice design.I use the personal one. But i need some help for customisation (sorry i’m not familiar with scripts); *I prefer to reduce the high of the title section and keep the global height to feet with the works gallery.(I did that by adding 10 blank sections, but I don’t think that it’s the best solution) *When I added more than 28 shots in the gallery the slide thumbles on the image stop working, is it normal? *Can I add a Video link in the second section (the gallery) ? This a the link to have an idea I know, too much question :) I really appreciate if you can help me and Thank you in advance.

About adding the video link on lightbox, sure, just copy paste the same code i used for the reel link on about, on any of your thumbnails. ;)

Hope this helps. Kind regards and thanks for purchase (and sorry for the typos, writing from my mobile!)

Thanks for your replay even in your holiday ! Waiting for your return. Have good holiday!

Hi Hadj. Just returned, please, write me directly to my profile form, i’ll be replying by email, will be easier for both us to track your support request. ;)


He subido la plantilla al servidor y no me carga la página, se queda pillado en el loader, he probado con diferentes servidores por si era problema del servidor pero nada. Incluso subiendo sólo la plantilla original no me la muestra ¿A qué puede deberse?

El problema es que has pillado de forma ilegal el archivo, lo que tienes es un rip que no funcionará online en otro servidor que el mío. Compra el original y todo funcionará perfectamente. Son menos de 9 euros, creo que no es mucho para que lo consigues a cambio, y yo amortizo de alguna forma el trabajo que me llevó. Un saludo.

Hola Jesús, this template is fantastic! And has been very easy to make changes with documentation provided. Showed it to my girlfriend and now it looks like her work may purchase it to use as a landing page for their email advertising. Keep up the great work! Cheers Tom

Hi Tom, thanks a bunch, both for purchase and the reference. Let me know if i can be of further assistance. ;)

Hi! there! I found that all your templates live previews cannnot be viewed. Since some DNS problem is informed. Pls check this out and revert because I am interested in your templates. Thanks!

Hi. Yeah, i’m getting some server problems today. Hope to have them solved asap! Please, check previews tomorrow. Thanks for the heads up! :-)

It’s fixed :)

Excellent Job !! :D GLWS

Thanks! :)

Nice work – love the design! There is just one thing I could use some help with. I’m trying to add more thumbnails under the “clients” section but once there are more than three rows, anything else I add ends up hidden at the bottom. Is there any way to set up a scroll box to fix this? Thanks in advance!

Hi. There is no autoscroll feature for larger items. I recommend to resize the thumbs a little bit so all your thumbs can fit on the curretn layout. Other option is to make the content box bigger in height. Both are simply. A third option could be integrating the autoscroll (which is already on the about text box), but that will require a bit of js/css knwloknowledge. Hope this helps!

Kind regards and thanks for purchase.

hi, great template :) one problem, contact form after send e-mail don’t support polish letters, etc. ?ó You can fix it?


ok, I send yesterday email

Great support!!!

Hi there, first of all have to say that your work is stunning. I have an question about something that i try to do but couldn’t do it.

Is it possible the first section slide down automaticly when you visit website?

Thank you!

Hi. Thanks for your kind words. You have the solution for that on the help docs, but anyway, open js/configuration.js file and search for the following string:


Hope this helps. Let me know if i can be of further assistance. ;)

Thank you very much!

Glad to help. ;) Don’t forget to rate the file if you finally like it and support.

Hi,Theme works perfectly on my local server but on my live server,Only the site background loads.pls what can I do about

skillrex and themeforest dont accept nigerian me,i tried that alredy

Try to use Paypal, i’m afraid i can’t do anything about it, but the copy you got won’t work on any other server except mine.

Yeah,tried that too….Nigeria is not on the list of countries accepted by Paypal..its sad though…if only they knew how much they can make in a country with a population of 168.8million people. Nice theme Pezflash.Hope i can purchase a theme of yours someday.