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nicely done, subtle colors and layouts. the PSD slices really makes life easier. thanks :D

Great design I think. I’m considering buying it but I’d need some sub-menus. May I suggest that you add this possibility in the CSS ? The idea would be to possibly have flyout submenus aside the vertical menu on the left. A fantastic feature would be that it smoothly appears / disappears…

Any idea? :)

Thanks in advance for your consideration anyway!



I like the design of this theme, but I can’t give it 5 star rating because it comes broken out of the box. There are 2 JavaScript files missing and font file is linked to some 3rd party site even though it’s included in the theme.

That doesn’t sound right, you are the first to have a problem like that, please send me a link to your site and I can have a look.


I have emailed you but I haven’t received a reply. I just purchased Curvy and Clean last night and I think it’s great but the animated images are not animated. I noticed that there aren’t any JQuery files in the JS folder, and my index page seems to be missing some code.

I also purchased your Child Care Creative and your Chocolate & Coffee today and both have JQuery files in the JS folders and the index page is coded and they work just beautifully.

Will you please get back to me as soon as possible with instructions. I have a client that wants 10 animated images.

Best regards, Terri

Hi again,

Well I owe you an apology, because I thought that Curvy and Clean came with an image rotator, but I was wrong. I guess I can add one if I want. Once again I’m sorry.

Best regards, Terri


zdm Purchased

Hello -

Quick question, after the email is submitted via contact form, these two fields are showing up in the email. I saw in the code of ‘formsubmit.php’ that these two fields should be ignored, but they are not. Any ideas?

No changes have been made to the code.

Submit Button X: 60 Submit Button Y: 18


try adding submit_button_y and submit_button_x to the list of ignored fields, that may solve the problem.

Here’s a great example of this template put to use:


Thanks Bryan!

Great design…Any chance to convert to WP?

Maybe one day. Will post here if we start work on it.

Great design. Particularly we were interested in the curved line in header for our design. After downloading it appears that line is part of the jpg image for header. We are new to this but trying to figure out how to keep curved line between header and body, but change image in header from couple jumping.



If you go through the images folder you can locate the individual image you wish to change. Simply open this image in photoshop (or any other image editing program) and adjust it to suit your needs, then upload the image back over the top of the old one in the images folder.

Thanks, dtbaker

hello, great design… i’m new on web design, i want know how to make image effect like people jump?

*full picture but only some image show with no backgroung.


Im trying to install this theme to wordpress, and it says the stylesheet is missing. any ideas?

Sorry this is not a wordpress theme. Please purchase a theme from the wordpress category if you wish to use it under wordpress.


I am using this template for a while now and one thing isn’t working right. When users use the caracters ü or ß in the contact form, it wil be something strings like ü.

Whats the problem and how to solve it?


I have send the question above 19 days ago and still haven’t received an answer. I also send the question via your webpage.

Can I please get an answer?


Purchased your template need to know how to change color and logo image, etc. and resave in html file format please provide brief explanation on how to accomplish thank you!

Please open the images in the images folder and edit to suit your needs there. You can use photoshop to open the source PSD files if you like, or you can edit the images directly. To hire a professional website editor please head over to Envato Studio.