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in “news” I want “prev” and “next” navigation just for articles of the category “news” and not also “services” etc…. Is it possibile?

It is ok, please wait

Please open following files located at: customize/views: post-standard.php
Then search for following code (at the end of the files):

<div class="kopa-post-link">            
                    <?php previous_post_link('%link', __('<span>Prev : </span>%title', Kopa_Theme::get_textdomain())); ?>
                    <?php next_post_link('%link', __('<span>Next : </span>%title', Kopa_Theme::get_textdomain())); ?>
                    <div class="clear" />
Change to following codes:
<div class="kopa-post-link">            
                    <?php previous_post_link('%link', __('<span>Prev : </span>%title', Kopa_Theme::get_textdomain()),true); ?>
                    <?php next_post_link('%link', __('<span>Next : </span>%title', Kopa_Theme::get_textdomain()),true); ?>
                    <div class="clear" />

OK! perfect! thankyou very much


I have the last request from my client, I hope so :). Is it possible to hide the search box in simple page? Or in all the website?

Please open file style.css, search for following codes:
.sub-page .search-box {
    border: medium none;
    display: block;
    float: right;
    height: 42px;
    margin-top: 5px;
    position: static;
    width: 270px;
change to: display:none;

thank you! :)

Hi, in “about” -> “meet the team” I added the url (name account skype) in the shortcode editor field dedicated. But when I click to skype icon I have 404 not found. Why? In the widget “contact form” the link skype it’s ok.

I have solved. :) I have to insert skype:MYNAMEACCOUNT?call ok ok?! But I have another question…”about”->”meet the team” in the text INTRO. I want to insert a new line, a full stop. Is it possibile? I tried with
but nothing.

thank you for your patience


Please see the answer fro Tonkin

Hi Comunicale79, You can insert a new line have width = width of text intro but can’t insert a new line full width, it will destroy layout of template.

Kopa Team,

Hi, it is possibile to use Widget 1 in an inner page? If I use the Layout manager it says that it is not possibile. I cannot understand how to , eventually. Thanks, cheers.

Currently, theme doesn’t support for Widget Area 1 for inner page. But, if you need, please send me an message, we will add this for you.

Hi, I’m intrested of buing Your template I have 2 questions: 1. Does it work on WP 3.5.1 with no problems? 2. How to buy BOOS version of Your template also for wp 3.5.1?

Thanks a lot everything it worked okay now, I’ve uploaded, now need to customize. Bye for now.

Hi, again got new problems, where to turn on Slider, and where I can change the corol of widget text, and is there any instruction of this BOOS template, so I can read it myself?

Are you talking about BOOS template or Customize Template? By the way, please post your question to our support forum at http://kopatheme.com

Hi, I’m working on this layout purchased by my agency for a client. I really dont’k know how to do about the contact form I see in the demo: in my Kopatheme Widget list there is no such a “contact form” widget, but only a Kopatheme Contact Information so I’ve put down a mail form made with an esternal plugin but it’s not the same!!!!

What can I do? Thanks, Ilaria

Please come to Shortcode Generator to create a Contact Shortcode, then copy this shortcode to paste to where it will be displayed.

Thank you very much. Can you also tell me in which file I can configurate language and strings of the Contact info (es. Phone, Add, Email)..?

Please read the translation section in the document. Thanks

Hi, I got a problem with Contact form created by shorcut generator. THe email address to whom sending email is the same address I set in the General Settings of wordpress (it’s mine address!)

How can I change this, replacing with the one of customer? ’’cause now messages from contact form arrive to my mailbox.

Thank PP

Can you please post this question to our support forum? http://kopatheme.com/forums/forum/customize-responsive-wordpress-theme/ Our supporter will answer you

I installed the site and I think something is messed up. Also, I cannot find proper documentation in my theme files. Please advise. I am seeing almost nothing in the admin area. No page templates etc.


our supporter sent you email requested for FTP access, have you received?

i sent it via the messages on this site and through your kopatheme website. I have managed to fix the issues so i dont need help on all the things i outlined. I need to know how to change the background color of the text on the slider on the home page and i need to know how to change the text below the slider title.

for example, on the theme “We’re Creative Group” (Found that!)

“Good design makes a world of difference, which is why we have focused on creating compelling templates that drive influence.” <<<<< cant find that!

also do you do full theme customization? i need a quote for another site build from the ground up using the unolution theme

please add me on skype! kennan.cark

I was handed a project that involved the use of this theme. I have managed to change the color on the majority of the elements either through style.css or physically changing the colors of the images in Photoshop.

The main element that I am having serious difficulty changing is the background color of the title and subhead in the sequence slider on the home page.

The site is http://tallyduidefense.com/

Another element is the contact page information hover color.

Lastly, the ‘PREV’ and ‘NEXT’ elements are still blue. I either would like to change these or get rid of the option to see the next or previous post altogether.

There is a bit of a time crunch so I hope to hear back from you soon.


First off, thank you for the prompt response. Sorry for not specifying, but the PREV and NEXT elements are at the bottom of the Services posts when you click on ‘Learn More’ for each service on the Home Page, as well as the posts linked to the Sequence Slider headers.

One last element that has seemed to escape my finding is how to edit the sub-headers on the Sequence Slider.

You need to edit http://tallyduidefense.com/wp-content/themes/customize/css/common/fixed.css line 351: .kopa-post-link a I have answer the person who purchased this theme, it need to change the excerpt field

Thank you so much. You have been infinitely helpful. Even though it has has given us some headache, it is a beautiful theme and I feel the client will be happy with it.

I purchased this theme and have the majority of the site set up however the Slider is not displaying. The documentation mentions that the slider will be discussed at a later stage but I have seen how to set this up. Is there any documentation you can point me to?

Can you send me a message via our profile page with login credential? We will help you to setup on Monday.

Hello There,

I am not tech Savy. But really liked your theme and purchased it. So What I have to do, to make my home page same as your theme preview. I also want the slider and our service page. Also if its possible then Slider. I can code in, if I know where to do it. I am also new with the wordpress.

Hello There,

I am not tech Savy. But really liked your theme and purchased it. So What I have to do, to make my home page same as your theme preview. I also want the slider and our service page. Also if its possible then Slider. I can code in, if I know where to do it. I am also new with the wordpress.

Please submit a ticket http://kopatheme.com/submit-ticket/ Our staff will help you. Thanks

I tried SUbmitting Ticket, and I entered all the information but when I click it says “Invalid Selection”. Could you please help me on that, because I need to submit website in 1 week. And I really need help with it.

I think you did not enter right purchased code.Please read post to know how to get purchased code: http://kopatheme.com/how-to-get-kopatheme-supports/

Just bought this theme today, and at Customize-Shortcode Generator, when I click “Creat New”, nothing happens. No new shortcake window below comes out. I cannot use shortcode in the theme at all.(WordPress 4.1, tried with Safari and Chrome.)


Can you please open a ticket http://kopatheme.com/submit-ticket/ Our support team will help you. You can also read this post http://kopatheme.com/how-to-get-kopatheme-supports/ for more information.