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Which version is more easy to manage? Wordpress or html php? Is this a SEO friendly template?

This theme is perfect for my friend’s embroidery business she is starting up. She is not ready for the site to be ecommerce so I wanted to know how much this theme is hinged on the ecommerce part of it? Thanks and great design work.


I just downloaded this theme, great documentation.

Just FYI , it looks as if you’re including jQuery twice in the – at least in the blue HTML file.

- Joe


I am so confused as to how to change the colors in the theme. Is this not aloud? I love the layout and everything but I want the colors to be pink and green. Can anyone help?


Do you have the correct theme? There is no “purchased” flag on your comment.

I bought the “cute sweet” blue theme for wordpress, it came with a shopping cart. I dont know how to read html code, but am slowly teaching myself, so I’ve had a really hard time editing the colors and everything. My host server is Network solutions, I’m not sure if that helps. I have photoshop and dreamweaver if those programs are needed.


I just saw that I had bought this theme and it does not work for Wordpress. So what do I do know? I need it to work for wordpress. I thought that all of the themes worked with wordpress and the other theme to 55 dollars cost that much because the theme was more advanced with more features. So what do I do?

- Henriette.

Sorry Henriette I don’t think I can help here. Only themes that mention WordPress on their item page are compatible with WordPress. At the bottom of this item page is a link saying “This template is now available in WordPress here” if you would like to purchase the WordPress copy.

No thanks. I do not want to buy a theme for 15 dollars, which I can’t get a refund for and then buy a theme to 55 dollars afterwards.

Thanks anyways.

You can try to ask for a refund, but they are handled by support staff, not me. Please see the help menu at the top. Generally support staff will not provide a refund if the file has been downloaded from your downloads page. You can read a bit more about it here: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/authors-bought-html-instead-of-wordpress-theme/38560

I am absolutely digging your work!! I just have one quick question: Where do you change the Meta Title within the theme? I can see it’s calling out somewhere to auto-fill the Page Title but I cannot see where.

Other than that, this has worked soooo smoothly!! Thank you for your awesome work!! :)

Hi DTBAKER.. I think I’ve purchased one of your themes before. How easy is this to install and setup in WP.. If i did purchase would you help me get the cart working please? Its soooo sweet and we’re look to change the colours for a sweet/cake online store? Would this be easy too?

In addition to my previous post, another client is interested in using this for wedding invites etc… would be grateful if you can reply to questions

I very much liked your theme and I would like to know if it would work with the woocommerce?

Hello, oh I love this design. Which ecommerce script do you use? I don´t want use wordpress, just whith php? Thanks and happy holidays, Sabine

Previously I found this similar theme used wordpress. http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/wordpress/cute_sweet/

Do you still have it?

No sorry they disabled it because it did not work with the latest version of WordPress

Hi! This is a beautiful theme, good work! I’m interested, but have a question, in “blog” pages, how I can write new post? The theme have a support for this?