CuteTube - Modern HTML Tube Video Template

CuteTube - Modern HTML Tube Video Template

Dear customers!

Thank you for the interest in our products. It is NOT Wordpress theme. Please be careful before the purchase!

CuteTube Template 2018

Would you like to create your own profitable video website?

We offer you a static template with a marvellous modern design! You may implement there any Content Management System. We have taken into consideration specific features of the most popular video websites and combine these features in a one universal template.

Smooth animation

CuteTube is designed in the following way: you users won’t see the rendering of the page and its parts. All pages, blocks and images are downloading smoothly, without leaps. To achieve this aim, we used AJAX and CSS3 animation.

A perfect view on all devices

The website can be adapted to any screen. It looks perfect even on the retina monitors – we use SVG at full capacity. Moreover, Lazy Loading affords to speed up the display on the Smartphones.


Your project will be easily maintained as it uses the most popular technologies: Gulp, Handlebars, SASS , jQuery, Bootstrap and BEM


  • Fully responsive
  • Optimised for mobile
  • 4 slider templates
  • 8 unique home page templates
  • A lot advertising capabilities
  • HDPI support
  • High load Speed
  • Google Fonts support
  • And much more

Page Template List

  • index
  • index_3_6_columns
  • index_3_columns_left_sidebar
  • index_3_columns_right_sidebar
  • index_4_columns
  • index_5_columns_left_sidebar
  • index_5_columns_right_sidebar
  • index_6_columns
  • search-results
  • actor-profile
  • categories
  • category
  • actors
  • video
  • video-youtube
  • info
  • 404

Stay with us and follow our upgrades

At the moment, we are preparing the upgrade. It will include new templates:

  • Authorisation and registration
  • A brand-new template for the page with video
  • Extra version of the comments with user pics
  • User Profile

Tell us what do you think

Please write down any offers and remarks in the comments, and we will surely take them into consideration in the next upgrade.

Estimate us

If you have bought our template, and you like it, please put the assessment!

If you don’t like or don’t understand something – just write us, and we will surely work it out. Thank you!


Photos are not included in the pack and are used only for demonstration. All rights to the content belong to its authors.

See here the full list of photographers, code libraries and other third-party assets.


    v1.2 – 3 May 2018
        Fix: Update old packages for Gulp.js
        Fix: Deprecated Bower replaced with Yarn
        Fix: Minor updates for documentation
        New: Additional header with user zone
        New: Additional video page with youtube iframe
        New: SVG sprite support
        Fix: Other minor bugs removal and tiny improvements

    v1.1 – 17 May 2017
        New: Template index_2_columns
        Fix: Incorrect display in Firefox
        Fix: Tab animation on the Credits page
        Fix: «expand» menu button for sidebar in mobile mode
        Fix: Other minor bugs

    v1.0 – 23 April 2017
        New: initial Release