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Interesting work. I really like it. Good luck and welcome to TF. :)

Thank you very much @Smartik, Good luck too. :)

Is there anyway to place text on an image area. So like a full width content area.

Thank you for your comment, and you can place text on an image area.

# Live demo by this link: http://themeforest.net/item/folioresponsive-email-template-with-editor/full_screen_preview/6845325 # Some documentation about how to use: http://www.theapppoint.com/documentation-folio/#!/how_to_use

Excellent, very helpful. Only one thing, that if they can implement, would be of great utility. Some system for saving my work as it is realized. I lost my job 3 times unanticipated reload the page

there is a big problem with the app, after a while of modified or settings, in google chrome, the app is not able to open the dialog box to save the html. The result, work lost again.

Hi kevin271, Thank you for your purchases, and big thank for your report bug. and now this problem fixed, please try to use in google chrome again.

Thanks and regards,


Two things which needs your attention or we need your guidance:

1. On refresh of page, all the work lost 2. If we give link to some image and check and when we come back to the template, all the work lost.

Is there any way that we can save the data, otherwise I don’t think it is useful.

Your help in this regard will be appreciated.

Many thanks, Zeeshan

Hi, I recently had to tackle as you want. And will send that file (template after modified) to you. (contact to you by email.)

Thanks. :)

Thank you for all your help and support.

I can now see the change in the admin, can we open our existing template, which is saved into our system?

Thanking you in advance.


Yes, you can. For more information, you can click button “How to use” on the top right corner. (after login to system)

BR, :)

there are 3 major mailing brands,

Mailchimp Aweber GetResponse

missing 2 of the biggest mailing clients…

otherwise, great work… good luck on sales.

Thank you very much, :)

i don’t seem to have a code to enter after purchasing – help please

Hey, I cant see the links in Thunderbird 24.3.0 (white color on white background). in Gmail for example I can see the links with their real color.

Hello, Thank you for purchasing my template. :)

After I recheck open the master template with Thunderbird 24.3.0, It’s can use as normal. Please have a look into this link.

with insert on Thunderbird: http://www.theapppoint.com/assets/Thunderbird-24.3.0-insert.png | with testing on litmus: http://www.theapppoint.com/assets/Thunderbird-24.3.0-litmus.png

So, please attached the screen shot and exported your template file (html.zip) and send to me via my email. (mos-cs9@hotmail.com)

Best Regards, :) TheAppPoint.Com

Hello, we have a pre-purchase question, would be great if you can answer us before we buy this template.

In your editor…why is there no chance to change the size of the fonts? is this available as soon as we purchase this template or this is not included in the template builder yet? We need a template which is completely customizable from people who have 0% HTML knowledge and so far your template is the best we found on themeforest. Thanks a lot in advance for your answer!

Thank you for your answer!! :) We purchased now the template but we have one question. We use Campaignmonitor and when we export our own template which we made with your template builder we get only a zip file which we can’t open to get the html file. We can’t only upload a zip – Campaignmonitor won’t allow this. What we have to do now? Thanks in advance!

Please attached the exported your template file (html.zip) and send to me via my email. (mos-cs9@hotmail.com)

Ok thank you! Email sent. :)


Its not working properly on Google Nexus4


Hello, But what for now…I cant sent mail with bug…give me your email id i will send mailer to you please check and let me know. My email id is “drychan@gmail.com”.

Please do ASAP, I am running out of time.

thanks Chandan

Hi, my email is “mos-cs9@hotmil.com”

BR, :)

Thanks for your quick reply, Please check mail.

How I can change the images?


Hi, :)

Thank you for purchasing my template.

you can click on icon “image” (picture below):

for more information, please look into this links it’s a some documentation about how to use:


Best Regards, :)

Thank you!!, and space between lines of text?

You can press “Enter” on your keyboard. :)

PS, However, you can send screen shot to me by email via “mos-cs9@hotmail.com”. if you want. :)

if i purchase a licence can i download the entire app and run it from my localhost or any other server ?

No Worries :)

Let me try and explain: So you can buy plugins for Wordpress for example, and use it on your own website.

I would like to know if I could purchase a license to use your email template with editor on our own website, not linking to themeforest or www.theapppoint.com

Regards Wentzel

Hi Wentzel,

Thanks you for your question. the answer is No, can’t do that. I’m sorry very much.

BR, :)

No problem with that, enjoy your day :)

Hi there, I purchased this template yesterday for the company I work for… I did a few exports playing around with the different features and such… I was playing with it again today but I can’t seem to use my purchase code to login to the theme builder… is there a maximum amount of times you can login? Have I done something wrong? :( - Amanda

Hi awyatt,

You can use it as Not limited to access. Please send your a purchase code to mos-cs9@hotmail.com. I will help you check the error.

BR, :)


It is an exelent tmplate and editor! I like it. But…

I have a problem with “Our works buttons”. In the original template most module contains a button : “Our works”. It looks like a button. But when I add or copy a new module, these “buttons” do not appear as button in the new module. It is just a “read more…” text link.

When I export the HTML and view it in any mail client the situation is the same: the original modules contain a “button” (“Our works”) but the new modules contains just a “Read more…” link instead of a button.

I use Firefox 27.0.1. for editing the template, but the problem is the same with Iexplorer 8 also.


Hi Plasmid69, :)

Thank you for your purchasing my item, and big thank for your report bug. and now this problem fixed, please try to editing the template again.

Thanks and regards, :)


I have seen other templates with editor or builder option but yours is the best. there are few things i wanted to know before i purchase the same. why cant we delete buttons from the box like our works button is there we can change the text but if want to delete it is that possible. can we have option to upload image from our desktop to replace with existing image. can we hyperlink images to some page.

can you build a standalone newsletter editing system with complete editing option that would be just awesome.

Hi arvindkukreti, :)

Thank for your question and recommends, very big thanks. For now on the this version can’t manage all on your recommends. Possibly in the next version of templates builder there will can be more manageable.

Thanks and regards,

hi , nice template dude.

Can I change the typography?


Hello jotaisinthegame,

Yes, you can. Just click on icon “image” .

for more information, please look into this links it’s a some documentation about how to use:


Best Regards, :)

The Social media icons source is not working. Nor the function to turn them on or off. Plus the system needs a youtube option.

Hi Forest42,

Thank you for your feedback. and now this problem fixed, please try to use again.

BR, :)

PROBLEM Again Help me Please, When I go Export this template he stay in Blank? You can I Help

Same problem as kronedesign here

Same problem with blank html…