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about to purchase this theme.. but i dnt knw hw to install it on my domain.. can it be done through wordpress? pls reply

It is NOT a Wordpress theme, it is a html theme – you need to edit it locally and upload it through FTP , it DOESN ’T install!

Hi. I am just wondering if there is any structural weakness on the js components of the HTML version of this package? Mine has been attacked by malware every single day already these past few weeks. The attack seems to begin just before the noscript element. I can’t see anything wrong in it but just wanted to cover all base and wondering what are your thoughts on it.

I have never had anything like this reported. The files are fine.

I have just purchaced the template, but it seems like the “Download CV” function does not work?

You need to change the href from # to an actual link to a pdf to make it work!

Hi there, was just wondering if there is anything special to do to add a link below the “Download CV” Link in the same style. I would need a second link for word files. For some reason some employers insist on word. So can I just copy the line which is there or would I need to add a second CSS ID and change the position and properties.

Thanks in advance, Marcel

Yes, that is exactly what you should do.

Oh, by the way. Really like the template and love the pack of bonuses! Great work!

There there any plans to make this a wordpress template?

Thanks, -bp

It is a very simple 1 page design so I don’t see the point of converting it.

Good day

I see that above you mentioned that you “see no point of converting” this theme to wordpress.

Your theme is exactly what I’m looking for, right down to the print resume option and the included portfolio. However, I am not very good at html editing and have been working quite successfully through wordpress for years.

Please reconsider creating a wordpress version of this theme for those who have not studied html coding, like me.

Your theme is pretty unique in its style and functionality but people like me cannot buy it if we cannot use it.

Thank you.

I understand what you are saying and I will consider converting it but I cannot offer an concrete date when this will occur.

I am having trouble copying the print button. I would like to place it or at least a text link for printing in multiple places. Thanks

Here is the code for a print button. Add a class to it and style and position it any way you want.

Print CV

while I edit the index.html in dreamwear i get the following statement “JavaScript seems to be Disabled! This website works best with JavaScript enabled.” How can i solve this?


Thats because you are editing in Visual not code. Just ignore it, it works fine in the browser.

I thought it was a WordPress theme when I downloaded. Dang…

I’m sorry about this. But it was in the Site Template category, I don’t know what made you think it was an WP theme.

Hi, I really like what you have done with e portfolio section, the way that you can add a decent amount of text to go with the images. One question, is it easy with some basic HTML knowledge to make the personal photo on the front page a lot bigger? Was hoping to replace it with a larger splash style image.

Yes you can. just increase the images width. If you have problems contact me through the form on my user page and i will help you!

when you print it, the photo disappear and all is getting messy…any solution? Cheers.

The photo disappearing was intended. You can control how the printed version looks by editing the print css stylesheet.

Loved this resume template.

Have pm you regarding support for this.

Hope to get your support asap.

Hi when running the site on IE6 it seems to be a little off (site is not centered anymore). Any chance to get a fix for this? Thanks

The CV template does not support the IE6 version anymore as it is not a requirement for themeforest for a long time and also its market share is extremely low. So as long as it shows I wouldn’t worry about it not being perfect in IE6 BUT if you give me the link to your cv I’ll take a look and come up with a fix.

Thanks a lot. My fault. I was running it in an …include(.... Code which was formatted differently. I remove it and it works jyst fine now.

Hey i have buy your template, but i still confused now with editing Round progress bar at your review Bonus, can you help me, Thank You


Thank you for the purchase!

The pie chart have data attributes that control them: data-barsize=”160” data-linewidth=”5” data-trackcolor=”#d9d9d9” data-barcolor=”#fdb020” data-percent=”90” for example.

you can change them from these.

Best regards, bitpub

Hi Bitpub,

Great template. Love it thanks. :)

One minor issue – when on a mobile device – when i click the menu (hamburger) in the bottom right – i assume this should take me to the menu options – however it doesn’t move at all… (the menu has opened up if i scroll down – but it doesn’t take me there) – if that makes sense.

Can i fix this?

Cheers, Steve


Interesting. I need to take a closer look.

Please send me a link to you website, through the form on my user page.

Best regards, bitpub

When I use .png images they dont show up. Do you have any idea how to fix this.???

I need a link to the website to take a look. Maybe there is an extension problem. Apache ( I’m assuming you are on an apache server) is case sensitive so .PNG and .png are different things.

Hey im Luis, I think it is a really professional way to upload a CV and show it to the world. I saw your template and I didn’t have no doubt of purchasing it… The problem is that I know anything about computers and have no idea of how can I make it work… is there a tutorial where i can follow step by step? I really wanna know how can i customize it and would appreciate your help!

Thanks Bitpub.


If you do not have html and css knowlwdge you would have been better of buying my WordPress Cv Template:

For this html cv you need to unzip the archive you received and go in the documentation and start reading, it is pretty detailed and tell you how it is put together.

Hello, I recently purchased your CV/Portfolio. I would have to say its simplicity is very attractive and at the same time professional. Just a bit of an issue, regarding the contact form and send.php. I did input my email on this code

define(“WEBMASTER_EMAIL”, ‘‘);

I did test and runs on it on my page, it says message successfully sent. But, whenever I go to my email that is provided on the code. I did not receive any. Am I doing something wrong or maybe I am missing some information that I should know about. Not that familiar with php. Thanks in advance

Please contact me about this through the item support page and send me a link to the website.

Is this offered in a .ppt format?

No, we do not offer it in .ppt format.