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This is awesome. Will be purchasing soon for my own portfolio site.

Another cracking Resume theme – ironically comes at just about the same time I need one so it’ll either be this or your other one I buy.

nice work!

Glad you like it :)

awesome! this is really nice!

Thanks for the nice comments guys ;)

Five stars! love the theme along with the bonuses :)

Thank you very much! I’m glad you like the item ;)

I was about to buy your other CV template but I think I just changed my mind. ;) Very clean and beautiful design.

You are making the right choice! I’ve taken all the feedback and request I received on my last template and put them into this one. So from my point of view this is the best bundle you can get at a reasonable price too ;)


This is great work!

As an option, instead of a picture of yourself could you provide some sort of free icon/graphics to replace the photo?



You could try and use and find a picture that you like or you could just delete the picture and leave just the name and job title.

Thanks, good idea.

Just bought your template

Thank you ;)

Is there anyway to provide the download CV link as a Word doc instead of indd?

The first obvious choice would be to reproduce the .indd cv template in Word. I decided to not include a Word version of the cv because not everyone will have it available and it would be pretty hard to create a Word template that would be easy to edit nicely.

A much better alternative to a Word file would be to offer a Pdf version for download – wide spread, smaller file size and people can’t edit your cv.

To create a pdf version of the cv you can either export the modified .indd file as a pdf or install a virtual printer like and print the html page (it will print to pdf. If you use firefox make sure to opt out of printing additional info like url, date and time, page title etc for a better looking pdf)

I did think of the PDF route but recruitment agents always seem to want a Word version.

Well in that case a “dirty” way of creating a word version is to go to your html cv page, disable javascript in the browser and then select for it to be shown without the css styling (In Firefox go to the menu View -> Page Style -> No Style).

Then just copy the cv part of the page and paste it in a word file.

You might need to fix some spacings but aside from that it gives you a great starter word template on which you could possibly improve by changing some fonts and colors etc.

How I can rate it?

You can rate an item by going to the Downloads section of your profile. There is a star rating next to each item.

The tweet isnt working. I looked in Firebug and I get a 401 Unauthorized. Do I need to do anyhting twitter side?


First of all please don’t make such statements as it doesn’t work. If you look at the preview of the contact page you will see that it is working and the version included in the preview is the same with the one in the download zip.

In contact.html find this lines:

// display last tweet
    username: "bitpub",

All you have to do to get the tweet script working is to replace the username from mine (which is set to show by default) with yours.

If it still doesn’t work for you then most likely the source of the problem could be some of the modifications you have done.

Please contact me through the form on my user page if you still have problems as we might need to exchange files and doing so will provide me with your email address and make communications easier.


Update for anybody following this discussion: The problem was that the buyer had their tweets protected. Needless to say the script couldn’t access the tweets hence the 401 Unauthorized error. So to use the tweet script make sure you have your tweets set public!

All this high quality templates for just $10?...and not kidding? Thank you! Now I will be ahead of the competition (a.K.a: candidates) :-)

I’m glad to see that you are happy with the item!

I’d like to think that you would have an advantage over the competition as well – after all this is the most complete package you can buy at the moment addressing both online and offline personal promoting needs.

Good luck on what ever you are trying to achieve with this ;)

Is it possible to have playable video (Youtube or Vimeo) in the portfolio section, rather than image galleries?

Do you want videos to open in the lightbox or do you want to have the videos on the actual portfolio page? Either way, that can be done relatively easily

- just change the lines of code that add a image on the page

<a href="_content/640x550-placeholder.jpg" class="bordered" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]">
      <img src="_content/456x211-placeholder.jpg" height="211" alt="" width="456" />                    
with the embed code for youtube video for example
- you might have to edit the css a little if you want to add a border around the video to resemble the one that is around the images now

If you buy and don’t manage just send me an message through the contact form on my user page ( bottom right corner) and I’ll be glad to help you make the customization ;)

Yeah, I wanted the video to just pop up in the lightbox. Thanks for your help and quick response. I’ll contact you if I can’t figure it out.


Is it possible that I don’t include stars in the technical skills section?



Yes it is as easy to remove the stars and replace them with text descriptions as deleting a class.


<span class="level l-6">Extensive experience</span>  

If you leave the l-6 class there it will show 6 starts but if you delete it, it will show the text “Extensive experience”. Quite easy and flexible :) . The documentation also covers this topic.

Just bought this template. There are so many options with it and it is very easy to customize. Great Job. Thanks for the awesome template!

I’m glad you like it and find it easy to edit! :)

Great looking template!

I’m having some difficulty in getting the contact form to send out emails to me, and my tweets aren’t showing up on the contact.html page.

For the contact form, I sent out a test mail, and received “success!” window. But when I checked the inbox, no email was received.

For the twitter setup: 1) Modified the contact.html for my twitter username, and 2) Modified jquery.tweet.js file for my twitter username

Thank you in advance! Ron


1. If you see a javascript pop-up saying success then something is wrong with the code.

2. Make sure your tweets are not protected. That is the main reason the script won’t work.

For both problems, I can’t offer you a solution until I get to see the source code. Please send me a message through the contact form on my user page ( ) so I can have your email address and be able to exchange files with you. thank you ;)

I figured out the cause of the bugs. It was an error on my part. I didn’t copy the contents of several folders that are responsible for the contact and tweets modules.

Great template. Recommending this to friends!

Very nice template. Do you have RTL version?


I’m not quite sure what a RTL version is. Could you be more specific? Thank you!

RTL style is for anguages written right to left (arabic for example).

The template doesn’t come with a RTL version, sorry :)


I bought this theme and loving it.

I have 2 questions with regards to he Resume section:

1. How can I add spaces (or tabs) before any sentence to align it with something from the previous line? Thing is that, in CV-2, under personal details, the address is 2 lines long and so I want the 2nd line to start from the beginning of the actual address and not start from under the title “Address”.

2. How can I have 2nd level bullet-in points? As in dots for the 1st level and maybe indented squares for the 2nd level.

Thanks a lot!


Thank you for the purchase!

These modifications require two changes in the site’s css. Could you please contact me using the contact form on the lower right corner of my user page ( ) and i will send you an file with the modifications.


Great work!

The only issue that I’ve run across is the following error when sending a message via the contact form:

\r\n" ."Reply-To: ".$email."\r\n" ."X-Mailer: PHP/" . phpversion()); if($mail) echo 'OK'; } else echo ' '.$error.' '; } ?&gt;

I did input my email address here:

define("WEBMASTER_EMAIL", '');


Do you have php available? From what I see the php code is not being executed. if you tried to run it locally copy it on a web server and it should be fine.