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Thanks for the fast reply.

I was developing on my local box and apparently something has gone “sideways”

Again – Nice work :)

Hi – just bought this! Looks like good value for money. Not only as a portfolio/cv with all those bonuses, but also good as a example of how to put these things together. I’ll be looking through the code for inspiration.

Many thanks!

Hi there, just wondering which version of InDesign the bonuses are in?

Thanks! Steve

I am a rookie web person, and am using this for my Construction Management resume. Its perfect…..

What program can i edit this in, easily? I have a host at godaddy, and my own domain….. aftre editing, i just upload my folder there? I assume?

stupid Qs i know, but have to ask!! :) Thank you!

You can edit it using any html / text editor. After you edit the html files you upload everything to your domain through FTP .

Hi bitpub,

How does one add a PDF as the download document. The “Download CV” tab current points to nowhere(as far as I can tell) I simply would like for a pdf of my cv to be downloaded via that like any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I missed this in the documentation…my apologies…I did in fact read everything :)

Thanks! Steve

You just replace the # with the link to the pdf file you want people to be able to download.

Is it difficult for somebody who know HTML basic and has dreamweaver to change the colour theme of the site?

Changing the color scheme is rather easy, as you can change most of it by just changing the background-color and / or color css propertys of certain elements in the css stylesheet file.

Thanks! And is it also possible to just change the background color of the part of the website where your name and picture is? ( the top part)

Anything can be changed.

If you do not manage to make the necessary changes, contact me after purchase through the contact form on my user page ( ) and I will help you out.

Great little package. The files are easy to modify and customize, and the bonuses in this package make it easy to keep your ‘paper’ resume design consistent with your online resume. Very good and clean coding.

Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

update: i found the issue after reading some old questions on the comments.. i didnt change in contact.html

// display last tweet $(”.tweet”).tweet({ username: “bitpub”, ...


Hello bitpub

I am having some issues changing your twitter on the contact page to my account..

everything i do does not work…

I replaced your account bitpub to mine in the js. tweet file however still no change..

i have been going back and forth with this for 1 week now and ive come to you for an answer

all files are uploaded and i double and triple checked

How do i fix this issue

Please contact me through the contact form on my user page ( ) and we will get your problem fixed asap :)

How much text can this hold? I have 40-50 pages of text, would this be able to hold it?

It is html, it extends to hold as much text as needed, you can add more sections if needed.


I purchased the template and it’s really fine. After some few updates, you can make your resume look so cute and clean..

You can check mine at htttp://

Thanks for such item.


Thank you for the purchase. I’m glad you like it ;)

Hi—looking forward to using your template. Fist I want to disable the cufon font replacement and use Google fonts instead. Is the best way to remove the cufon script to just delete it from the js file? Is there any place it’s called that needs to be edited also? (I have only a little experience with javascript).


Yes, you can delete it and any reference to it from the pages.

Hi-I’ve purchased your template and was wondering how to add a password prompt script on it to make it private.. pls help

Please contact me through the contact form on my user page for this :)

Hi there

Congratulation on an excellent theme and thanks for superb tech support. This theme is clean, well documented and easy to use. I am really impressed.


Thank you! :)

first, very nice template, but i haves some problems here, it’s about, the signals of puntuation in spanish ´, i use the UTF -8 codifcation, but in the title don’t show the puntuation, i’ts like the font don’t haven’t .

Can you tell me if i can do something,..


If you move the title under the meta with charset=utf-8 it should work fine. If you have more problems please contact me through the form on my user page.

Hi bitpub,

I know someone has already posted a comment about how to download the html as PDF , but I’m not really sure about what to replace the # with. Could you please elaborate?

Replace the # with an url to the .zip file.

Oh, I meant to ask how can one download the HTML as PDF ? Currently, the CSS is not rendered when the HTML is printed using the “Print to PDF ” option on Windows. I was wondering that it would be great to have a provision to download the HTML as PDF that has all the CSS rendered. Would that be possible by doing something to the href of the “Download CV” button?

It is not that the css it is not rendering it is that the css print stylesheet is stripped down to bare essentials. If you remove the print stylesheet then it will print how it shows in the browser although it is not a good idea from my point of view.

Can I add drop down menu in Portfolio link.

PORTFOILO Web Print Illustation Logo

- thanks for your time and efforts.

The template doesn’t come with this functionality but you can modify it to include drop down menus if you have the knowledge.

Great template. How do I change the font? Thanks

Never mind found it ;-)