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I would like to buy this theme, but is the demo data available? If not i have to find another theme. Thanks

Hi, yes it is available.


Beautiful theme ! Clear typography, fluid UI, great user experience, care for fancy details…


Thank you

Thank you.

Hi how can i add recaptcha to the contact form? I’m keep getting spam mails.

Hello. What font is used on the demo website?

Hi, it is “Lato”.

Downloaded the theme. Can’t install on WP. It says the stylesheet is missing. Any help?

Hi, please unzip the package. You will find the theme under Theme folder.


Having trouble with the menu: http://www.ericflemingnj.com/ the other 2 pages dont show here are my settings: http://imgur.com/7FQiyCf,JbKbTVM http://imgur.com/7FQiyCf,JbKbTVM#1


And my 2nd question is, is there any way to make a footer? Like a 200px high (green) bar that is 100% wide on the bottom of all pages? Just to put copyright info. Thx

And how to you change the green background for the “flat” style?

Beautiful theme ;)


Hi thanks for the great theme, I have submitted 3 support ticket in the forum, please take a look and reply.

Hi, when you open a support ticket on our forums we are notified automatically about your topic so you don’t have to write a comment about your topic. We will answer to your topics in 48h usually.

Thank you.

Thank you. actually I had quite a bad experience with your support on my previous purchase so I thought this might help you to notify. Anyways, I will keep this in my mind from the next time.

Could You please fix this? 1) Speed optimization: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?utm_source=analytics&url=http%3A%2F%2Fthemes.pixelwars.org%2Fcvcard-wp%2F

2) If I use more than 1 rotate word in the same page only the first will work.


Hi, I bought this theme, and I have some questions: 1 – how can I put in the page “about me”, last 3 jobs posted in the portfolio? (also applies to the posts in the blog) 2 – in section “LET’S SOCIALIZE” in contact page, how can I put a new social button connecting on gittip? the icon is this: http://fontawesome.io/icon/gittip/

Can i change the color over the admin backend? i need a sky blue :) thanks!

Yes, you can :)

Hello. As soon as I find a good hosting I’m definitely purchasing that. I’d just like to know whether there will be an option soon to add a store page for direct purchases that could be connected with paypal? Because I didn’t see such a thing in the demo, and I do intend to make a site that is more than just a portfolio. If not I suppose I can still make a menu button that works as an external link to a store like etsy? But it would still be more comfortable to have it in the site itself :)

Hi, we don’t plan to add store page to this theme. You can’t add a custom link to menu when using “Sliding Horizontal Layout”, but in classic layout you can add custom link yo menu. Or you can add it as a link or button anywhere in your any page.

I love the design. I noticed that the details says it has classic support for non-supported browsers. Before I buy, I am curious if there is a backend option to switch between the innovative sliding horizontal design and the classic? My real issue is just that I like the idea of having an entire menu list like the classic one displays, but love the horizontal design. Maybe there is a happy medium possible with the theme options… Let me know! THANKS & GLWS!

Hi, yes it is possible with custom css code. You can view it here;


Please, tell me, what am I doing wrong? Why I cann’t make horizontal menu? Only classik menu.

Hi there. Last update (1.1.1) didn’t show my blog post Featured Images. I Had to stay with 1.0.9

Hello, I am planning to buy this theme, but I don’t think the three menu buttons on top are so intuitive… IE, If I have: RESUME / ABOUT ME / PORTFOLIO / BLOG, initially only three of these would be visible, leaving the fourth one invisible… My viewer, initially, could think the fourth one doesn’t exit at all… Is it possible to make all the buttons visible at once???

Hi, may i know if the current scrolling effect which is more like parallax can be made normal?

Hi, do you mean sliding horizontal layout, it can be disabled by activating classic layout.

Sliding vertical up and down. Sometimes if you notice those of parallax sites has different vertical scroll speed, for example compare the demo site with this one http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/base/

the demo site’s vertical scroll also similar like this theme http://artbees.net/themes/jupiter-one-page/

Hi again, this is not a parallax site, only sliding horizontal layout is included.

I really like theme. I’d like to buy it. But I was wondering, can you tell me please where I could get a caricature portrait like the one in the demo?

Hi, it is a work of Stanley Chow.

You may want to check out envato studio for a similar caricature draw.

Hi, this theme is’t amazing ;) I wanna know if is’t compatible in somehow with the multi-language, for example make an landing page with 2 language to choose. Thank you

Sorry, not tested with any multi-language plugin.

Ok thanks you. So, with regular license, can I installed the theme in two different folders on my single domain? (eg. www.mydomain.com/it and /en)

Please check out the Licenses and Regular License pages. Also, you can ask your request to Envato Support.

Hey guys, Considering buying the theme since it looks like it could make for a great personal vCard.

Outside question: where in Europe are you located? Curious.

istanbul :)