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Congrats, friend! Good luck with sales!

PS: it takes a bit too long to load, about 10 seconds. Maybe you’d want to shorten this.

Hey man thanks I know it takes a bit to load but there are a lot of images and I am sure who ever buys it are not gonna use all the image galleries and video galleries. Cheers


Hey, you have new template :) Good luck with sales :)

Congrats mafloral , good luck with sales :)

Thanks guys.

it very nice work as always :) .. can it play unlimited mp3’s and images for artists? also.. when i tryed to scroll down past tunes on main menu.. their was another link but i couldnt see what it was and couldnt click on it

Hey man thanks. You can add images if you want to each tune, I did not but with html its easy. As for not seeing the link I do not understand maybe post a screenshot so I can see it. Cheers Lester

under tunes.. was able to see the url of the next page.. and its videos .. the footbar is covering most of it

Hey that’s because your resolution is low must be above 1280×800. The reason is because the content always centres on the main page. Cheers Lester

Hello I want to know if i can change the “repeat track” option to “play next track” on the Tunes section. Possible? How can I do it?


Hey there

I did not find to play the next song but you can stop the repeat function in the jquery_jplayer.script.js on line 19. just add this and replace the repeat with the code block below:

repeatOff: function(event) { // Override the default jPlayer repeat event handler                
                $(this).bind($.jPlayer.event.ended + ".jp-repeat-off", function() {

This will stop the repeat function so once the song is done it will just stop and you would have to click on the next song. I will look into it maybe there is a way of adding the play next function.

Here is the site with the jplayer infos:

Cheers I hope this help.


Thanks for the info, but play next song is what I need… if you find something pelase let me know. I like the template.

Some other questions:

1) Where I can change the time (to stay longer) of the about section?

2) There is a minimun of characters in the message of the contact form, can we take out this option?

Thanks for your time.

Hi there What do you mean by question one. I do not understand. The second question also I don’t know what you mean. Send me an email and try to expand it more so I have a better idea. Cheers Lester

Hi Lester, I really need help. I love the theme, but it wont install correctly! Its giving me a error, ‘could not find style.css’ so I tried the common approach of unzipping and zipping again and now its saying ‘missing template’ please help!?


Hey Sam

This template is not a WP theme. It’s only an html 5 template without the back end. I have a friend of mine that specializes in converting html templates to Wp Themes. if you are interested let me know.



Hey guys here is the twitter fix direct link or you can download it from the items page. I added a download link there.

TWITTER FIX FILES DOWNLOAD : Open up the tweet_fix.css there is an explanation on how to replace the twitter parts. In the zip there is also a new jquery.tweet.js that will replace the old one. Hope this helps guys. Sorry for the inconvenience. DOWNLOAD FILES .

Cheers Lester

Hi Lester.

I would like to convert your template from HTML 5 to WP, can you help me please?

Thank you.

I got a friend of mine that would be able to convert it. He does this on a freelance basis. let me know iff you are interested. Send me a mail and i will hook you up with him.



Hey Matt

I emailed Gabor your email address, so he should get in contact with you. Just give him a few days since it’s the holidays.



Hi mafloral, It’s possible to add the function to change the background, for example, every 10 seconds? Or do I have to change jquery script?

Thanks :)

Just change the timer in the bgstretch.js that should do it.



Hey sorry man i mixed up the templates this one i did not add this function but you can add it it’s pretty simple. Cheers


I have problems with chrome, latest version (24.0.1312.57 m). I can not even see this link. At the same time 3 demo sites are not displayed anymore, not that I have made ??changes. You can see if there are problems? Thank you.

Hey Is there a link or an image that i could see, because right now i do not know what to write back to you. Either here or mail me the info or something that you want me to look at.



Hi, this may be a strange question.. this template is perfect for a website im making for a friend, he is a dancer and the website is awesome.. especially the video page. Is it possible to remove the music player from the page as is the only thing I don’t want on the page? Cheers, Dan

Yeah just have to take the player out of the page. I commented on everything so it should be very easy to remove it.



Cheers mate, also – can I change the graphics where it says spin da tunes to watch a video or something similar?

Hey, thanks man. The template is about 27 megs with all the images.

This website is awesome :) Wondering if I could have a email address to contact you on? Just a few things Im not sure about changing in the template coding :)

you can contact me on my profile page Cheers


Hi mate, When opening the site on a mobile device you can scroll down and see all of the pages? Is this a bug I can fix? Is there a mobile version? cheers, Dan

This is not a responsive template full browser only. It does work on mobile devices tho

Yeah but text is cut off? It does the same on your template version preview

Also on a phone half of the text is cut off?

Congrats…. u have very nice templates

Thanks, many more will be coming soon. Cheers